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Fighting a Level 5 Monster

It was only then that Zhou Mingrui realized that his talent was not unstoppable and undefeatable.

Although he could gain five times more experience than Yan Wuyue, it was based on the experience that she had gained.

The experience gained from training and killing monsters in this world would actually change according to ones body.

For example, Yan Wuyue, who was at level 30, would get ten experience points after killing a level 3 monster.

Meanwhile, Zhou Mingrui would get 50 experience points.

However, the current Yan Wuyue did not even get any experience points after killing level 30 monsters, which meant Zhou Mingrui would gain nothing even if multiplied by ten.

However, this was already good enough.

If Zhou Mingrui were to kill a level 3 monster, he might not even get 0.1 experience points.

However, Yan Wuyue had also reached level 43.

They had jumped down for a short time, and she had already leveled up.

Yan Wuyue was amazed at the process.

Furthermore, as Zhou Mingrui went deeper and deeper into the beast tide, he could no longer see any level 3 monsters.

The most basic of them were level 4, and he could even see some level 5 ones.

Zhou Mingrui naturally would not advance rashly.

He slowed down his pace, for he knew that he shouldnt bite off more than he could chew.

Zhou Mingrui had learned a lot about all kinds of level 4 monsters, and he also learned how to kill some particular ones with Yan Wuyues guidance.

Whoo! A huge spiked club whistled through the air as a strong gust of wind blew directly onto Zhou Mingruis face.

Zhou Mingrui did not show the slightest fear as he looked at the spiked club that was taller than him.

Instead, he rushed forward with Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hands.

Both sides weapons collided in mid-air, instantly producing a deafening sound.

The two surrounding level 4 monsters accidentally brushed against the edge of their weapons, which instantly heavily injured them.

Despite the clash of strength, Zhou Mingrui and the level 5 monster did not move, which proved that there was not much of a difference between their strength.

Seeing this, Yan Wuyue was a little surprised.

This five-meter-tall strong humanoid one-eyed beast was a level 5 monster, which was even one of the strongest ones of its kind.

“How much has this guys strength grown”

In fact, Yan Wuyue could also sense that her various attributes had been enhanced by the talent of summoned spirit sharing without seeing this scene.

However, seeing a level 4 summoned spirit fight a level 5 advanced monster head-on was more than shocking for her.


Finally, he encountered a monster that could match him.

Zhou Mingruis desire to fight immediately surged, slashing out once more with all his might.

The one-eyed monster was infuriated as well, for it hadnt expected to have a human daring to fight it head-on with its strength.

It also raised its spiked club and smashed it at Zhou Mingrui.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The sounds of collision rang out continuously around.

Under the collision of tyrannical forces, a strong air current was even formed and blown to the side.

All of the level 4 monsters immediately dodged to the side because they would all be smashed to pieces no matter what kind of weapons they held.

However, Yan Wuyue was speechless, for Zhou Mingrui and the one-eyed monsters battle stopped her from gaining points by killing monsters.

Yan Wuyue sighed with a helpless face as she watched Zhou Mingrui fight joyfully, and she looked at the level 4 monsters that were hiding nearby.

After thinking for a while, she still raised her spear and rushed over.

If Zhou Mingrui couldnt help her, she could only rely on herself.

Although she wasnt as fast as Zhou Mingrui helping her break through the enemys defenses, she still managed to kill the monsters at an average speed.


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