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The Situation of the Beast Tide

The level 5 monsters were bewildered when they saw their companion suddenly being sucked into the alternate space and turned into a corpse.

Zhou Mingrui looked at them as if they were experience points, which made him thrilled.

However, Zhou Mingrui did not want to act recklessly.

Instead, he raised his hand and began to cast the skill, [ Summoning of the Dead ].

The corpses of the one-eyed monster and the Stegosaurus began to burn with blue flames.

The next second, they slowly stood up as other monsters looked at them with confused looks.

“As expected, the energy required to summon these monsters is way more with every increase in level.”

Feeling the energy being drained from his body, Zhou Mingrui could roughly determine how much energy was needed to summon a level 5 undead servant.

Soon, the corpses of the one-eyed monster and Stegosaurus stood up wobbly.

The flesh on their bodies had basically all fallen off, and most of their internal organs had been corroded by the phantom energy, leaving only bare skeletons.

As the phantom flame was ignited, it emitted a spooky and mysterious aura.

Two newly summoned level 5 undead servants came to Zhou Mingruis side.

Although they were only at level 5, they could still help Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui to withstand the attacks of monsters from the same level.

If Zhou Mingrui wanted, he could use a large amount of phantom energy to turn these two monsters into a complete entity like the goblin king.

However, that wasnt necessary because they would just be two ordinary undead level 5 monsters even if the process was complete.

On the other hand, the goblin king was level 55, a gold-leveled undead servant from an alternate space, so their strengths were vastly different.

This was also the reason why Zhou Mingrui could easily defeat the two of them after activating Soul Attachment.

Looking at the increasing number of level 5 monsters around them, Yan Wuyue frowned.

“Dont look anymore, or it will be too much to handle for you later.”

Zhou Mingrui was in Soul Attachment, so he was unable to speak.

All he could do was chuckle with a voice transmission, [ How is that possible These monsters are just a bunch of losers! ]

This time, Zhou Mingrui did not even use Samsara Territory.

Instead, he charged at the level 5 monsters with the two skills, [ Phantom Prison] and [ Phantom Riot], stacked together.

After all, Samsara Territory took a large amount of energy from him, and he had just used an energy-consuming skill, so he had not fully recovered yet.

With the help of the one-eyed monster and the Stegosaurus, Zhou Mingrui did not have to face multiple level-5 monsters at the same time.

Therefore, the pressure on him was very little.

Moreover, Zhou Mingruis own extraordinary strength made it easy for him to deal with these level-5 monsters.

In fact, after finding their weaknesses, it did not take long for him to injure them.

In the beginning, Zhou Mingrui could only keep attacking them.

However, as time passed, Zhou Mingrui became more and more familiar with the movements and attack patterns of these level 5 monsters, so his battle efficiency also increased.

At the same time, after Yan Wuyue killed them, Zhou Mingrui could also use the summon of the dead to wake up these dead level 5 monsters, who then served as cannon fodders to fight against those who intended to sneak attacks.

Just like that, Zhou Mingrui managed to control these level 5 monsters, which left the military officers at the defensive line dumbfounded.

“If Im not mistaken, Snow Leopard has only just reached level 4, right How did she manage to move so freely in the level 5 beast tide”

For these Summoners, the summoned spirit was part of them and even weapons.

They were seen as one.

“An ordinary person would be drained out, so her summoned spirits strength should be a group-combating type.

Thats how she can still maintain this state.”

“Her current combat power has been raised to 1300, and her group combat ability has also been raised to the upper level of class C.

Her score is still rising.”

“No wonder we couldnt talk her out of it earlier.

Thats how she is confident enough to enter the beast tide.”

“She can deal with level 5 monsters, but what about a level 6”

“Ive already reported this to the command center.

If necessary, the colonel and the generals will save her.

Such a talent cant be sacrificed in the beast tide!”

Just as the lieutenants were discussing Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingruis combat power, the figure of light in the sky was being restrained by Lieutenant General Yu and his men.

Looking at the defensive line on the ground that had maintained the situation, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Being able to resist at the moment meant that they still had a trump card to use.

If there were any sudden changes in the beast tide, they would have no other way.

“Hmm, someone is fighting against a group of level 5 monsters with her summoned spirit now”

At this moment, a message popped up on the watches of all the generals and colonels.

They were all shocked after reading the content.

Everyone immediately turned their gazes in the direction their watches were pointing at.

Sure enough, they saw a very eye-catching human and a summoned spirit constantly clashing with the level 5 monsters.

“Good, I didnt expect to see such a talent in this beast tide!” Lieutenant General Yu was overjoyed.

It was extremely difficult to even have a talent like Yan Wuyue in the army.

“No, we cant let such a talent be wasted here, Chen!” Lieutenant General Yu locked his gaze on the figure of light opposite him as he ordered through his watch.

“Sir!” a major general immediately responded.

“Take two people with you and keep an eye on Snow Leopard.

Dont make a move yet.

Lets see how far she can go, but you must rescue her immediately if shes in danger.

Do you understand” Lieutenant General Yu ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Major General Chen didnt waste any time and immediately responded.

Lieutenant General Yu did not say anything else after receiving the response.

Instead, he and his subordinates looked at the figure of light opposite them.

They were in a stalemate at the moment, but they were also locked on to the terrifying enemy waiting in the dark behind the beast tide.

The information sent back by the command centers ace scout was that the highest level of the beast tide was only at 7.

In other words, this figure of light could only control monsters below or at level 7

However, they werent sure whether it was because of the number of monsters he had controlled or merely his ability that stopped him from reaching a higher level.

On the other hand, the monsters that were above level 7 did not want to be left out.

They were all spying from a distance away from the beast tide and the line of defense.

It seemed that as long as the beast tide broke through the human defense line or there were casualties on the human side, they would immediately pounce and launch a general attack on the humans.

They couldnt make a move at the moment because they would all push the others to attack together if they did so.

Till then, the defensive line wouldnt be able to withstand it.

Monsters that reached level 7 and above were basically as intelligent as humans, and they clearly knew what their real goal was.

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