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[Because I used a secret skill.] Yan Wuyue answered without hiding anything.

[Secret skill Do you know that many secret skills] Zhou Mingrui asked in surprise.

[Please, I was one of the top powerhouses of mankind in my previous life.

Ive been to countless secret realms and come into contact with countless powerhouses and treasures.

Is it strange to know a few secret skills] Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes at Zhou Mingrui.

[Alright, but Im curious.

What kind of secret skill allowed you to kill that man-devouring bee I dont think theyre as strong as the giant lizard, but they dont seem weak either.] Zhou Mingrui immediately pressed.

[The secret skill I used is called “In a Flash”.

Its a skill that can control ones breathing and body for a short period of time, allowing one to unleash a powerful attack.] Yan Wuyue explained.

[If you can get rid of that man-devouring bee, it must be quite powerful.

Why dont you teach me Ill be able to get rid of that annoying thing like you the next time I encounter a situation like this.] Zhou Mingrui was a little interested.

This secret skill sounded like a good thing.

It was a must for the main characters in novels and anime, a powerful skill that could turn the tables.

Who wouldnt want such a good skill Furthermore, it was Zhou Mingrui who had just experienced a bitter battle.

[This secret skill doesnt suit you, and you cant use it.] Yan Wuyue said, shaking her head.

[Why cant I use it] Zhou Mingrui asked with a puzzled look.

[Because this secret skill requires the bodys internal organs, muscles, and breathing to coordinate, and then strengthen it with energy.

Do you have internal organs in your body] Yan Wuyue asked.

[I dont… think so.] Zhou Mingrui said helplessly.

[Thats it.

Its useless to give you the secret skill.] Yan Wuyue spread her hands.

[Alright, well talk about it after my body is formed.] Left with no choice, Zhou Mingrui could only think about it later.

After the chit-chat, the two of them left their hiding place.

After making sure that the big lizard did not appear again, they left the place.

The two of them walked carefully on the road, carefully observing the surroundings to make sure that they didnt miss anything special.

At the same time, they had to be careful of any hidden dangers.

About half an hour later, the two of them arrived at a place with jagged rocks.

At a glance, there were only rolling hills, but none of them were tall.

[The terrain here is very strange.] Zhou Mingrui said with a frown.

[In the secret realm of the alternate space, all kinds of terrain can appear, and the reason for their appearance is either due to the environment or some powerful creatures.] Yan Wuyue explained.

[In other words, do you suspect that there are powerful creatures here] Zhou Mingrui understood what she meant.

[Its not a suspicion.

Its basically confirmed.] Yan Wuyue said again.

[Then, according to what you said before, the presence of powerful monsters also means the existence of treasures] Zhou Mingrui asked as a thought flashed through his mind.

Yan Wuyue didnt answer immediately, but turned to look at him and said, [In the secret realm of the alternate space, the places with treasures are almost 100% guarded by powerful monsters, but the places with powerful monsters dont necessarily have treasures.]

[You have to distinguish between “treasure land” and “nest”, and youll understand what I mean.]

Zhou Mingrui scratched his head and said, [I understand what you mean.

So, are we going in or not]

Yan Wuyue blinked in silence.

Zhou Mingrui knew that she was weighing the pros and cons, so he did not ask.

Soon, Zhou Mingrui saw Yan Wuyue grit her teeth and say fiercely, [We wont get anything good if we dont take risks.

Lets go!]

[Its not easy to make you this determined.] Zhou Mingrui teased.

[Save your teasing energy for the upcoming battle.] Yan Wuyue immediately retorted, then got up and began to grope forward.

The two of them began to move between the rocks.

There was a large amount of gravel under their feet, and there was almost no flat ground to speak of.

[Were you just thinking about what kind of monsters you know will appear in this area]

Zhou Mingrui asked as they walked along the road, feeling bored.

[Thats right.] Yan Wuyue was still carefully observing the surroundings.

Although they could detect many dangerous existences in advance with their keen senses, some monsters had special abilities to avoid detection.

[Then tell me, if were lucky, whats the strongest monster well encounter] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

Yan Wuyue stopped again and turned to look at Zhou Mingrui with a strange look.

[W-whats wrong] Zhou Mingrui immediately felt his hair stand on end.

[Dont say such things in the future.

Many things that youve never encountered before will happen in the secret realm of the alternate space, such as… your foul mouth.]

Yan Wuyue turned around and continued to grope forward.

[This… It cant be.] Zhou Mingrui said guiltily.

[If I hadnt met before, would I have said that to you] Yan Wuyue said lightly.

[Forget it then.

Its better if you dont say anything.

Just pretend I didnt ask.] Zhou Mingrui immediately gave in.

[You dont want to say it, but I really want to say it this time.] Yan Wuyue, who had been affected by Zhou Mingruis attitude for no reason, was also upset.

[I did consider this when I came in.

Stone Mantises are the most likely to appear in this terrain.]

Yan Wuyue began to narrate, [The Stone Mantis is extremely fast and very powerful.

Its only weakness is similar to the man-devouring bees, which is that its defense is very weak.

But there is another point that is the same as the man-devouring bees: it is also a monster that lives in groups.]

[The Stone King Dragon is the most difficult to find.

The smallest one is more than 30 meters long, and the largest one, according to witnesses, could be as tall as 100 meters.]

[In terms of attack, any one of its attacks can shake mountains and crush boulders.

That purple-skinned lizard might not even be able to take one hit.]

[The Stone King Dragons defense is terrifying.

There are almost no known attacks that can break its defense.

If its a hundred-meter-long dragon, I think even my strongest attack wont be able to break its defense.]

[It has extremely strong vitality.

Even if it suffers a very serious injury, it can recover in a very short time.

Its combat power can be said to be extremely terrifying.]

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui first frowned before he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, [Youre the one who said it, not me.

If I really meet one, you cant blame me.]

Yan Wuyue sneered, [Hehe, you were the one who brought it up.

Now youre scared]

Zhou Mingrui did a tactical backflip and said with a look of confusion, [To be fair, arent you afraid that what you said will come true It will be very awkward between you and me.]

Yan Wuyue shrugged her shoulders.

[So what if it appeared Youre here, arent you You must learn to take responsibility for the things you pick.]


Zhou Mingrui was silent for a long time.

Then, he raised his hand and gave Yan Wuyue a thumbs up.

[Yan Wuyue, youre ruthless!]

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