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The Power of Talent

“Thank you.

You too.”

With that, Yan Wuyue turned around and went to Zhou Mingruis side.

Looking at the soldiers and warriors who were ready for battle, Yan Wuyue turned to Zhou Mingrui and asked, “Tell me, how do you want to fight”

It had been a while since the two of them had encountered a situation where they had to work together.

The previous battles they had were either too easy to fight together or too difficult, so Zhou Mingrui needed to take over to let Yan Wuyue run away.

The time the two of them had truly cooperated and fought together was really too little.

Zhou Mingrui looked at the endless army of monsters, but his eyes did not reveal any fear.

“Ill attack, and you will take care of the rest,” Zhou Mingrui said.

Although these two words were strange, Yan Wuyue was sharp enough to understand the meaning right away.

“I understand what you mean, but why must I be the one to take care of the rest” Yan Wuyue couldnt understand his decision.

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows slightly.

He couldnt tell Yan Wuyue that the experience he gained from killing one monster was equivalent to the experience he gained from killing five monsters.

“Your level is still too low.

Right now, you need to level up as much as possible, or you will limit my moves,” Zhou Mingrui replied after some thought.

“I see.” Yan Wuyue could understand now, but she suddenly frowned and said, “Thats not right.

We didnt split up for a long time, so why is there such a big difference between our levels”

It was then that Yan Wuyue realized that she had barely reached rank 42 after all this training and adventuring.

Zhou Mingrui, on the other hand, had already reached rank 46.

What was going on

Thinking about this, Yan Wuyue felt that something was wrong.

She looked at the monster army that was still a distance away and asked, [ Whats going on with you You dont explain anything now, and what am I going to do if something happens]

At this moment, Zhou Mingrui knew that he could no longer hide it and had no choice but to reveal his passive skill.

[ What ]

Yan Wuyue was shocked.

With her experience, there were not many things that could make her lose her composure, but she was stunned!

[ Youre going to multiply my experience points by five ]

Yan Wuyue was speechless.

What kind of passive skill was this

It was hard to accept the truth.

She had worked so hard to obtain the experience, but Zhou Mingrui did not have to do anything to get five times the share.

Who would be able to feel at ease about this

However, she had to be happy for him.

After all, he was her summoned spirit, so the fact that he could level up fast was an advantage for her.

Zhou Mingrui had taken the initiative to help her solve her problems a few times, allowing her to make many arrangements in advance.

Therefore, she was not as displeased.

Seeing her reaction, Zhou Mingrui thought, “If I tell her that my attributes will increase by five times after I level up, maybe she will lose her mind.”

At this time, Yan Wuyue suddenly asked, [ If Im not wrong, is there another passive skill in your talent that can allow you to gain more attribute bonuses after leveling up ]

This was Yan Wuyue, who could sense everything.

Once she received some details, the whole picture was in her mind.

[ Thats right.

] Zhou Mingrui knew that he could no longer hide the truth, so he admitted to it.

After taking a deep breath, Yan Wuyue said, [ Ive always said that sometimes youre just a skeleton undead of the same level, not of any special race.

How can you always suppress others Something doesnt make sense here.]

[Now I understand, but dont worry.

I wont ask much about your passive talent.



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