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“Now that I think about it, Im really glad.

If my temper was a little worse back then, I dont know how much I wouldve been tortured by them.” As Zhao Anqi spoke, she walked over and hugged Zhou Mingruis arm.

“If you did, there wouldnt be this trouble now.” Yan Wuyue, who was watching this scene, said unhappily.

“Yan Wuyue, what do you mean Do you mean I should have borne the brunt for you” Zhao Anqi retorted.

“Seeing how much you like Zhou Mingrui, isnt it only right for you to do this” Yan Wuyue said lightly.

Hearing this, Zhao Anqi calmed down and said, “Why, Yan Wuyue Are you jealous of me because you didnt perform well this time”

“Its not that bad, its not that bad.” Zhou Mingrui felt that something was amiss and hurriedly tried to smooth things over.

At the same time, the three of them entered the room and sat down on the sofa.

“Hows your father this time” Zhou Mingrui quickly changed the topic.

“My dad has been dealing with the companys affairs recently.

I heard from him that the Zhao family has been preparing to form an alliance with a lot of capital to launch a capital attack on my family property.

My dad has been very busy every day.” Zhao Anqi explained.

“The Zhao family is indeed vengeful.

Even if Chang Yao doesnt admit it, we can be sure that the Zhao family sent her.” Zhou Mingrui analyzed.

“Id like to ask, who has the final say over at the Zhao familys main family” Yan Wuyue suddenly asked.

“If I remember correctly, it should be Zhao Derong.

Hes currently the most senior person in the Zhao family.” Zhao Anqi was curious, but she still replied.

“Zhao Derong huh…” Yan Wuyue muttered to herself, and then asked, “Is your father called Zhao Desheng”

“Yes, yes, whats wrong” Zhao Anqi was even more confused.

“Its nothing, I just wanted to confirm the name.” Yan Wuyue indicated that there was nothing special.

“Mysterious and strange.” Zhao Anqi knew that she wouldnt be able to get anything out of Yan Wuyue if she didnt say anything, so she simply stopped asking.

“Why have you come to find us this time” Zhou Mingrui asked.

“I cant come to you for no reason” Zhao Anqi leaned over to Zhou Mingruis side.

“Ahem, thats not it.

I just felt that you had something to do.” Zhou Mingrui coughed twice and said.

“Theres a new auction house in the city.

They invited my dad and said that there would be a lot of good things in the auction this time, but my dad had to deal with the Zhao familys affairs, so he didnt have time to go.”

“Thats why he gave me the invitation and told me to go whenever I want,” Zhao Anqi continued.

“Now that youre in such a state with the Zhao family, isnt your father worried about your safety” Yan Wuyue asked curiously.

“Tsk, first of all, were in the city.

Also, the power behind that auction house isnt any weaker than the Zhao family.

They wouldnt dare to cause trouble in the auction house.”

Zhao Anqi replied nonchalantly, “Plus if the Zhao family really targeted a little girl like me, it would be a huge embarrassment to the family.”

“Its rare that youre smart for the first time,” Yan Wuyue said with a nod.

Zhao Anqi heard this and immediately said angrily, “Yan Wuyue, what do you mean”

“Its exactly what youre thinking,” Yan Wuyue said as she stood up.

It would be strange if Yan Wuyue was nice to Zhao Anqi when she came to other peoples houses to tease their summoned spirits.

Zhao Anqi seemed to know the reason why Yan Wuyue was so sarcastic.

She took two deep breaths and sat down again.

“I wanted to bring you guys along.

How can you guys have such an attitude”

“Did I beg you to come” Yan Wuyue glanced at Zhao Anqi as she poured the water.

“You!” Zhao Anqi stood up in anger.

“Hey, Xiao Yue, you cant say that.” Zhou Mingrui also felt that Yan Wuyue had gone a little too far.

“I guess someone is afraid that she will be attacked by the Zhao family if she goes alone, so she wants us to go with her, right” Yan Wuyue filled the water bottle and sat back on the sofa.


Zhao Anqi tried to deny it, but when she saw Yan Wuyues “Ive already seen through you, stop hiding it” look, she immediately gave in.

“Thats right, thats indeed the case.” Zhao Anqi had no choice but to admit it.

“Didnt you just say…” Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

“There might be some guys who are too low in IQ because of their pampered life in the Zhao family, and they cant see the situation clearly and act rashly.” Yan Wuyue began to make milk coffee as she spoke.

“Thats true,” Zhou Mingrui agreed.

After all, all kinds of birds could be found in a big forest.

“Hmph!” Zhao Anqi pouted in anger.

“Doesnt the Zhao family have two powerful bodyguards No matter how intense the fight is, you dont lack these two people.” Zhou Mingrui pressed, puzzled.

“Of course there is.

No matter what, her father is still able to hire two bodyguards.

Its just that someone has a deeper plan.” Yan Wuyue took a sip of the coffee and nodded in satisfaction.

“What plan Why didnt I think of it”

Zhou Mingrui scratched the back of his head.

He didnt think that he was so stupid that he couldnt tell.

Why were the women here so scheming

“Yan Wuyue!” Zhao Anqi growled, her voice trembling slightly.

“She just wants to get someone to go shopping with her.

Not only can that person be her bodyguard, but she can also take up that persons time.

This is a plan that kills three birds with one stone.” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui was no fool.

He naturally understood what she meant.

“So what if it is I havent even said it yet.

If its suitable for you to increase your strength, Ill buy it for you even if it costs me my own money.”

Zhao Anqi realized that she couldnt hide it anymore, so she hugged Zhou Mingruis arm and said this.

Yan Wuyue didnt get angry at this scene.

Instead, she took a sip of coffee and said, “Im afraid this isnt your own idea.

Your father wants you to repay us for helping your family.”

Zhao Anqi took a deep breath, opened her mouth, then closed it again.

“Dont take others for fools.

Since your father has made arrangements, hes definitely not afraid of us finding out.

If you act on your own, itll seem like youre too deliberate.” Yan Wuyue added some pollen to the coffee and sniffed it.

“So what if I am Just tell me if youre going or not!” Zhao Anqi snorted, but there was a different look in her eyes.

“Youre provoking me like this just to make me angry so that you can drive a wedge between us, and at the same time, stop me from being the third wheel, right”

Yan Wuyue put down her teacup and smiled gracefully.

“Its really killing four birds with one stone.”

This time, Zhao Anqi didnt say anything.

Yan Wuyues mind was as meticulous as her fathers.

She was a fox.

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