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Situation Discovery

Moreover, those light belts had already extended out, quickly spreading toward all the caves.

Soon, a large number of python monsters were controlled, slithered out, came out of their holes, and gathered in the passage outside.

Looking at the python monsters that were like walking dead, Red Fox seemed to have understood something.

She used her watch to record everything.

Soon, as if they had received some kind of order, these python monsters immediately began to move together and left the canyon.

“What is that thing” Red Fox frowned.

“How can it actually control these monsters It is controlling all of them.”

“Could it be the key to this sudden beast tide” Yan Wuyue suddenly said.

Yan Wuyues reminder startled Red Fox.

When she recalled the attack on the python monster, cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

“Lets go.

We have to leave immediately.

We have to report this situation to the headquarter right now!” Red Fox ordered without hesitation.

Everyone immediately turned around and set off without hesitation.

If it were not for the poor connection in the canyon, Red Fox would have immediately called for a support force to bring them back.

They arrived at the canyons exit as quickly as they could.

However, when they reached there, they discovered that the place was already occupied by a large number of monsters.

All sorts of monsters were actually staying together in harmony at this moment.

They were as peaceful as if they had been from the same clan, and they had no intention of attacking each other.

Even a fool could understand that the light belt was the key to the beast tide!

“Lets go.

We have to find another exit!” Red Fox immediately gave another order and prepared to lead the group to move right away.

However, at this moment, they heard a sharp howl in the sky.

“Damn! We forgot about the flying-type monsters!” Red Fox looked up and was shocked.

As she had expected, the next moment, the monsters gathered at the entrance of the canyon all turned to look in their direction.


Red Fox shouted and immediately began to run.

Meanwhile, Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui also turned around and dashed.

There were thousands of monsters at the entrance of the canyon, and some of them were out of sight.

Moreover, there were flying monsters above them.

If they were trapped here, they would die here.

After running for a while, they realized that more and more flying monsters were gathering above their heads.

The monsters behind them were also constantly chasing them, and there was no way to get rid of them.

“No, we have to split up.

Ive already copied a part of the video and sent it to your watch.

You have to get out of here alive!

After saying that, Red Fox immediately turned and ran in another direction.

“Wait!” someone suddenly shouted.

Red Fox turned around and said, “We cant hesitate now.

We must…!”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw a tall skeletal warhorse standing in front of her.

After knowing that there was no way to shake off the monsters, Zhou Mingrui no longer cared if he would expose himself and immediately summoned his skeletal warhorse.

Without waiting for Red Fox to react, Zhou Mingrui reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist, throwing her onto the back of Spectral Hell Warhorse.

“You guys go first.

Ill hold off those guys.” Zhou Mingrui immediately ordered his Spectral Hell Warhorse to run.

Yan Wuyue didnt stop him, and Red Fox wasnt a fool.

If no one held back the flying monsters in the sky, they would be caught even if they were riding on Spectral Hell Warhorse.

After all, this wasnt a flat terrain, and these monsters could accelerate in a straight line in the sky.

It was impossible to be faster than them.

Zhou Mingrui took a deep breath and turned his head to look at those monsters in the sky as he watched Spectral Hell Warhorse run away.

The goblin kings body appeared as the light gathered around him.

Since he was already in a state of Soul Attachment, he directly possessed the goblin kings body.

Zhou Mingrui ignored the monsters that were already in front of him.

Instead, he exerted strength in his legs and leaped up the cliff.

Using his strong hands, he climbed up the cliff at an extremely fast speed and rushed up.

A cliff of over a hundred meters might seem very tall to an ordinary person, but it was nothing to Zhou Mingrui, who was now more than seven meters tall.

Soon, he arrived at the top of the cliff.

Looking at the large number of monsters flying in the sky, Zhou Mingrui immediately had a long spear in his hand.

As the energy condensed, the bone spear was immediately ignited with phantom flames.

“Get down here!”

He swung his arm, and the bone spear in his hand shot straight into the sky.

A strong sound of breaking through the air resounded in the sky.

The monsters in the sky turned around when they heard the sound and saw a flame suddenly appear.

Before they could dodge, they were pierced by the spear.

As the bone spear flew, it pierced through six flying monsters in a row.

After that, it pierced through the other three flying monsters like a barbecue skewer.

Zhou Mingrui wasnt surprised to cause such damage.

After all, flying monsters did not have very strong defenses due to their structure, which was a result of evolution.

Then, under the sharpness of the condensed phantom force, these flying monsters were as weak as kittens.

When they realized that nine of their companions had been killed in an instant, the other flying monsters were instantly enraged.

More than half of the monsters gave up on chasing Yan Wuyue and the others and turned to attack Zhou Mingrui.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui did not back down.

Light gathered on his raised hands, and the two bone spears burned with phantom flames.

They turned into two streaks of fire and flew out again.

After the sound of something piercing through the air and flesh, another ten flying monsters fell to the ground.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui was like a god of war.

The bone spear in his hand was constantly thrown out, and the flying monsters in the sky kept falling down like raindrops.

This time, the flying monsters panicked and quickly called for their companions.

At the same time, the more powerful existences also made their moves.

The larger ones began to expand after flying violently enough.

Streams of flames condensed into fireballs in his mouth.

Zhou Mingrui immediately stopped his attacks when he saw this, turned around, and ran in the opposite direction.

Even though the defense of the flying monsters is weaker than the monsters on the ground, their attack methods and power are much stronger.

Only a fool would choose to take the energy attacks of the monsters head-on under such circumstances.

Therefore, Zhou Mingrui did not hesitate to run away.

Less than two seconds after he left, a series of explosions that were as intense as missile bombardment sounded.

Zhou Mingrui didnt even turn his head.

However, his gaze was locked on the group of ground monsters that were gathered not far away.

He already had a battle plan in his mind, but he needed these monsters help.

“Sorry but not sorry! You deserve it!”

When he saw the monsters that had discovered him and were charging at him, Zhou Mingruis face immediately revealed a sinister smile.

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