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“So, so what” Zhao Anqi panicked for a few seconds.

“Nothing much.

Im just helping you to say it.

Isnt that good” Yan Wuyue looked at Zhao Anqi with a smile.

Then, she turned to look at Zhou Mingrui and said, “Go with her.”

“Ah” Zhou Mingrui was immediately confused.

He was already scared when he heard it just now.

These two women were weird animals.

They could make something so complicated.

They were not human at all.

“Isnt she going to the auction You should go with her.” Yan Wuyue answered.

“Arent you going” Zhou Mingrui asked again.

“Why should I bother you” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

“…” Zhou Mingrui felt very awkward.

“Im not joking.

You can go with her this time.

Ill be in the way if I go.” Yan Wuyue continued.

“Then what are you going to do” Zhou Mingrui asked.

He had a nagging feeling that things were not as simple as they seemed.

“I have something important to do, but Ill be there soon.” Yan Wuyue answered.

“Alright, I understand.” Zhou Mingrui nodded and did not say anything else.

Yan Wuyue always had a plan and a sense of propriety, so she wouldnt say or do anything stupid.

Therefore, he didnt need to ask.

Zhao Anqi looked at Yan Wuyue suspiciously.

She felt that something was not right.

“Alright, then I hope that youll have a good harvest before I arrive.” Yan Wuyue picked up her cup and said with a smile.

“Okay, thank you.

Ill text you the exact time, as long as youre not late.”

Zhao Anqi stood up and said, “I just remembered that I have something to do.

Ill take my leave first.”

She didnt know why, but she always felt uncomfortable in front of Yan Wuyue, as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

“Have a safe trip.

I wont see you out.” Yan Wuyue waved her hand.

At the door, Zhao Anqi stole a glance at Yan Wuyue.

When she realized that she wasnt looking at her, she reached out and touched Zhou Mingruis abdominal muscles.

“Remember to miss me, okay” After a flirtatious look, Zhao Anqi closed the door.

After they left, Zhou Mingrui returned to the sofa.

“What, you didnt kiss her” Yan Wuyue joked.

“You, dont give the little girl so much pressure.” Zhou Mingrui said helplessly.

“Whats wrong Am I not a girl” Yan Wuyue said pitifully.

“Stop, stop, stop.

Youre amazing.

Youre a little girl.” Zhou Mingrui was rendered speechless.

“Alright, Ill stop teasing you.

That child is too scheming.

Sometimes, we have to suppress her.

Otherwise, she might be thinking of something behind our backs.” Yan Wuyue explained.

“I dont think so.

Shes indeed a little too scheming, but its not a big deal.” Zhou Mingrui said indifferently after drinking a glass of water.

[If I say that she might be the future successor of the Zhao family, would you believe me] Yan Wuyue suddenly sent a message.

[Her father only has one daughter, and if she became the successor of the Zhao family, isnt this… Wait a minute, you cant be talking about the Zhao familys main family, right] Zhou Mingruis expression was normal in the beginning, but it turned odd later on.

[Thats right.

I didnt notice it at first, but I only remembered it after I got involved in her familys affairs.]

Yan Wuyue continued slowly, [The Zhao familys older generation all regarded virtue as their seniority.

In my previous life, the Zhao familys clan leader during the great calamity was called Zhao Desheng.]

[At first, I didnt know Zhao Anqis fathers name.

I only found out after I heard his name.]

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

[But you didnt react when you heard Zhao Anqis name.

That means she hadnt inherited the Zhao family at that time, right]

Yan Wuyue nodded and said, [Thats right.

Even when I die, Zhao Desheng was still the master of the Zhao family.]

Zhou Mingrui stroked his chin and said, [I didnt expect that the Zhao familys main family would lose to Zhao Desheng.

This is really…]

Yan Wuyues eyes moved slightly.

[Its not a strange thing.

First of all, her fathers ability is not bad.

It can even be said that he is much stronger than those guys from the Zhao family.]

[In my previous life, the Zhao family did use some means to swallow up most of Zhao Deshengs business, but he refused to join the Zhao family and used his own ability to expand his business again.]

[What followed was the arrival of the great calamity.

Because the Zhao family was not prepared for the great calamity and did not respond well, the familys strength was severely damaged.

Many members of the Zhao family died and were seriously injured.]

[Zhao Desheng, on the other hand, relied on his strong ability to adapt, plan, and execution to take this opportunity to directly swallow up the Zhao family.]

[Furthermore, with his strong insight and execution during the great calamity, he quickly restored the Zhao family to its former strength and even grew to become one of our important battle helpers.]

After hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingrui was a little surprised.

[I didnt expect her father to be so capable.

This is going to be a legendary story.]

Yan Wuyue, however, frowned slightly.

[The only strange thing is that I didnt know he had a daughter.

At that time, he was a supporter of the same grade, so I didnt know much about it.]

[Could it be that she died during the great calamity] Zhou Mingrui was puzzled.

[Its possible because Zhao Desheng never had any descendants.

Also, when I saw him, his expression was always very cold, as if he had completely sealed off all other thoughts.] Yan Wuyue recalled.

[Then that might be it.] Zhou Mingrui said.

Yan Wuyue remained silent.

After a while, she said, [In short, do your best to protect her.

After all, the Zhao family now has our help in advance.

They should be able to take down the main family very soon in this life.

At that time, they will have more strength to face the arrival of a great calamity.]

After Zhou Mingrui heard that, his eyes flickered slightly.

[So this is why you chose to help the Zhao family last time]

Yan Wuyue glanced at Zhou Mingrui and said, [Previously, I helped her purely because we were fated to be teammates during the freshmen competition and also because of the promise you made to her.

After all, she has already come to us to ask for help, so we must help her if we can.]

Zhou Mingrui nodded before asking, [What are you planning to do for the next two days]

Yan Wuyue said after some thought, [This is when a treasure appears.]

[Treasure] Zhou Mingrui was puzzled.


In my previous life, when this item first appeared, many people didnt know what it was.

It was only after some research that they realized how valuable it was.] Yan Wuyue said.

[Then wouldnt it be easy to get it] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

[Yeah, although its in the wilderness, no one usually goes there, let alone high-level summoners.] Yan Wuyue analyzed.

[But I dont think its worth it for you to do this.

I feel like you have a deeper plan.] Zhou Mingrui said as he stared at Yan Wuyue.

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