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Chapter 197: Brawler’s Combo

The assassins looked cautiously at the big box, trying to see what Robb was going to show them.

At this time, Lillian cheered, "Master, you have caught a treasure chest; wow! Look at the cover of this chest.

There are a lot of precious stones.

You don't have to open it to know that there must be a lot of valuable things in it."

"Oh A Gem Chest "Robb is happy.

This is really a good thing.

The treasure chests in the Dark Blade are divided into many levels.

The highest is the gem treasure chest, followed by dark gold treasure chest, blue treasure chest, red treasure chest, and green treasure chest.

The higher the level the chest, the better.

Generally, all kinds of artifacts, top skill books, and experience books can be found in this type of treasure chest.

It must be something good.

  Lillian bounced over, took the chest off the hook, put it on the table in front of Robb, and said with a smile, "Master, can I open it and have a look"

"Of course!" Robb smiled and said, "if there are any beautiful necklaces or rings in it, I'll give them to you."

Lillian smiled and said, "I don't want them.

I only need the amethyst necklace from Master."

As she spoke, she lifted the lid of the treasure chest.

By this time, the big chest had attracted many people around.

Baron Nuolun, Chief Elsie, Gorda, and Jike on the hillside, Xuelu and Little Yi in the chapel, number 8, and so on, were actually looking at this strange box, wondering what was in it.


The fifteen assassins were also very nervous.

They suspected that Robb was giving them a hint, so they carefully looked at it.

When Lillian's little hand opened the treasure chest lid, the chest suddenly grew two long legs, stretched out two more long hands, and opened its lid, revealing a row of green, white teeth and snapping at Lillian.

“Damn! This treasure chest is strange!” Everyone screamed at the same time, “Gem Treasure Chest monster.”

This Gem Treasure Chest monster is the highest-level treasure chest monster on Fengmo Continent.

Its combat power is fierce and incomparably powerful.

Like the double-headed ogre, this chest monster can fight many enemies.

It not only has a strong physical attack ability but also knows how to use magic.

  It’s unknown know how many adventurers have died under the long legs of this treasure chest.

On the other hand, Lillian is just an ordinary little maid who can only be said to be on the brink of death when she opened the gem chest at such a close range.

In the blink of an eye, the scary mouth of the treasure chest had reached Lillian's little face.

As long as it closed its mouth, it could bite Lillian's head off.

Fifteen assassins could not help being startled by this picture, thinking to themselves, [I am afraid that I will not be able to react to such a sudden attack as well.

I can only be bitten to death with one bite.]

But at this moment.

Robb suddenly moved, jumped up from his stone stool, and stood in front of Lillian in an instant.

He moved so fast that no one could see it clearly.

The treasure chest monster bit Robb on the shoulder.

However, it was of no use.

Only the words "HP-320" appeared in his head, but his total HP was as much as 999999, so it was not a big problem.

The treasure chest monster can't pose any real threat to Robb, even if Robb is not wearing any equipment.

With a kick and a bang, the treasure chest monster was kicked far away.

This hit didn’t kill it.

Although it looks very similar to this world's gem treasure chest monster, it is actually a monster in the game "Dark Blade." It was brought to this world by Robb, so dodging abilities are way higher than the gem treasure chest monsters of this world.

After a heavy fall, the treasure chest monster HP-15000, but it has a total HP of 30000.

His hit only dropped its hp by half.

There is still 15000 left.

It is still early for it to die.

It jumped up with a brush, swung its long legs, and began to attack indiscriminately.

And its target happened to be the 15 assassins.

With a "Heng," the big mouth of the treasure chest bit at the middle-aged assassin.

Startled, the assassin slid back and narrowly avoided the bite, putting him in a cold sweat.

Two nearby assassins pulled out their daggers simultaneously, left and right, and poof, they inserted them into the left and right sides of the treasure chest.



It ate a hit but avoided the other with its agility.

Its HP still had 14800.

Its long legs swept both sides and hit them twice, and the two assassins were kicked out simultaneously, flying several meters away.

However, three more assassins jumped immediately behind, and their daggers stabbed the treasure chest simultaneously.




The treasure chest monster had 14370 HP left.

It felt no pressure.

With a long wave of its hands and touch, the three assassins flew out together.

“Windblade!” Suddenly Baron Nuolun roared on the hillside.

Two fierce blades shot out of the staff in his hand, slid across the distant space, and hit the treasure chest monster.



These two blades finally gave the assassins a little respite, and the remaining ten assassins dispersed together.

They were startled by the powerful monster and felt a deep fear in their hearts.

The several people had an unparalleled feeling that they were dead!

By this time, however, Robb had temporarily calmed the frightened Lillian, and he jumped over with a brush and grabbed the treasure chest monster's arm.

The treasure chest monster turned around and tried to kick Robb’s feet, but he dodged.

Time for the Brawler’s Combo…

"Straight punch!"

He hit the treasure chest monster, and it hovered in the air.

Then "Collapsing Fist," double palm, broken fist, Luocha strike, Kongming fist, double dragon feet… Finally, built up his strength again, finishing move – God Extermination!

There was a loud bang.

The treasure chest monster took so much monster that it took a while to register the damage, but when he finished his combo, the damage settled in, HP-9999999, the maximum damage limit of a combo set by the game "Dark Blade."

The treasure chest turned into fragments flying all over the sky in mid-air and then into countless light particle effects, disappearing without a trace.

Robb looked down at the five assassins injured by the treasure chest monster and said again, "Oh, I'm sorry, were you badly hurt Let me take a look." 


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