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A Battle with the Bodyguards

Hearing the fifth masters commands, the bodyguards in suits immediately summoned their spirits.

The energy in their bodies surged, and they were ready to take action at any time.

The atmosphere immediately tensed up.

“This is your last chance to back down.

Otherwise, Ill let you and your people know the consequences of angering the Zhao family!” Zhao Guians smile had completely disappeared and he set his murderous gaze on Zhou Mingrui.

“Then Ill give you a chance too.

Release Zhao Dean and never come back.

How about it” Zhou Mingrui was not afraid at all.

He, too, gave Zhao Guian a chance.

“Hahahaha,” Zhao Guian laughed, “youre really funny.

The young really dont know fear.”

“In that case, you guys, give him a taste of the dangers of society.”

Upon hearing this, the men in suits smirked and stepped forward.

“When the battle starts, fly up to the sky first.

I will use my skills to trap them,” Zhou Mingrui whispered to Zhao Anqi.

“What are you going to do with so many people” Zhao Anqi asked worriedly.

She counted.

There were at least twelve bodyguards surrounding them.

“Dont worry.

Although these people are difficult to deal with, they cant hurt me.

You can rest assured,” Zhou Mingrui said boldly.

“What are you going to do after this” Zhao Anqi asked as she summoned her spirit.

“Dont worry.

Yan Wuyue must have already prepared for everything.

Its not something we have to be concerned about.”

Zhou Mingrui donned his bone armor once again while the Nether Flame Bone Blade appeared in his hand.

“What I need to do now is to ensure you and your fathers safety, and then…”

Zhou Mingrui raised his Nether Flame Bone Blade.

His face was covered by a bone mask, and he announced with a deep voice, “Take them down!”

With a buzzing sound, Zhou Mingruis body was instantly enveloped by phantom energy as he charged forward.

When being besieged, staying in place and waiting for the enemy to surround you was the stupidest thing to do.

The best way to counter this was to quickly force yourself through an opening and avoid being surrounded by enemies.

Zhao Anqi immediately summoned her spirit and flew into the air to avoid being surrounded.

Fortunately, the bodyguards all went for Zhou Mingrui first.

No one bothered to go for her.

“Control him!”

Upon seeing Zhou Mingrui charging towards him, the bodyguard leaders expression darkened.

Immediately, a large lizard-like summoned spirit appeared behind him.


The summoned spirit, not much different from a western dragon, opened its mouth and spat out a mouthful of flaming saliva, which shot towards Zhou Mingrui like a cannonball.

“This is definitely a gold grade summoned spirit.

It must be at least level 50!”

The energy aura exuded from the spirits body allowed Zhou Mingrui to instantly determine its approximate strength.

If he was an ordinary summoned spirit, he might have been suppressed immediately by the salamander spirit.

But Zhou Mingrui was not!

The phantom flames around his body rose, and the active skill [Phantom Riot] was activated.

At the same time, the space around him slightly distorted, and his territory skill, [Phantom Prison], was activated at the same time, directly trapping all of the men surrounding him.

The change in the environment surprised the bodyguard leader.

However, he still charged at Zhou Mingrui without hesitation.

The salamander continued spitting fireballs at Zhou Mingrui, but they were either split apart or deflected off course.

When the fireballs landed, they instantly melted holes in the ground with white smoke and sizzling sounds.

Facing such a strong opponent, Zhou Mingrui did not dare to let his guard down.

Although he had already reached level 40, his opponents level and attributes were even higher than his.

Zhou Mingrui increased his speed once again.

After dodging another three fireballs, he took the initiative to approach the bodyguard leader first.

When the opponent had a summoned spirit with long-range attack abilities, this was the only way to get rid of their advantage.

As soon as the two sides met, the bodyguard leader threw out a fist with brownish-yellow, fish-like scales.

It was obviously a skill of the giant salamander.

Zhou Mingrui did not back down.

He wanted to check the difference in strength between the him and his opponent.

Seeing that Zhou Mingrui actually dared to take him on directly, the bodyguard leader showed a look of disdain.

He knew that his summoned spirit leaned towards the strength attribute and even his own attributes leaned towards explosiveness and strength.

This meant that he was extremely powerful in terms of strength, and there was almost no summoner at the same level who could be stronger than him.

He could even battle higher level summoners and summoned spirits with such a strong strength.

This was also why he was able to become the head of the bodyguards.

Both of their fists collided fiercely.

The sudden, powerful force from both sides compressed the air in between them.

Finally, when the two fists met, the air exploded.

A wave of invisible force swept out.

Zhou Mingrui stumbled backwards, proving that he had lost to the other in this battle of pure strength.

However, he did not look dejected in the slightest.

On the other hand, the bodyguard leader had a look of disbelief.

Before coming here, the Zhao family had already done a thorough investigation and knew that Yan Wuyue and him were the winners of the Heavenly Saint Academys freshmen tournament.

This was also why the fifth master was so polite to them.

However, he did not expect Zhou Mingru to be almost as strong as him.

‘If this guy were to be at the same level as me, wouldnt he be able to send me flying with a single punch

The man shuddered after further thought.

Having experienced the harsh reality of life at his age, he knew that the world was unfair.

There was no need to be jealous.

The surrounding bodyguards rushed forward and surrounded Zhou Mingrui once again.

However, due to the Phantom Prison, only eight of the bodyguards were pulled into the domain.

With a significantly lesser number of people attacking him, Zhou Mingruis pressure was greatly reduced.

Zhou Mingruis eyes narrowed.

He lowered his body and charged at one of the bodyguards.

Seeing that his target had walked right into the trap, the bodyguard smirked.

At the same time, the python-like summoned spirit beside him immediately rushed forward.

A glow suddenly appeared around Zhou Mingruis body as he charged forward.

A binding force exploded from the glow.

“Ive caught him!”

The bodyguard who had cast the imprisonment skill shouted.

However, the next moment, he saw the muscles in Zhou Mingruis arms swell.

With the burst of phantom energy, he let out a low growl and broke the energy ring.

“How is this possible for a new student!” The bodyguard was in disbelief.

Even if his colleagues were bound by this skill, they wouldnt have been able to break free in such a short time.

“Be careful, this guy is not weaker than me!”

The bodyguard leader warned to his subordinates as he rushed over.

However, Zhou Mingrui had already charged to the front of one of them.

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