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The Target and the Zhao Family

“Is there a problem with what I said before”

Zhou Mingrui looked at Yan Wuyue, who was deep in thought, and asked after a while.

“Im thinking about the possibility of doing that,” Yan Wuyue said with a frown.

“The change in energy after the Great Calamity is actually not quite the same as what you think.”

“Compressing our energy indeed makes us stronger than before.

However, after the Great Calamity, the even the foundation structure of energy has changed.”

“If we use an analogy, right now, our energy is like cotton.

After we compress it, its density will only increase slightly.”

“But the energy density after the Great Calamity is way more dense than this.

It will be similar to solid metal.

Do you understand now”

Zhou Mingrui nodded.

“I understand now.”

“But according to what youve said, theres value in trying it out.

Its just that the degree of energy compression must be strengthened by a lot,” Yan Wuyue said.

“Alright, Ill try my best to reach the same level as I did in the previous battle.” Zhou Mingrui also had a goal in mind.

“As for the Zhao familys revenge,” Yan Wuyue continued after a pause, “As long as we dont go out and get caught, we can focus on cultivation.”

“Hmph!” Zhou Mingrui snorted.

“Id like to seize the opportunity to teach those guys a lesson.

Otherwise, theyll really think that were easy to bully.”

Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes at him and said, “What if they send someone like Zhao Guian again You still have that consciousness form”

“If everyone in the Zhao family is at Zhao Guians level,” Zhou Mingrui said unhappily, “then well just stay indoors forever.”

“Although we should be careful, if we act like a bunch of cowards, how are we going to face those monsters in the future ”

“Compared to those monsters and the Lord of Destiny, the Zhao family is nothing.

Regardless, I dont believe that they are daring enough to come kill us in broad daylight.”

After hearing Zhou Mingruis words, Yan Wuyue paused for two seconds before she said, “Youre right this time.

The Zhao family is nothing compared to the enemies well face in the future.

I was being too careful.”

Zhou Mingrui looked at Yan Wuyue a few more times when he heard her say that, as if surprised that she would actually admit her mistake on the spot.

“Please dont look at me like that.

Im not a stubborn person like Xiao Shengyun.

I can understand what youre trying to say,” Yan Wuyue ridiculed.

Xiao Shengyun: Can you be polite

“Actually, the school is about to start officially.

We have to stay in the Academy most of the time and will rarely have the chance to go out.”

“As for Zhao Anqi, we dont need to worry about her.

Her father will make the necessary arrangements.

I think she will be sent to the Academy.

After all, this is the safest place.”

Yan Wuyue summarized the plans moving forwards and then said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you about that Chen Xiangtian.

Hes not from the four great Research Institutes.

Hes the observer from the Empires Research Institute that I told you about before.”

Zhou Mingrui had already guessed what was going on, but he still asked out of curiosity, “What didnt you say that its hard for them to pick someone Why did they suddenly want us”

Yan Wuyue took a sip of water and said confidently, “Maybe he hadnt decided whether to recruit us or not before I went to him for help.

But after the trip to the Zhao family, Im confident that well be on the Empires Research Institutes special recruitment list.”

“What about the four major Research Institutes Theres really no room for consideration I think the conditions and prices theyve offered should be pretty good.”

“No matter what, they are still the four best Research Institutes in the entire Hanxia Empire.

It shouldnt be to the point where you dont even look at them.”

Zhou Mingrui asked curiously, even though he already knew the difference between the four major Research Institutes and the Empires Research Institute.

For example, in his previous life, the famous Shuimu and Shang Universities were actually still very much inferior to some of the low-key major Universities.

Yan Wuyue thought for a while and said, “Let me put it this way.

After the Great Calamity, the four major Research Institutes combined all the surviving teachers and students and formed the Hanxia Research Institute headquarters.

The Empires Research Institute, on the other hand, was merged into the president-appointed Hanxia Calamity Generals Forces.

You can understand the difference, right”

Zhou Mingrui nodded, beginning to understand what she meant.

“Thats why I rejected all the invitations from the four major Research Institutes.

However, I also promised to be an honorary guest student for them when I reached a certain level,” Yan Wuyue continued to explain.

“Alright, I understand.” Zhou Mingrui naturally knew what kind of trick this was.

“Actually, none of this is important.

I have a vague feeling that the Great Calamity might not follow the rules of the previous life.

We have to be prepared for the possibility of it coming at any time.”

Yan Wuyues face was solemn.

“No one said that after reincarnation, the course of history will be exactly the same.

After all, weve already changed some things.

No one knows what butterfly effects will happen from our actions.”

Zhou Mingrui nodded in understanding.

Just as Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue were discussing, something was also happening in the Zhao familys main branch.

“What, fifth brother has been beaten unconscious”

In the study room, the people who were discussing were all surprised.

Although Zhao Guian was the weakest among them, he was still a level 70 Summoner.

He should be able to deal with Zhao Desheng.

“What exactly happened Tell me.”

The Zhao clans first master, Zhao Derong, who was sitting at the head of the table, had spoken, and this subordinate immediately recounted the matter in full detail.

“What a loser!”

After Zhao Derong heard the whole story, he cursed in a low voice and waved his hand to dismiss his subordinates.

“Big brother, since such a thing has happened, should we still interfere in the matters of fifth brothers branch” The third brother, Zhao Decong, looked at Zhao Derong and asked.

“This is an internal matter of fifth brothers branch.

According to the family rules, if something happens, he has to solve it himself and take responsibility.” Zhao Derong said in a low voice.

The other six Zhao family heads looked at each other.


However, before they could think of anything, Zhao Derong said again, “This time, its not just the Zhao family whos involved.

Theres an outsider as well, so now it has escalated to a matter concerning the entire Zhao family.”

“They want to pretend nothing happened after slapping our Zhao familys face Absolutely no way!”

Zhao Derongs voice was like rolling thunder in the meeting room, rumbling in everyones ears.

“What did we, the Zhao family, rely on to develop in Hanxia Empire and have such a booming family business Its all because of the unity of the Zhao family!”

“Now, mobilize the resources of the Zhao family and show Zhao Desheng, the illegitimate son of the Zhao family, what the consequences are for angering us.”

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