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Target Locked

Zhou Mingrui could feel that something was off, so he still chose to inform Yan Wuyue after thinking for a while.

After all, he had already found the main light.

If they followed it, they would definitely be able to find that guy.

Upon receiving the news, Red Fox and Yan Wuyue, who had not gone far, immediately turned around and rushed over.

They followed the path and caught up with Zhou Mingrui.

“Can you see that light band”

Red Fox looked at the empty ground around it and immediately stared at Zhou Mingrui in confusion.

“I can see it.

Just follow me.” Zhou Mingrui did not explain.

Instead, he continued heading in the direction of the light beam.

After hesitating for half a second, Red Fox followed Zhou Mingrui to find the band of light.

At the same time, he reported the situation to the captain through her watch.

After receiving the message, the headquarters immediately issued an order.

More than half of the members of the special force were immediately mobilized to the area where Yan Wuyue and the other two were.

Soon, following the traces of the light, Yan Wuyue and the other two came to the valley.

They immediately found where the figure of light was.

Upon seeing the densely-packed bands of light that connected all directions, Zhou Mingrui also pulled away and didnt dare to approach them.

After all, the mysterious figure of lights strength was clear for all to see.

“I am sure that guy is in the depths of the cave, but I have to remind you that I can feel a terrifying aura.” Zhou Mingrui said to Red Fox.

“A terrifying aura Is that guy very powerful” Red Fox squinted her eyes.

After spending this time with him, she knew that Zhou Mingrui was always serious about what he said.

“I think hes right.

We dont know his strength yet, so we have to be careful.”

“he has the ability to control so many monsters.

Apparently, hes more than powerful,” Yan Wuyue also said seriously.

Red Fox nodded.

“Youre right.

Ill report the news now.”

After confirming the exact coordinates, Red Fox immediately reported it to the captain, who then passed the message to the headquarters.

“What Youve found that guys location”

In the headquarters, the chief of staff who received the news immediately came to Lieutenant General Yu to report the news.

“Sir, we know the targets exact location, but we dont know how powerful he is.

The team members dont dare to act rashly,” the chief of staff reported.

“Thats the right move.

If he can cause a beast tide, he must be very powerful.”

Lieutenant General Yu thought before asking, “Theyre still in the base.

How many of them are above the sixth rank”

“Other than the six generals and lieutenants at the front line, there are only 57 people above level 6 in the base.

There are only six people above level 7,” the chief of staff said after some thought.

Lieutenant General Yu touched his chin and ordered, “inform these people immediately and arrange for the fastest transport plane to take us to the designated coordinates.

“Sir, should we transfer some people from the front line” the chief of staff asked.

“Forget it,” he said.

Lieutenant General Yu shook his head.

“We cant transfer too many forces from the front line.

Besides, we dont have much time now, or I would ask the headquarters to send support directly.”

“Make the arrangements.”

Lieutenant General Yu stood up and stretched his muscles and bones.

“Its been a long time since Ive fought.

This man gives me a chance to release my power.”

The chief of staff was not worried at all, for Lieutenant General Yu was strong enough to make him feel at ease.

Lieutenant General Yus strength could be ranked among the top in the army since he was able to hold the fort in the southern wasteland, where a large number of monsters lived.

Moreover, there were also generals and great generals who held the fort in the central region.

“Yes, Ill make the arrangements right away!”

Soon, 57 senior military officers in military uniforms, with the lowest rank being lieutenant colonel, gathered together on the tarmac.

After Lieutenant General Yu walked out, they all saluted him.

“Weve found the bastard who caused the beast tide.

This time, I have sent out the strongest force in the base to stop the beast tide as soon as possible.

Even if its ten minutes or an hour, it will save our soldiers from dying!

“We still dont know how powerful that man is.

I hope you all will do your best and be ready to sacrifice your lives for the country and mankind at any time.

Do you understand ”

“Yes, sir!” all of them roared in unison.

“Board the plane!”

Lieutenant General Yu walked into the front and boarded the plane, and the remaining 57 officers also hopped on the other two.

Soon, with the sound of the propeller spinning at high speed, the three planes took off quickly and headed straight for their destination.

At the same time, Yan Wuyue and the others were still in the same spot.

“The headquarters wants us to monitor the targets area, and then…”

At this point, Red Foxs expression suddenly changed.

She raised her head and looked at Yan Wuyue with a shocked expression.

“Lieutenant General Yu will come with 57 Colonels.

Hell personally take action against that fellow.”

Lieutenant General Yu…

Yan Wuyue squinted her eyes after hearing the name, and she seemed a little surprised.

“You mean Lieutenant General Yu, Yu Zhongwei”

Red fox nodded.

“Lieutenant General Yu has been in charge of everything in the South Military District since five years ago, and he is basically our idol.”

[ Is Lieutenant General Yu a famous person in your world ] Zhou Mingrui also noticed that Yan Wuyues expression was a little off.

It was rare to see her with such an expression.

Yan Wuyue answered without thinking, ” [ Yu Zhongwei, the first leader of the human race.

He was the first legendary figure to reach stage eight after the great calamity.


[ Unfortunately, the leader of the monster seized the opportunity and joined up with over 10000 high-level monsters to attack him while he was patrolling a small city.

In the end, they fought five Level 8 monsters of other dimensions and died after killing four of them.


[ Hes the first and only person Ive admired since I joined the army.


After hearing that, Zhou Mingrui sighed and said, [Hes really a hero.

No wonder your expression changed when you heard that he was coming.


[ Is it obvious ] Yan Wuyue was a little surprised.

[ Is that even a question I could tell right away! ] Zhou Mingrui was speechless.

[ Whatever, hes my idol after all, hahaha.] Yan Wuyue was delighted.

Zhou Mingrui was speechless, but he couldnt be bothered to say anything.

However, he really wanted to see what was so special about this man Yan Wuyue admired.

About ten minutes later, Zhou Mingrui suddenly looked behind him because he sensed a unique aura approaching.

“Are they here” Yan Wuyue noticed Zhou Mingruis movements and asked.

Zhou Mingrui nodded.

Less than three minutes later, a yellow transport vehicle arrived.

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