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Two-on-one Fight

The one-eyed monster didnt know how to react to this set of moves for a while.

It wanted to throw its legs, and a sharp pain came from its joints.

It then tried to counterattack, but the agony from its crotch stopped him from moving.

Just as it was about to aim the laser at Zhou Mingrui, it realized that its enemys weapon was already aimed at his eyes.

No matter how strong its physical defense was, its eyes were still somewhat delicate.

As for whether the laser would melt Nether Flame Bone Blade first or his eyeball would be pierced by the weapon, the one-eyed monster knew itd better not take the risk.

It had no choice but to retract the laser beams from its eyes and clench its fists before throwing them at Zhou Mingrui.

The powerful force propelled the two air currents to strike Zhou Mingruis face.

If the two of them kept carrying on, they would both get injured.

Zhou Mingrui didnt want to see this happen, so he immediately retreated after pausing for a moment.

At the same time, he spat out a stream of flames from his Dark Flame Nether Flame Bone Blade onto the one-eyed monsters head.

The one-eyed monster howled madly when its eye was burned by the flames.

If it only burned its skin, the flames would not cause any pain, but its eye was its Achilles heel.

After noticing the monsters attack didnt work, Zhou Mingrui took the opportunity to activate [ Phantom Riot ].

Meanwhile, his bodys energy burst forth as his attributes soared rapidly.

Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand was even more ferocious than before, and it slashed at the one-eyed monsters neck within a second.

The one-eyed monster could have taken this attack, but the flames had burned its eye.

It couldnt react in time, so Zhou Mingruis Nether Flame Bone Blade slashed through its skins defense.

However, with the one-eyed monsters powerful body, even with Zhou Mingruis forceful strike, he was unable to completely split open the muscles on its neck.

He was unable to directly end its life.

It wasnt that Zhou Mingrui didnt want to strike at the one-eyed monsters weak point, its eye, but the monster had already closed its eyelids completely.

At the same time, one of its most defensive parts, its arms, firmly blocked in front of its eyes.

Like this, no matter how many times he slashed, it would be impossible to break through the monsters defense and hurt its eyes.

Zhou Mingrui hated dealing with this kind of defense the most.

If he could not completely suppress his enemy in terms of attributes, he would have to spend a long time whittling down its defense.

Hence, Zhou Mingrui had no choice but to withdraw his serene flame Nether Flame Bone Blade and slash out with all his might.

This time, the one-eyed monster had learned its lesson, so it blocked Zhou Mingruis attack with an arm.

With Phantom Riot, Zhou Mingruis anger rose.

Since he could not kill it with a single blow, he could only fight it head-on.

As Zhou Mingrui began to hack down like a storm and constantly empowered the blade of his Nether Flame Bone Blade with the phantom energy from its body, he slashed at the one-eyed monster again and again.

The battle between the two sides was getting more and more brutal, and the one-eyed monsters brutality was also triggered by the constant attacks.

Meanwhile, the level 4 monsters around the battlefield were all avoiding them.

However, the battle between the two sides was getting more and more intense, and they both moved faster and faster.

Moreover, they were surrounded by the beast tide, so there was no way for the monsters to avoid being caught up in the crossfire.

Yan Wuyue, on the other hand, noticed this and specifically targeted the monsters affected by the battle between the two.

The monsters that were affected were basically all at level 4.

They were at least slightly injured, and many of them were even seriously injured.

This situation greatly pushed Yan Wuyues killing efficiency, and Zhou Mingrui also realized that his experience was also increasing.

After all, with Phantom Prisons domain skill on him, Zhou Mingrui had the upper hand in terms of energy and stamina.

He was not afraid of continuing to waste his energy.

Finally, the one-eyed monster also realized that the situation was not right.

However, it was too late for it to do anything.

Zhou Mingrui had gained the upper hand.

How could he allow the one-eyed monster to take it back His attacks became even more aggressive.

At this moment, they suddenly heard a roar, and a monster that looked like a Stegosaurus appeared.

Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue noticed it immediately.

On the other hand, the Stegosauruss first reaction upon seeing this was to charge at Zhou Mingrui.

As it rushed, the sharp diamond-shaped blades of its back began to glow red.

The next moment, they condensed in front of it and wrapped its body.

Zhou Mingrui felt as though he saw a gigantic fireball hurtling toward him like a meteorite from outer space.

The surrounding temperature began to rise rapidly, and the surrounding level 4 monsters also ran away in fear.

However, there were still a few that were turned into large burning fireballs.

[ Zhou Mingrui! ] Yan Wuyue reminded him loudly.

Zhou Mingrui laughed and said, ” “Stress always motivates me!”

Without any other choice, Zhou Mingrui slashed the one-eyed monster apart with his Nether Flame Bone Blade, turned around, and used all his strength to slash at the Stegosaurus that was charging at him.

Zhou Mingrui was as small as a mantis, and the Stegosaurus was like a tiger in front of him.

However, when the force hit, the mighty Stegosaurus suddenly stopped.

The ground in front of Stegosaurus immediately cracked from the powerful impact, and large pieces of rock were instantly sent flying into the air.

Zhou Mingrui was suffering as well, being sent flying into the air and only falling after flying more than ten meters.

In the end, it crashed into the arms of a level 4 monster before it completely stopped.

The chest of the type 4 monster caved in from the impact, and the force from Zhou Mingruis body crushed its organs.

Stretching his neck, Zhou Mingrui raised his hand and beckoned.

Nether Flame Bone Blade, which had fallen not far away, immediately flew back into his hand.

He raised his head to look at the surrounding level 4 monsters, and they immediately retreated in fear.

After all, Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue had killed nearly seven hundred level 4 monsters, so they were all as afraid as rabbits.

A sudden roar was heard.

The enraged Stegosaurus and one-eyed monster had come together this time.

However, their ferocious auras did not scare Zhou Mingrui.

[ Soul Attachment ]

[ Summon ]

The goblin king was summoned once again.

After possessing the body, Zhou Mingruis body was instantly engulfed in translucent phantom flames.

However, compared to before, mysterious grayish-white runes appeared on his skin.

With a clench of his fist, the enlarged soul bone Dark Flame Nether Flame Bone Blade appeared in his hand.

Looking at the one-eyed monster and the Stegosaurus that were still charging at him, Zhou Mingrui put on a faint smile.

The energy in his body surged again, and the mysterious grayish-white runes on his body lit up.

A massive amount of energy gathered into Nether Flame Bone Blade.

Zhou Mingrui raised his hands high, and an even larger blade of energy condensed on the surface.

After he waved his hands, a huge energy blade that was over ten meters long fell at the same time.

It was also at this moment that the fluctuations within the energy blade completely erupted.

At this moment, the one-eyed monster and the Stegosauruss eyes were filled with fear, but it was too late.

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