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Ill Tell You a Secret, Im a Reincarnated Person

Walking out of the lounge, Yan Wuyue didnt care about those guys who came to get close to her.

In her eyes, these guys were as annoying as flies.

“Yue Yue!”

Just as she was walking halfway, a familiar female voice sounded.

Yan Wuyue turned around and saw Zhou Yanyan, who had claimed to be her best friend in front of outsiders.

For the first time, Yan Wuyue, who had always been indifferent, showed an unpleasant expression.

Before her rebirth, Yan Wuyue had really regarded this girl, who looked very innocent, as her best friend.

In her previous life, her best friend had used her name to flaunt her power everywhere, and Yan Wuyue had even come out to solve her problems many times.

Moreover, in this life, after seeing her summon the skeleton that day, she decisively cut off contact with Yan Wuyue and drew a line.

Yan Wuyue felt very uncomfortable thinking about it.

“Yue Yue, my friend lied to me two days ago and said that you were talking bad about me behind my back.

I was furious when I heard that, so I havent contacted you for the past two days.”

“Today, after I asked clearly, I found out that it was that fellow who was spouting nonsense.

Ive already scolded her and cut off all contact with her.”

Zhou Yanyan said as she walked forward, ready to hold Yan Wuyues arm like before.

But Yan Wuyue suddenly took two steps back.

“Yue Yue, please believe me.

I was really deceived.

Please forgive me.”

Zhou Yanyan stepped forward again, faster this time.

Having known Yan Wuyue for several years, she knew her character weakness.

However, she had miscalculated this time.


If you come any closer, dont blame me for being impolite!”

Yan Wuyue immediately scolded in a low voice, and Zhou Yanyan stopped in her tracks.

Zhou Mingrui, who was watching the show from the side, picked his ears.

He left after saying that he would take his leave first and that the two of them could continue chatting.

Zhou Mingrui was not interested in knowing what they were going to say.

“From this moment on, you and I are no longer friends.

Dont interfere with my life anymore.”

“Otherwise, I dont know what I would do.

You should know my personality.”

With that, Yan Wuyue left, leaving Zhou Yanyan standing there in a daze.

Back home, Yan Wuyue removed her disguise in front of outsiders and trotted up to the attic.

On her way home, she had already made up her mind to sign a contract with Zhou Mingrui.

Whether it was for the future of mankind or herself, this was something she had to do.

She had already come up with several plans in her mind.

How should she approach Zhou Mingrui to get him to agree

At that moment, Zhou Mingruis room door was open, and he was packing his things.

“What are you doing”

Yan Wuyue quickly asked.

“You cant even tell Im packing up my things and leaving!”

Zhou Mingrui wrapped a cup and placed it in his luggage.

He didnt even turn his head as he spoke.

“Leave Why should you leave Arent you doing well”

Although Yan Wuyue really wanted to ask what an Undead Spirit wanted a cup for, she still asked what she really wanted to ask.

“In any case, we have not signed a contract.

After a while, I will be automatically transported back to the illusionary spirit world.

I want to take advantage of this time to travel.”

Zhou Mingrui, who had finished packing his luggage, carried it over his shoulder and was about to leave the room.

But when he turned around, he found Yan Wuyue blocking the door.

“What are you doing I cant even pack my things and leave”

Seeing that Yan Wuyue had no intention of stepping aside, Zhou Mingrui said unhappily.

“No, you cant leave!”

Yan Wuyue immediately said with a determined look.

“Ive helped you complete the trial and got first place, so I dont owe you anything.”

“Dont tell me that you want me to help you win this years freshmen tournament before letting me go Thats impossible!”

“Even those capitalists arent as outrageous as you!”

Zhou Mingrui snorted and reached out to push Yan Wuyue away.

“We can sign a contract.

That way, you wont have to return to the illusionary spirit world.”

Yan Wuyues voice softened as he stared at Zhou Mingrui with her big eyes.

“Sign a contract”

“Hmph! You didnt even bother to look at me when I was useless before.

Now that Im useful, you want to sign a contract.

Do you really think Im stupid”

Zhou Mingrui repeated before he snorted coldly.


Yan Wuyue was so angry that she felt suffocated.

After all, as a top human expert in the past, it had been many years since she had met someone who dared to speak to her in such a tone.

But now that she had a favor to ask of him, she couldnt let her temper flare-up.

Otherwise, she would really drive him away.

“It was indeed my fault at that time, but when we tested your growth talent, it was the lowest level, and I was also confused at that time.”

“If this has caused you any trouble, Im here to apologize.”

With that, Yan Wuyue even took the initiative to bow and apologize to Zhou Mingrui.

“If an apology is useful, why do we need the law-enforcement officers”

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui only grinned and did not say anything.

“Im already like this.

Why are you still saying this!”

Upon hearing Zhou Mingruis words, Yan Wuyues face turned red with anger.

She wanted to reprimand him, but she could only suppress her anger.

“Oh, since you dont like it when I say that, then Ill leave.”

Zhou Mingrui shrugged his shoulders and picked up his luggage indifferently.

He was about to leave again.


“Zhou Mingrui!” Yan Wuyue quickly called out and grabbed Zhou Mingruis arm.

“What now”

Zhou Mingrui asked, despite knowing the answer.

“If you dont leave, Ill tell you a secret! Its a secret that only I know in this world.”

Gritting her teeth, Yan Wuyue suddenly said.

“You can say it first.

Ill decide if I want to leave after I hear it.”

Zhou Mingrui was not someone who would be easily fooled.

He spoke decisively.


Yan Wuyue closed her eyes and began to take deep breaths.

She was trying hard to calm herself down from the urge to pull out a knife and stab Zhou Mingrui.

After opening her eyes, she first walked to the door to take a look before looking out the window.

After confirming that there was no problem with the environment, she walked to Zhou Mingrui.

“I am a reincarnated person!”

After Yan Wuyue finished speaking, she let out a long breath and looked at Zhou Mingrui.

At the same time, a huge burden was lifted from her heart.

After all, those who were reincarnated usually had to bury this secret at the bottom of their hearts.

It was almost impossible for them to tell others, and they had to bear a lot of psychological pressure.

Then, she looked expectantly at Zhou Mingrui.

It was as though he would sign a contract with her without any hesitation after hearing her words.

However, Zhou Mingruis reaction was completely beyond her expectations.

“Why do you being a reincarnated person have anything to do with me”

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