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The Battle Intensifies

“It seems like you havent learned your lesson yet!”

“Hmph!” Seeing that Zhou Mingrui had actually launched another attack, Zhao Guian snorted coldly and immediately unleashed his full strength while grabbing at him.

Under normal circumstances, based on the difference between the both of them, and with Zhou Mingrui not even using his Phantom Prison and Samsara Territory, he should have been easily captured by Zhao Guian.

However, this was not the case.

Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to be caught by Zhao Guian, his body suddenly flashed with a faint eerie light.

His speed abruptly spiked, allowing him to escape from the latters grasp.

Zhao Guian was confused.

He was faster than before, but why couldnt he catch him this time

While he was thinking, Zhao Guian had already turned around and chased after Zhou Mingrui.

With a burst in speed, he caught up to Zhou Mingrui figure in the blink of an eye.

Reality had proven that his speed was still faster than Zhou Mingruis.

However, just as he was about to grab Zhou Mingrui again, he missed.

And at that moment, a different scene was appearing in Zhou Mingruis mind.

“Zhou Mingrui, what Im going to tell you now is that in a battle, if the difference in physical attributes between the two parties is too great, then you have to try to make up for it with techniques.”

“For example, your opponent here didnt really use his full strength because of the difference in strength between the both of you.

In this case, you can use skills to create an advantage for yourself and close the gap between you two.”

Upon hearing the teachings of the consciousness form, Zhou Mingrui frowned and said, “I understand that, but even if we can make him miss for a moment with our skills, we still cant do anything when he realizes whats going on, right”

“In your mind, skills are just simple skills,” said the consciousness form, “The skill Im talking about is a combination of combat skills, combat wisdom, combat awareness, and other key elements.

You just need to watch the battle from now on.”

The consciousness form did not give a detailed answer.

Instead, it chose to use actions to answer Zhou Mingruis question.

In the outside world.

Just as the consciousness form manipulated Zhou Mingruis body to dodge the second attack, the Nether Flame Bone Blade swung out simultaneously.

The surging phantom energy around Zhou Mingruis body was, however, not as powerful as it was when he was controlling it himself.

The strike was dim and concealed, with only a dark and thin flash flying out.

However, this specific strike made Zhao Guian, who had always been composed, change his expression, and for the first time put up a truly defensive stance.

The blade silently cut through the air and landed on the thick red arms of the spirit behind Zhao Guian.

It hit like a steel knife cutting through tofu.

With no resistance at all, the blade created a wound on the strong and hard arm of the spirit.

If it wasnt for the lack of energy, which prevented the knife from completely cutting through the red arm, it could probably have broken the red spirits arm.

“What, what is this”

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui also sensed that something was different.

The consciousness form was using his own body, so he could rule out the possibility that it was using a power that did not belong to him.

However, with his current combat power, no matter how much energy he used, he had never been able to achieve such power and effect.

He came to a conclusion that there was a huge difference between Zhou Mingrui and the consciousness form in terms of their utilization of energy.

As though it had predicted Zhou Mingruis thoughts, the consciousness form took the initiative to explain, “Its not always the best to use all your energy at once.

You have to maximize its impact and fight in the most efficient way.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui asked the question that concerned him the most, “What is the principle behind that strike”

The consciousness form had no intention of hiding anything.

“By compressing energy to a certain extent, it increases the speed of the energy particles circulation, and thereby strengthens the power of your energy blade in all aspects.”

“This way, be it speed or sharpness, both have been strengthened to a certain extent.

If it wasnt for the fact that you dont have enough energy, I could even give this energy blade a certain special attribute.”

Zhou Mingrui was dumbfounded as he listened.

However, he felt like he managed to vaguely grasp the key point.

“Its useless to just listen to my explanation.

You need to understand the general principles first, and then try it out a few times before you can master it,” said the higher consciousness form.

In the outside world.

“Not a bad move,” Chen Xiangtian praised.

At the side, Yan Wuyue also sighed in admiration.

With her abilities and insight, she could naturally see the depth of Zhou Mingruis strike.

“But thats not right.

This fellow wasnt this strong before.

How did his skills reach this level in such a short time”

The puzzled Yan Wuyue naturally didnt know that Zhou Mingrui wasnt the one controlling himself.

After witnessing the attack, Zhao Guian grew much more wary of Zhou Mingrui.

He clearly remembered the immense power of the last attack.

‘He can actually use such a powerful attack at such a low level.

Its too ridiculous!

As Zhao Guian was trying to figure out what was going on, the consciousness form would of course not let go of this opportunity.

It clenched the blade and seized this rare opportunity to attack.

Just like before, the energy blade quickly slashed out, locking onto Zhao Guians every possible angle of escape.

‘No, theres definitely something wrong with this guy.

Its impossible for a person to grow to such a height in such a short time!

Zhao Guian was completely shocked.

The person in front of him was completely different from the previous Zhou Mingrui.

It made him feel like he was fighting someone who was close to his rank – no, he might even be fighting someone of the same rank.

“If thats the case, then dont blame me for not showing you any mercy!”

Zhao Guian was already certain that Zhou Mingrui would not surrender to him.

If that was the case, why should he still give his opponent any chance

Anyway, even if he killed this guy, he could be reborn, so he was not worried about completely getting on Dean Wans bad side.

After deciding not to hold back, the red energy around Zhao Guians body suddenly brightened, and quickly condensed into a layer of energy.

Compared to the past, the energy aura was even more vigorous and oppressive.

This time, he was ready to fight seriously.

“The real battle is happening now,” Chen Xiangtian murmured in a low voice.

The energy blades that were silently attacking him began to slow down in Zhao Guians eyes.

The next moment, Zhao Guians body turned into a blurry shadow as he charged at Zhou Mingrui.

It looked extremely unnatural as Zhao Guian appeared to be moving slowly, but he was actually moving at a rapid speed.

This way of advancing gave the onlookers a very strong sense of disorientation.

Anyone would have thought that it was impossible for Zhao Guian to reach that spot, but he arrived faster than they thought.

The intense difference even made the onlookers feel extremely dizzy.

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