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After a summoner reached level 5, leveling up wasnt as simple as leveling up.

Instead, it required the summoned spirit to reach the same level, and at the same time, the synchronization rate of spirit and energy had to reach a certain limit before one could advance at the same time.

Otherwise, one could only remain at the same level.

However, the difficulty of advancing in level depended on the summoned spirits innate talent.

The higher the summoned spirits innate talent, the more difficult it was to advance.

At this time, other than breaking through ones own strength, one could only rely on external forces to break through.

This gem was one of the types of treasures used for a breakthrough.

“This kind of item is generally called a promotion treasure.

However, this gem is not an ordinary promotion treasure.” Yan Wuyue showed a confident smile.

“Didnt the host just say that it contains the ability to help with advancing to level 8 or 9 in there” Zhou Mingrui said.

Yan Wuyue denied it.

“Youre wrong.

Its a treasure for promotion, and its not as powerful as the host made it out to be.

At most, thats just on the surface.”

“Surface Is there something more to this” Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

“I remember that gem very clearly.

It does contain the ability to advance in level, but this gem has another function that no one has discovered.” Yan Wuyue said.

“What function is it It must be something special for you to remember it so well.

Im starting to get curious.” Zhou Mingrui hurriedly asked.

The auction had already begun.

“The starting price of the gemstone is 7 million.

Each bid must be no less than 500000.

Please make your bids!”

As soon as it ended, the people in the hall began to bid, and the price was quickly raised to 9 million.

“It has the function to allow entrance to a secret realm in an alternate space.” Yan Wuyue explained.

“A secret realm in an alternate space” Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

He didnt have any concept of the so-called alternate space, even when he was in school, he didnt have this knowledge.

“Do you still remember the Goblin Kings secret realm” Yan Wuyue asked.

“Yes, I remember.

Is that the secret realm space you mentioned” Zhou Mingrui pressed.

“No, the Goblin Kings secret realm is a semi-secret realm.

Its obvious that the goblin race moved in and occupied it.

Yan Wuyue continued, “And that kind of alternate space is not very useful anymore.

Its just enough for the goblins to live.

The real alternate spaces secret realm can only be entered with special items.”

“Moreover, the energy concentration in the real alternate spaces secret realm is many times that of the outside world, so it can also produce many good things that cant be produced in our world.”

“Of course, the monsters inside will also be many times stronger than the ones outside.”

Zhou Mingrui laughed.

“The greater the benefits, the greater the danger.

This is something that anyone who isnt a child can understand.”

Yan Wuyue said lightly.

“Its good that you understand.

So, now you know what the alternate space secret realm is, right”

Zhou Mingrui nodded.

This was just like the places that the main characters in novels and television encountered.

It was a good place that contained many secret techniques, spirit pills, and precious medicine that could be used to turn the tables.

Hence, Zhou Mingrui said, “But the price has already been raised to over 10 million.

We dont have that much money.”

“Also, you said to get the Zhao family for help, but the price of this thing is likely to exceed 15 million.

If this goes on, well have to bear a lot of debts.”

Yan Wuyue thought for a while and said, “You tell Zhao Anqi.

The smallest value of this secret realm is worth over tens of millions.

As long as we are strong enough, we can easily pay back the money.”

Zhou Mingrui pondered for a moment before he turned to Zhao Anqi and asked, “I want to bid for this gemstone.

Can the Zhao family help me with this”

Zhao Anqi was silent for a moment before she said, “Wait for me.

I need to ask my father.”

The price in the auction stage had already reached 12 million.

With the money spent during the auction just now, Zhao Anqi could no longer make a decision.

After Zhao Anqi explained the situation, the phone was silent for three seconds before Zhao Deshengs steady voice came out from the speaker, “Brother Zhou, Im a straightforward person, and I wont try to be secretive.

This time, I have to deal with the attack from the main family, which may be launched at any time.

I cant use too much money.”

“But Brother Zhou, you are my benefactor.

If the auction price does not exceed 30 million, I will let Anqi make the decision.

Is that okay”

“Thats more than enough.

Uncle Zhao, thank you in advance.” Zhou Mingrui immediately said.

“Youre welcome.

Its a small matter when it comes to helping you.

If I didnt have to deal with the main family, I wouldnt have to say this.” Zhao Desheng laughed.

“Alright, Brother Zhou.

I have a lot of things to do here.

You guys can continue.

Ill hang up first.” Zhao Deshengs secretarys voice came from the other end, so he hung up after saying that.

Zhao Anqi did not hesitate and immediately joined the battle.

Soon, the price reached 16 million, and there were a total of five people bidding, including Zhao Anqi.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui suddenly had an idea.

He raised his hand to indicate that he had a question.

“Hello, the mister sitting in seat number eight.

If you have any questions, please ask.” The host asked politely.

“The Treasure Gathering Pavilion cant guarantee that this treasure will have the ability to help with advancing to level 8 or 9, right” Zhou Mingrui asked.

The host furrowed his brows slightly and knew that something was wrong.

However, his professionalism still made him answer politely, “Yes, our Treasure Gathering Pavilion only provides certain information on this promotion treasure.

We cant guarantee it 100% and can only make a prediction.”

“Due to the unique nature of the promotion treasure, if we forcefully appraise it, we will destroy the seal of the treasures energy.

The item inside will likely be leaked.”

Zhou Mingrui nodded and thanked the host.

With that said, Zhou Mingrui returned to his seat.

As for the other four bidders, they had a look of deep thought on their faces.

The enthusiasm for the auction was instantly extinguished, which gave the auctioneer a headache.

However, he could only try to hype it up again with the art of words, but the response was very calm.

“16 million going once.

Are you sure you dont want to reconsider You should know that not all promotion treasures can appear in the auction house.”

“If you miss this chance, I dont know when will be the next.”

After the auctioneer finished speaking, he saw the hesitant looks on the faces of the few bidders.

“16 million going twice.”

“16 million going thrice!”

Left with no choice, the auctioneer could only announce the bid for the second time.

After secretly delaying for two to three seconds, he finally had no choice but to hit the hammer.


“Congratulations to the beautiful lady in the ninth seat for winning the final auction item.”

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