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Another Beast Tide

The great spear in his hand began to emit a low sound, indicating it was fully charged with a red light.

Biochemistry Upgrade

After the skill was activated, the four tentacles suddenly deviated from the guns body and directly stabbed into the ground.

The gun began to expand by two times as it received more energy, and the barrel became thicker.

The red beam of light also expanded in size in an instant, and at the same time, it carried a strong particle current.

This time, the ball of light that could still block the attack was instantly melted by the red light beam that had become even stronger.

Meanwhile, the figure of light had already disappeared without a trace.

“Want to run away, huh” Lieutenant General Yu snorted coldly.

“Dont worry, sir.

He wont be able to escape!” a major General also walked out and said in a clear voice.

He then looked at the huge butterfly with two pairs of wings that seemed to be made of crystal and said, “Track it!”

As the butterfly flapped its wings, crystal-like particles were emitted and continuously fused into the surrounding space.

Very quickly, a figure was locked onto a mountain peak not far away.

Just as everyone was about to give chase, the watches of all the generals present vibrated, and a message popped up.

“Damn it! The beast tide has already started the third wave of the general attack!” Red Fox cried out in alarm.

When Lieutenant General Yu learned of this, he immediately locked his gaze on the figure of lights hiding spot and ordered, “Lets go, everyone.

We must get rid of that guy as soon as possible.

I believe our defense line can hold on for enough time!

“Yes, sir!”

The generals heard the order and followed Lieutenant General Yu to the mountain.

“What do we do now” Yan Wuyue asked Red Fox.

“You want to go to the front line to fight the beast tide” Red Fox could read Yan Wuyues mind.

“Of course.

Were useless here now, and there is no monster here.

The most important thing is that now that theres a beast tide, so we might as well go to the front line to help them.”

Red Fox frowned and thought for a moment.

“Give me a minute.

Let me tell the captain.”

After saying that, she raised his watch and contacted Polar Bear, who then soon picked up.

“Captain, Lieutenant General Yu has led the other commanders to surround the target, and he asked us to defend the edge of the battlefield.”

“Leo Pard and I both think that we should immediately head to the front line to provide assistance so that we can make good use of our energy.”

All the soldiers in Southern Wasteland Military District knew how terrifying the beast tide was, so everyone wanted to work together to protect their land.

“We share the same idea,” Polar Bear replied.

“Many special forces are applying to go to the front line of the beast tide.

After all, Lieutenant General Yu and the other officers are here.”

“But we cant make any move before receiving any order from the headquarters.”

Red Fox also knew that she could not act without permission unless they were at war, so she could only say, “Ill wait for your orders then.”

Just as she hung up the phone, a loud roar suddenly came from the battle in the distance, and the ground under his feet began to shake violently.

The three of them looked up and saw a mountain peak beginning to collapse.

It was clear how intense the battle was.

When the entire mountain collapsed, a huge cocoon of light was revealed.

“That guy is the one controlling the beast tide!”

Seeing the countless rays of light on the cocoons of light extending into the ground, the faces of the generals turned ashen.

Countless of their comrades had sacrificed during the beast tide, and some of their dead bodies couldnt even be found.

How could they stay calm after finding the murderer

“Calm down.

We havent figured out who he is, so we cant act recklessly!” Lieutenant General Yu raised his hand to make the crowd calm down.

“Since hes using those threads to control the monsters, well cut them off!” He said after observing the situation.

“Sir, let me do it!” A colonel walked out, followed by a demon-type summoned spirit with curved goat horns and two sickles.


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