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The War with the Beast Tide (2)

Even if these resurrected monsters had broken limbs, they could still stand by relying on their bones.

Even some of the destroyed monsters that were shattered by various skills would stick together with others in the same condition next to them and become new undead monsters.

At first, these monsters scared the soldiers and Summoners, but they finally relaxed after the officers announced through their watches that this reaction was caused by the skill of their teammate.

These undead monsters fought fiercely, and they didnt seem to be afraid of death as they clashed with the monsters that were charging at them.

Although their combat power was not as strong as when they were alive, they were able to drag other monsters and create opportunities for the soldiers and Summoners next to them.

This strategy immediately helped the humans hold the whip hand again.

The monsters that had occupied a part of the territory with their ferocity and numbers were immediately pushed back.

As Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue fought together, their experience points kept rising.

For Yan Wuyue, her speed of leveling up was beyond imagination, which was many times faster than in her previous life.

However, it was still not fast enough for Zhou Mingrui.

If it had been any other time, he would have accepted this speed.

Unfortunately, they were now facing an endless beast tide.

[ We have to kill higher-level monsters, or our leveling speed will be too slow! ] Zhou Mingrui said to Yan Wuyue.

[ Isnt that too dangerous Well deal with it like this first, and higher-level monsters will come up later, ] Yan Wuyue tried to persuade him.

However, Zhou Mingrui said as he fought, “No, the monsters are now facing the entire line of humans on the defensive line.

Furthermore, there are some higher-level Summoners behind us who are just holding back and not making a move.”

[ When higher-level monsters appear, those Summoners also attack.

At that time, well only be their support to fight against the high-level monsters.


[ We might not be able to see it now, but we wont be able to keep up with the beast tides attack soon.


Yan Wuyue instantly understood what Zhou Mingrui meant.

She asked in confusion, [ But we will face even more danger.

Once we start fighting in their territory, the situation will be more challenging for us.

Maybe they will sneak attacks and control the domain.


However, Zhou Mingrui smiled and answered, [ Nothing venture, nothing have.

Its better to accept this challenge now than to be too weak and killed by a monster later! ”

[ Alright, then well do as you say! ] Yan Wuyue analyzed the situation and chose to take the risk with Zhou Mingrui.

[ Dont worry.

If we really encounter an opponent that can threaten your life, Ill send you away as soon as possible, ] Zhou Mingrui said.

After all, if it wasnt for the fact that Yan Wuyue had to obtain the five times experience first, Zhou Mingrui would have fought against these monsters by himself.

After the two reached a mutual decision, Zhou Mingrui grabbed Yan Wuyues waist and jumped off the city wall without hesitation.

“What are Snow Leopard and her summoned spirit doing”

“They are going to charge into the beast tide directly Are they crazy! ”

A Captain in charge of the area immediately connected to Yan Wuyues watch with temporary combat access and then shouted, “Snow Leopard, what are you doing Come back right now!”

“Sir,” Yan Wuyue replied helplessly, “After my summoned spirit and I enter the beast tide, we can greatly increase our combat power and cause more damage to our enemies.”

“Dumba*s! You might be stronger, but how many monsters can you kill Can you kill them all, huh” the captain roared.

“Were not advanced Summoners, so we can only combine our powers to kill those we should kill.

You are digging your own grave now!”

“Come back now! We will come to pick you up right away.

Listen to me.

You are very talented, dont sacrifice yourself here!”

Yan Wuyue listened to these seemingly harsh but actually heartwarming words, but she had no choice.

“Im sorry, sir.

I cant go back.”

With that said, she cut off the communication and said to Zhou Mingrui, “Alright, theres no way back now.

If we dont kill enough monsters, we might even be stripped of our military status by the military court.

After Zhou Mingrui split apart a monsters defense, he snickered.

“The only solution is to kill them all, right”

Zhou Mingrui did not show any fear as he looked at the countless monsters in front of him that seemed to have no end in sight.

On the contrary, these monsters were all his experience points in his eyes!

“Go to hell!” Zhou Mingrui growled and charged into the monster tide ahead.

Meanwhile, Yan Wuyue had no choice but to follow.

One after another, the monstersdefenses were shattered by Zhou Mingrui, and he threw them to Yan Wuyue, who was behind him to end their lives.

If it had been someone else, they might have had to consider the consumption of energy and physical strength.

After all, these two were the key points to keep fighting while facing endless enemies around.

Zhou Mingrui was not lacking in physical strength at all, for an energy form would never feel tired.

As long as he had energy, he would never stop fighting.

In terms of energy, with Phantom Prison and his own powerful energy recovery, he would never run out of energy.

As for Yan Wuyue, she only needed to kill the monsters and assist him, so he didnt need to do the most physical and energy-consuming work, like breaking through and destroying defenses.

That was why she didnt consume much physical strength.

These two factors empowered them to jump into the beast tide.

After entering, they then defeated the monsters as quickly as possible.

At the same time, the majority of the monsters that died began to quickly get up again, their bodies burning with a faint phantom flame as they joined the battle.

They helped Zhou Mingrui get rid of the enemies that might come from his blind spots, allowing them to attack even faster.

From above, Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue were like the spearhead of a spear, forcefully carving a gap in the beast tide.

When Zhou Mingrui was more and more into this status, the level 4 monsters could not even resist a strike from his blade.

If Yan Wuyue hadnt needed to be the one ending their lives, he would have given all in and slashed them one by one.

This situation showed his advantages from his attributes without any other support.

After a while, Zhou Mingrui finally heard the sound of him leveling up.

At that moment, he had already reached level 47.

After he leveled up, his strength became even more powerful.

Moreover, Zhou Mingrui also felt a surge of energy gradually awakening in his body.

He was three levels away from level 50, which could allow him to activate a new skill.

Till then, even killing a level 5 monster would be like a walk in the park for him.

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