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Specter Special Forces

[ I was in charge of three legions in my previous life, so I know a lot about the military.


Yan Wuyue said with certainty, [ The Army is in urgent need of all kinds of talents now.

As long as you perform well, they will definitely come to you in a way you may never expect.


[ Actually, this beast tide is also a good opportunity for me to enter the upper class of the human race.

As long as you have the ability, you will climb up way faster than in Peace Period.


[ When the time comes, we will stand on a higher level so that humans can better take precautions and not suffer such a great loss in the early stages of the great calamity.


Zhou Mingrui agreed.


Lets wait and see tomorrow.]

[ Alright, Im going to sleep.

You should go back to the space.] Yan Wuyue said as she stood up and tidied her clothes.

[ Well, Ill just sleep on the floor.] Zhou Mingrui chuckled.

[ I want to change my clothes and take a shower!] Yan Wuyue snorted.

[ Alright.


Zhou Mingrui also knew that they were not in the dormitory, where there were different levels and room types.

Zhou Mingrui was thrown into Yan Wuyues summoning space.

The next day, Captain Zheng shouted to Yan Wuyue after the morning training, “Yan Wuyue, come with me.”

The two of them quickly came to an unremarkable building, and the door opened after fingerprint and iris identification.

“You should have heard of the Specter Special Forces, right” Captain Zheng asked without turning his head.

“Ive heard of them.

Theyre one of the Southwest Military Districts trump cards,” Yan Wuyue answered.

“If you have the chance to join this team but have to pay a huge price, what would you do” Captain Zheng continued to ask.

“I will choose to pay the price to be part of them.

I will never give up this opportunity,” Yan Wuyue said without hesitation.

“Very good.” Captain Zhengs answer was very short but firm.

Soon, the three of them arrived in front of an office door.

Captain Zheng raised his hand and knocked a few times before waiting quietly.

“Come in,” someone said from the other side of the door a moment after.

Upon entering the office, Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui saw a middle-aged man in his fifties dressed in a military uniform standing by the window, looking into the distance.

“Commander, here she is.” After saluting, Captain Zheng said, “Ill see you later.”

“Yeah.” The commander turned around, his sharp eyes scanning Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui.

[ Lieutenant colonel.

] Zhou Mingrui noticed the mans epaulet.

[ Even a major general would have to be polite to a lieutenant colonel.

Dont underestimate him, ] Yan Wuyue reminded him.

[ I got it.

] Zhou Mingrui understood.

“Wolf Spider told me that youre very talented.

He introduced you to me and wants to recruit you into the Specter Special Forces,” The commander said with a serious expression.

“Although the Army is in urgent need of talents, not everyone can join the Specter Special Forces.

They must go through a special assessment.”

“Let me ask you.

Do you want to join the Specter Special Forces ” The commander asked Yan Wuyue.

“I want to,” Yan Wuyue said firmly.

“Very good.

The Spector 3 is going on a mission.

You can go with them and let them help you complete the assessment.

After saying that, the commander picked up the red phone next to him and said a few words before turning to Yan Wuyue.

“Ive already explained everything.

Wolf Spider will show you the Spector 3s base.”

“Yes, commander,” Yan Wuyue responded immediately.

Just as Yan Wuyue was about to turn and leave, the commander said, “If I didnt see your file, I would really think that you grew up in the army.

Alright, you are free to go.”

After that, he began to read the documents.

As soon as Yan Wuyue walked out of the gate, she saw Captain Zheng waiting at the side.

“Come with me,” he said.

He walked in front, leading Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui all the way to another room.

He knocked on the door, and a strong female voice came from inside.

“Come in!”

When he pushed the door open and entered, Zhou Mingrui was shocked by the scene.

The room was extremely messy and unkempt, and there were three women.

One was trimming her toes, one was lying down and reading a book, and one was sleeping soundly.

Zhou Mingrui saw Captain Zhengs expression change the moment he entered the room.

His face was still twitching slightly.

“Hey, my little Wolf Spider, what brings you here Are you here to take any of us on a date” The woman who was holding her toes asked jokingly.

The woman who was reading also put down the book in her hand and looked over.

She rubbed her eyes and woke up from her sleep.

It was only then that Zhou Mingrui could see the three womens faces clearly.

They all had neat, short hair and different style.

Although they werent typical beautiful women, they all had their own charisma.

They could immediately tell who was more outgoing, chill, or gentle.

“Red Fox, Im not in the mood to joke around.

Wheres your Captain” Captain Zheng asked with a frown.

“Shes taking a shower.

Do you want me to take you to the bathroom” Red Fox asked with an alluring tone as she walked up to first Captain Zheng.

“No, Ill wait for her outside.” Seeing the big mess in the room, Captain Zheng immediately turned around and walked out.

“Humph, who do you think you are Hey, girl, are you the newbie”

Captain Zheng was ignoring Red Fox, so she turned her attention to Yan Wuyue.

Yan Wuyue saw the womans hand approaching, and it came to her mind that she had scratched her toes earlier.

The next second, she took a step back.

“Why are you all like this Nobody wants to be my friend!” Seeing Yan Wuyues look of disdain, Red Fox was not angry but pouted.

She said, looked at Zhou Mingrui in the cloak, and reached out to touch him.

“Please leave me alone!” Zhou Mingrui took a step back right away, making Red Fox freeze.

However, Red Fox did not care at all.

She took her hand back and laughed.

“You really dont like me, huh”

“Alright, Red Fox, back to your seat!”

At that moment, a voice was heard.

Red Fox immediately went back to her spot like a mouse that had seen a cat.

Zhou Mingrui turned his head and saw a burly woman walking into the room with a little girl in a ponytail.

The woman was at least 1.9 meters tall, and even Zhou Mingrui was not as tall as her.

The undershirt she wore revealed her defined muscles, making her look like a tough character in a movie.

“Captain!” The three people in the room spoke in unison

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