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Combat Techniques

Without anyone noticing, Zhao Guian had already arrived in front of Zhou Mingrui.

“Take note, your opponent is about to use the true strength of his level.

You have to watch carefully how I use your power to deal with this situation,” the higher consciousness form warned.

Zhou Mingrui did not respond and instead focused on observing.

He knew that this was a crucial moment for his growth.

He had to put in all his effort to carefully observe and understand this battle.

In the outside world.

The moment Zhao Guian appeared, Zhou Mingrui (the higher consciousness form) had already raised his palm and activated his skill.

[Phantom Riot]

The fifty percent increase in energy immediately burst out and was compressed to the extreme in an instant, attaching to the Nether Flame Bone Blade.

At the same time, the blade was already slashing towards Zhao Guian.

Zhao Guian growled, and as his body glowed red, a series of complicated engravings appeared on his right arm.

[Engraved Body]

[Effect: After activation, any part of the body can be transformed into a Mithril structure, improving physical and energy defense, energy circulation speed, and the power of skills.]

The moment the engravings flickered, Zhao Guians entire arm immediately glowed with a metallic luster.

Then, it collided with the Nether Flame Bone Blade.

With a loud clang, the sound of metal colliding reverberated in the surroundings.

Even the entire building began to tremble slightly, and a lot of dust fell from the top.

In his sea of consciousness, Zhou Mingruis eyes widened.

If he had been the one taking this blow, he would have been sent flying.

However, under the control of the consciousness form, his physical body and his energy had achieved near-perfect coordination.

The moment both sides made contact, the consciousness transformed his body into an energy form.

The powerful impact formed visible ripples as it passed through, but it did not cause any substantial damage to Zhou Mingruis energy body.

Simultaneously, at the very last moment, Zhou Mingrui used the recoil force from the impact to turn around and slash out with his blade again.

Zhao Guian knew that he couldnt defeat his opponent with just one skill, so he threw out another punch.

Both sides began to fight in close combat.

In just a breaths time, they had exchanged more than ten blows.

The sound waves produced by the exchange of blows continued to vibrate, and even formed visible sound waves among the falling debris.

This scene left Zhou Mingrui flabbergasted in his sea of consciousness.

He had noticed many details from the dozen or so exchange in blows.

From the use of energy and the body, from the attack methods and angles, to the control of the attack timings, to the prediction and response of Zhao Guians attack.

All of this made him extremely shocked.

Compared to the combat techniques displayed by the higher consciousness form, the ones he had displayed earlier made him feel the embarrassment of a beginner facing a master.

And it was during this period of time that the surrounding space began to change.

Without realizing it, Zhou Mingrui (the consciousness form) had already activated the Phantom Prison.

“Its no use, Ive tried it before.

The gap between us is too big, so the Phantom Prison doesnt have much of an effect on Zhao Guian,” Zhou Mingrui said.

“I dont need that effect.

I will be using another effect of the Phantom Prison,” replied the consciousness form.

In the outside world.

“Its no use, lets end this!”

Zhao Guian felt the change in the space around him, but he ignored it and instead roared.

A dazzling red light immediately spread out, and the three-meter-tall summoned spirit behind him immediately expanded.

At the same time, a red circle of light rose from under his feet and spread out.

[Formation of Engravings]

[Effect: After activation, the formation will channel the secret engravings energy within a five-meter radius with the body as the center.

It will form a territory formation that will repel all other energies.]

[When in the Formation of Engravings, your energy recovery speed and energy circulation speed will be increased.

At the same time, your body will be strengthened to a certain extent, and your defense against both physical and energy attributes will be increased.]

“Youre not the only one with a domain!”

The moment Zhao Guian activated his domain, it completely expelled Zhou Mingruis Phantom Prison from Zhao Guians surrounding parameters.

Both sides clashed once again.

This time, Zhou Mingrui (the consciousness form) did not hesitate to use Samsara Territory as well.

But even until this moment, Zhou Mingrui still could not figure out how the consciousness body was planning to use the Phantom Prison.

However, just as he was thinking, and just as Zhou Mingrui (the consciousness form) cast Samsara Territory, an almost invisible energy blade slashed out between the two domain skills.

All the energy waves were being covered up by the energy waves caused by the activation of the two domains.

Under the cover of the commotion, the energy blades came into contact with Zhao Guians domain and silently cut a hole in it.

By the time Zhao Guian noticed, the phantom energy blade was already in front of him.

“What the h*ll is this”

Zhao Guian was shocked.

He could only stop attacking and turn to defend.

The part of his chest that had been attacked immediately turned into mithril to resist the impact.

This time, there was no violent collision like before.

The energy blade cut directly into the mithril.

Seeing this, Zhao Guian activated another skill without hesitation.

[Blood Mithril]

[Effect: After activation, the blood in the body can be used to stimulate the body, enhancing the texture of the mithril that the body has transformed into.

The defense of Mithril, energy conversion rate, and various attributes of the body can be greatly increased.]

The blood in Zhao Guians body began to simmer, and the mithril, which was only showing a metallic light previously, now shone with a silver light.

The energy blades that had already cut in earlier immediately stopped like grinding wheels that were stuck.

“Youre good.

You forced me to use my skill.

I cant help but praise you.”

After crushing the energy blade in his wound, Zhao Guians gaze on Zhou Mingrui changed once again.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui (the consciousness form) said in his mind, “If he is saying this under such circumstances, he should be using his full strength right now.

Next, its time to see if we can win.”

Zhou Mingrui was a little dumbfounded.

Wasnt the situation obvious wasnt his defeated outcome already set in stone

Just as Zhou Mingrui was feeling puzzled, the consciousness form had already summoned the Spectral Hell Warhorse.

At the same time, the Goblin Kings figure appeared behind him.

“Its useless.

Even if you use everything you had, you cant make up for the gap between us.”

Zhao Guians blood was still simmering, and his mithril body had turned into a silver light that circulated around his body.

He had decided to end this battle once and for all.

After all, Chen Xiangtian was still watching from the outside world.

It was already embarrassing enough to let the battle drag on for this long.

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