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Scam Plan

“Ive only taken a glance at the things inside, but I can tell you that theyre definitely beyond your expectations!”

“I dont think I can keep all these things, so Ive decided to auction this ring at the auction house!”

“I will put back the three items that I took out just now!”

“Dont worry everyone.

I wont tell anyone whats inside, nor let anyone related to me participate in the auction.”

“Everyone can compete fairly for this ring!”

Zhou Mingrui finished explaining his plan in one breath.

The people around him were stunned for a few seconds before they burst into an uproar again.

Up until now, no one would send a cracked ring to the auction.

At most, they would sell it on the spot.

However, the three good items that Zhou Mingrui had taken out previously already had a total value of more than 20000 dollars.

If the three items that he had casually taken out were already worth that much, what about the rest

In addition to what Zhou Mingrui had just said, the people around them immediately began to fill in their own imaginations.

A moment later, the staff of the VIP auction area rushed over.

According to their actuarys calculations, the ring was worth at least 50000 dollars.

It was definitely qualified to be auctioned in the VIP auction house.

The staff of the VIP auction area came to Zhou Mingrui and respectfully said, “Sir, please follow me to the VIP room.”

“Lets go.”

Then, Zhou Mingrui brought Yan Wuyue back to the VIP auction area.

In the VIP room, a man in a suit with slicked-back hair and dressed in formal attire said to Zhou Mingrui, “Hello, Mr.


Since youve taken the initiative to sell the ring to our auction house, well also give you a discount.”

“Normally, our commission rate is 12% to 15%, but your situation is a bit special.

We can give you 10%.”

Zhou Mingrui immediately shook his head when he heard that.

“10% is too high.

You have to know that the lowest value of my ring exceeds 20000 dollars.

According to the base price you set for the auction, it should be at least 30000 dollars.”

“Then how much do you think is appropriate” The manager of the auction house nodded.

“8%.” Zhou Mingrui immediately stated his price.

It wasnt that he didnt want to place a lower bid, but the Starry Sky Auction Houses reputation was simply too great.

It wasnt like those small auction houses that needed such an item.

If the commission rate was too low, the Starry Sky Auction House would definitely reject the auction, and there would be no need to bid.

There was still a huge difference in strength between a small auction house and the Starry Sky Auction House.

“Alright, Ill make the decision this time.

Ill take 8% of the profits!” The person in charge is also decisive, so he immediately agreed.

After the person-in-charge led the two out of the room, Yan Wuyue immediately brought Zhou Mingrui to an empty corner.

“What, are you trying to take advantage of me by dragging me to this corner” Zhou Mingrui joked.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Who wants to take advantage of you!” Yan Wuyue suddenly said.

“Are you going to ask me why Im auctioning the ring” Zhou Mingrui laughed as he leaned against the wall.

“Thats right.

Although I know you must have your reasons for doing this, I still want to know why.

Yan Wuyue said, staring at Zhou Mingrui.

“There are indeed good things in the ring.

The three items I took out can be said to be the more ordinary ones.” Zhou Mingrui said in a low voice.

“What!” Yan Wuyue was shocked.

She already knew the value of the three items that Zhou Mingrui had taken out from the ring.

She never expected them to be the ordinary items in the ring.

“But no matter how good it is, its still in the ring.

You never took it out.” Yan Wuyue reacted and asked doubtfully.

Zhou Mingrui did not answer.

Instead, he smiled mysteriously and suddenly raised his hand before clenching it into a fist.

Under Yan Wuyues confused gaze, he blew at his fist.

“Guess whats inside” Zhou Mingrui said mysteriously.

“Do you really think Im a little girl Youre trying to trick me like youre tricking a little girl.

Do you have those magic tools” Yan Wuyue said helplessly.

“Hey, your guess is pretty accurate.”

Zhou Mingrui laughed out loud and opened his palm.

A light pink magic crystal lay in his palm.

“This, this is a B-grade magic crystal!” Yan Wuyue said in surprise when she saw the magic crystal in the other partys palm.

After a few seconds, Yan Wuyue suddenly came back to her senses and asked, “How did you transfer them out without anyone knowing”

“Also, you dont have any storage space on you.

Where did you take it out from, and how did you put it back” Yan Wuyue immediately asked her question.

Zhou Mingruis fingers clenched into fists again.

However, in the blink of an eye, the magic crystal in his hand had completely disappeared.

“Its because Ive awakened a skill that allows me to create a dimensional space within my body, allowing me to access and store things that I can touch at any time.” Zhou Mingrui explained.

Hearing this, Yan Wuyue was stunned for two seconds.

“What, isnt it amazing” Zhou Mingrui said proudly.

Yan Wuyue nodded.

“Its more than just amazing.

Its simply magical.

This is the first time Ive encountered a summoned spirit thats not of the space element but can awaken this kind of space ability.”

“If you use this ability well, it can be the key to victory in many cases.

Its a very powerful skill!”

Zhou Mingrui stroked his chin and said, “I dont care what itll be of use in the future, but its very useful to me now.”

Hearing this, Yan Wuyue suddenly lowered her voice and said, “I smell a conspiracy.

Youre not trying to use this skill and ring to trick people, are you”

However, Zhou Mingrui shook his head and said, “Youre wrong.

Ive never said how precious the item in the ring is.

I only said that it will exceed their expectations.

The two of us will not be participating in the auction.”

Yan Wuyue could not help but laugh when she saw Zhou Mingruis gentlemanly expression.

“And you still want me to find someone who can enter the auction to help you raise the price.” Yan Wuyue cast a sidelong glance at Zhou Mingrui.

However, Zhou Mingrui did not seem to mind and said.

“Do you think theres anything wrong with what Im going to do”

Yan Wuyue shook her head helplessly and said, “Im not going to comment on this.

Its not my plan anyway.

As long as you have fun.”

“But dont be too ruthless when you cheat people.

Otherwise, when people find out that the ring is full of cheap goods, they might hate you.”

Upon hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingruis face relaxed.

“Dont worry.

There wont be any major problems with my plan.”

“You just need to sit and watch the show.”

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