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A Shocking Ending

He had to quickly resolve this matter, and then settle the issue with Zhao Desheng and his daughter.

Then, he could leave this place.

If it wasnt for the fact that Zhao Desheng was from his line of descent, and that the family had stipulated that he had to show up, he really wouldnt have come here to stir up such a mess.

Now, he was even reduced to such a state by a girl who still reeked of her mothers milk and a mere summoned spirit.

If this were to spread, he would probably become a laughing stock.

In fact, if he was a little more ruthless, he could immediately finish off Zhou Mingrui.

After all, as someone who had exceeded level 70, he definitely had the ability to do so.

However, as the fifth master of the Zhao family, he had to be careful not to be too extreme with his actions, in case people said that he was bullying the weak.

Yet, the situation was different now.

Since there was no way to resolve the tension between both sides, it really didnt matter anymore if people accused him of bullying the weak.

As the silver light flowed, Zhao Guians aura became stronger and stronger.

In the end, Zhou Mingrui could not even breathe.

“Ive already said that theres no need for us to negotiate anymore.

This farce can end now.” Zhao Guians face turned cold.

He raised his arm, and rays of silver light began to condense into rings of light that wrapped around his arm.

The huge red figure had already separated and stood beside him.

Similarly, mysterious engravings appeared on its body and glowed with a silver light.

“You should be proud to be able to force me to this extent.”

With that said, Zhao Guians raised arm suddenly shot out a silver light towards Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui, who was in his sea of consciousness, felt that it was impossible for him to deal with this attack at this level.

Just as Zhou Mingrui felt that the situation was hopeless, the consciousness form said, “Watch closely, Zhou Mingrui.

I can only use this strike once.

As for how much you can comprehend, its all up to you.”

After the consciousness form finished speaking, there was no more sound.

In reality, when Zhou Mingrui (the consciousness form) faced Zhao Guians attack, the phantom flames around his body suddenly extinguished.

In the next moment, a tremendous energy fluctuation suddenly appeared from his body, and the surrounding space suddenly became filled with phantom shadows.

Countless shadows filled the entire space, turning it into a vast expanse of white.

“This is… Spatial interference ”

Zhao Guians attack missed because the space around Zhou Mingrui had already swallowed him up and he was hidden within the space.

“Whats the point of hiding in space I can find you as soon as I activate my skill.

Theres no point in delaying.”

Seeing this, Zhao Guian only sneered.

However, in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed.

All the silver light immediately flickered and appeared near his head.

A dark light flashed, directly piercing onto the silver light layer.

With a buzz, the space in front of Zhao Guian trembled.

Intense silver light flickered, and the black light continued to spin, attempting to break through the silver light.

“How are you able to use psychological attacks” Zhao Guians forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He was silently cursing in his heart.

He believed that with his physical strength, he wouldnt be afraid of Zhou Mingrui no matter what happened.

However, his weakness happened to be in the psychological aspect.

After all, all of his skills were inclined towards defensive counterattacks and were more focused on the physical aspect.

Although his psychological defense barely passed, it was still far from his physical defense.

“B*stard, how could I be defeated by a youngster And how could he have such condensed psychological power ”

Zhao Guian couldnt figure it out at all.

Logically, no matter how weak his psychological defense was, he should still have been able to defend against someone like Zhou Mingrui.

Who knew that Zhou Mingruis psychological attack would be so incredibly condensed and compressed, that it could even break through Zhao Guians defense

It was just like how an iron pillar that was originally tens of meters long, after being continuously compressed and condensed to the size of a needle, would reach an astonishing level in all aspects.

Zhao Guians eyes started to turn bloodshot, his psychological defense was already at its limit.

The next moment, the silver light shattered like glass, and the beam of light stabbed into Zhao Guians head, who was unable to react in time.

Zhao Guians eyes lost focus immediately and he fell to the ground with a thud.

“Alright, my mission is complete.

I hope you can unlock your second wisp of consciousness as soon as possible in the future.


After the consciousness said its final goodbye, it disappeared from Zhou Mingruis sea of consciousness.

He could no longer sense any trace of its existence.

Zhou Mingrui, who had regained control of his body, shook his head as he looked at Zhao Guian, who had lost his consciousness and combat ability.

Zhao Guian was not dead, but he was injured psychologically.

It was unknown how long it would take for him to wake up, but it would depend on his personal recovery speed.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he was still immersed in the technique that the consciousness form had used.

After all, this was a terrifying move that could instantly make a powerhouse above level 70 lose his combat power.

Furthermore, the consciousness form only made use of the power that Zhou Mingruis already had.

In other words, as long as he could completely understand and analyze how that attack was used, he could also launch that kind of attack.

Moreover, he could share all the feelings when the consciousness form was using his body.

He could clearly remember all the details that his body went through at that time, but of course, there was a difference between a master and a beginner.

The same thing being displayed in their hands could have a completely different effect.

However, no matter how he thought, how he recalled, and how he tried to pick out the details, he found that he simply couldnt complete the execution of the move, nor could he launch that kind of attack.

Zhou Mingrui had no choice but to shake his head and give up.

He would slowly come back to this when he had the time.

The things he had encountered and the information he had obtained today were enough for him to consume for a long time.

He removed the Phantom Prison and Samsara Territory, and returned to the outside world.


After the domains were withdrawn, the first one to ask questions was Chen Xiangtian.

The scene that appeared was completely beyond his imagination.

He could never have imagined that it was Zhao Guian who was left motionless on the ground.

A level 70 powerhouse had actually lost to a summoned spirit that hadnt even reached level 50.

If someone were to say this, people would only roll their eyes at them, or even call them a lunatic.

The difference between the two levels was like an ant challenging a tiger.

They were not on the same level at all.

However, the truth was right before his eyes.

Even if he didnt want to believe it, he had to accept it.

Yan Wuyue was even more shocked.

She knew Zhou Mingruis capabilities the best.

The fact that he was able to do so much had completely exceeded her imagination.

Even as one of the strongest humans before her rebirth, she had never seen such a thing.

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