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“If I had known that your father had such a deep friendship with him, I wouldnt have to do so much.


In the car, Zhou Mingrui complained as he looked at Zhao Anqi.

As soon as Zhao Anqi spoke, he was no longer of any use.

All he could do was watch Zhao Anqi and Chen Haos passionate conversation.

This made him feel a sense of defeat.

Zhao Anqi rolled her eyes at him and coaxed him, “Oh my, I didnt know he was Chen Hao at first.

After all, I didnt get involved in my fathers friendly relations.

I only heard my father mention his name often at home, so I remembered it in my heart.”

“If he didnt tell me his name, I wouldnt even know him.

How could I know in advance Seriously.”

Zhou Mingruis mood improved after hearing that.

“So thats how it is.

I thought you were deliberately making fun of me.”

“How is that possible When would I ever play with you with such a thing”

Zhao Anqi reached out her hand and pinched Zhou Mingruis cheek as she rebuked, “And you, are you blaming me for this”

“No, no, no.

How would I dare to blame you, Princess Zhao.” Zhou Mingrui laughed.

“Tsk.” Zhao Anqi snorted and said, “You looked like a child who had been wronged just now.

You couldnt hide it at all.

You still have the cheek to say that you didnt.”

“Then look at me now.

Im not angry at all, right” Zhou Mingrui pointed to his face and asked.

“I cant tell, alright” Zhao Anqi pursed her lips and looked at the rectangular box.

“By the way, is the Myriad Soul Flower really as evil as you said”

“Mmm, theres no mistake about this.” Zhou Mingrui nodded.

“Then you still want it Do you really have a solution” Zhao Anqi asked in surprise.

“Yeah, but its just a guess.

I cant be sure.” Zhou Mingrui answered.

“If it doesnt work, then forget it.

That thing is too strange.

I cant forget it even after one look.” Zhao Anqi tried to persuade him.

“Dont worry, I understand.” Zhou Mingrui nodded.

“You have to know that Im different from the rest of you.

My bodys structure is different.

Therefore, you cant judge me using a normal persons thinking.”

“Yeah.” Zhao Anqi gave a reserved smile before she suddenly leaned into Zhou Mingrui and said, “Indeed, youre not an ordinary person.

You almost scared me this morning.”

“Its really big! Its so scary.”

As she spoke, Zhao Anqi even drew circles on Zhou Mingruis chest.

Her other hand slid down his chest and stopped at a special spot.

“What should I do Im still feeling terrible.

Why dont you help me take a look”

As Zhao Anqi spoke, she squeezed toward Zhou Mingrui.

At the same time, she grabbed his hand and placed it on top of her chest.

She even pressed it down.

“Since youre so capable, so you must have some medical expertise.

Why dont you help me take a look” Zhao Anqi gently lifted her perky butt and whispered into Zhou Mingruis ear.

Zhou Mingruis body trembled as a strange numbing sensation spread throughout his body.

His head immediately began to spin.

“Whats wrong Is it because you cant see clearly like this Then…”

As Zhao Anqi spoke, she grabbed Zhou Mingruis hand and slowly tucked it underneath her clothes.

Then, she slowly inched deeper.

Zhou Mingrui could feel the smooth, silk-like texture on his palm and the back of his hand, as well as the astonishing elasticity.

He could not help but hold his breath.

“How is it Do you feel anything” Zhao Anqis tone of voice began to turn numb, causing Zhou Mingruis breathing to become slightly ragged.

“Then, a little deeper”

Seeing the look on Zhou Mingruis face, Zhao Anqi revealed an extremely charming smile as she continued to grab Zhou Mingruis hand.

“You, can you feel my heartbeat”

As Zhao Anqi spoke, she grabbed Zhou Mingruis hand and pressed it down.

Zhou Mingruis breathing became even more rapid when he felt the shock of not being able to hold it in one hand.

“You, can you feel my sincerity”

Zhou Mingrui felt as though his entire body was being burned by flames.

His mind began to turn drowsy.

Sensing this, Zhao Anqi immediately launched an even more aggressive attack.

She pulled Zhou Mingruis other hand over and began to place it in an even more mysterious place.

With his previous experience, Zhou Mingrui naturally knew where they were headed.

However, he only gulped and did not stop them.

Following the friction of the clothes, his fingers began to touch the familiar smooth skin.

And as he went deeper, a sensation that made his blood vessels expand appeared.

It was fine friction like a mesh.

“You probably didnt see clearly this morning, but Im wearing black silk today.

I just dont know if you like it.”

Zhou Mingrui gasped.

He felt as if his brain was about to explode.

After all, the black silk threads were his forbidden domain.

“How is it Did you feel it”

Zhao Anqis hand that was holding onto Zhou Mingruis constantly rubbed up and down.

It wasnt just the fine friction from the black silk, but also the soft touch and heat from a certain area.

Zhou Mingruis hands began to tremble.

He knew what it was, but the more he thought about it, the more thirsty he felt.

“You, do you want to try it out”

Zhao Anqi once again whispered into Zhou Mingruis ear.

For some reason, Zhou Mingrui subconsciously nodded his head before his brain could react.

Zhao Anqi smiled seductively as she held Zhou Mingruis hand and gently pried open the thin black silk with her fingers.

She then began to dig deeper.

It was flat, smooth, and as delicate as silk.

This was Zhou Mingruis first instinct.

His second instinct made his psychological defenses explode.

A white tiger!

After the term surfaced in his mind, Zhou Mingrui reached his hand forward and immediately touched something softer and warm.

It was moist.

“I want!”

Zhao Anqis mumbling had completely ignited the volcano in Zhou Mingruis heart.

As his mind went blank, Zhou Mingrui immediately turned around and hugged Zhao Anqi.

He then kissed her on the lips.

Feeling Zhou Mingruis strong initiative, Zhao Anqi immediately responded by kissing him passionately.

Both of their tongues immediately rolled together, and they hugged tightly.

In the drivers seat, the old driver drove slowly.

The car behind him wanted to honk, but after seeing the value of the other car and the license plate number, it could only give up and choose to overtake and leave.

The old driver continued to drive slowly as if he was shopping after a meal.

Meanwhile, in the back of the extended portion of the car, Zhou Mingrui had already stripped Zhao Anqi of her clothes.

Just as he was about to remove the other portion of her clothes, a strange thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

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