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The Price Soared

“Although the Yan family is a big clan, there are a few people here who are not weaker than the Yan family at all.

There are even a few people that the Yan family cant afford to offend.” Yan Wuyue reminded him.

Zhou Mingrui didnt speak directly.

Instead, he stared at Yan Wuyues face for a long time before he said with a suspicious look, “Now Im a little suspicious of whether youre a reincarnated person.”

“What do you mean” Yan Wuyue asked with a frown.

Zhou Mingrui immediately retorted, “Didnt you say that youll be the Goddess of Redemption for humanity in the future Why are you starting to worry and fear now Have you lost all your confidence as an expert”

Hearing this, Yan Wuyue held her breath.

After about two seconds, she said angrily, “Im just concerned about you.

How can you say such things”

“If Im really afraid of them, why would I agree to your plan”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui could only shrug helplessly and say, “So thats how it is.

Alright, Ill apologize to you.

Im sorry.”

“Hmph!” Yan Wuyue snorted heavily and turned to look at the auction stage without saying anything.

Zhou Mingrui had no choice but to turn his head to look at the auction stage.

The price had already been raised to 163,000 dollars, and there were at least four people still bidding against each other.

It was entirely possible to raise the price to 170,000 dollars.

At this moment, the door of the auction house was suddenly pushed open.

Then, a group of Zhao family members rushed in, led by Zhao Ruian.

They came to the second row aggressively and rudely drove away the seven people sitting there.

Their method was rough but convincing since they used money!

There was no dissatisfaction on the faces of the people who left.

On the contrary, they all left with smiles.

“Those are the clan elders of the Zhao family!” At this moment, Yan Wuyue suddenly said with a serious face, “What are they doing here”

“Do you even need to ask They must have taken a fancy to my ring.

But Im also curious why they would take a fancy to this ring.” Zhou Mingrui said.

“Ruian, I didnt expect to see this ring here.

If you didnt inform us, we might have missed this opportunity.”

Beside Zhao Ruian, an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion was staring at the ring in the glass box.

“The clan leader is already counting the clans assets.

This time, we have to get this ring no matter what.” Another clan elder said in a serious tone.

“Third Great Uncle,” Zhao Ruian said, puzzled.

“This is just a ring that has been completely cracked.

Although its valuable, it shouldnt be to this extent, right”

The oldest of them all, an old man who had been keeping his eyes closed the entire time, suddenly spoke, “Xiao An, youre still young, so you dont know.

That was a fortune-tellers instruction to our family before you were born.”

“I wont go into the details.

All the instructions have been fulfilled, and the last instruction is about this ring.”

Zhao Ruian was even more confused, “There were so many rings in the selling area.

How could you be so sure that it was this skull ring”

The clan elder said to himself, “When we first arrived, we were still a little suspicious.

But now, whether its thethree stars surrounding the moon, empty souls, or evenboundless starlight, the three conditions have all been fulfilled.”

“The fortune-teller said that the prosperity and decline of our clan will depend on this ring, but he didnt say much.

No matter what, we must control it in our own hands and not let anyone else take it!”

The clan elders words were firm, and Zhao Ruian did not dare to ask any more questions.

He could only sit quietly at the side.

“200,000 dollars!”

At this time, the price had reached 200,000 dollars.

No one bid any higher because it was very obvious that the price was approaching the peak of the rings price.

No one was a fool, and no one would be so silly to make a move.

However, they didnt know that a group of people who would bid higher had already arrived at the auction house.

“210,000 dollars!”

The Zhao familys clan elder raised his hand and bid, instantly attracting the gazes of the surrounding people.

As the leading figure of the big clan in the city, many people naturally knew the clan elders of the Zhao family.

They were also a little surprised that they were suddenly involved.

“210,000 dollars going once!”

The auctioneer was finally able to start calling out the number of times.

He didnt even have the chance to do so before.

Many of the people present frowned slightly.

After all, 170,000 dollars was just what they wanted.

It was not worth it to bid more, but it would be a pity to have less.

“Clan Elder, dont worry.

It looks like no one will compete with us.

We can definitely get the ring at the expected price.”

Zhao Ruian, who was at the side, wanted to show off in front of the clan elders, so he started to show off anxiously.

“Hmm.” The clan elder at the side only gave a faint “hmm” and did not comment.

However, the faint smile on his face showed his mood.

“210,000 dollars going twice!”

“Is there anyone else who wants to bid This is a completely unsealed ring.

If youre lucky enough to get something thats worth millions, dont even mention winning back your money, you can even get ten times the profit!”

The auctioneer began to stir up the atmosphere, hoping that more people would compete for it so that the commission would be higher!

“I dont like this guy.” The Grand Clan Elder with his eyes closed said coldly.

“Dont worry, Grand Clan Elder.

After the auction is over, Ill let him know what he should and shouldnt say.” Zhao Ruian said immediately.

“Hmm, not bad.” The Grand Clan Elder nodded in satisfaction.

“250,000 dollars!”

Just as the auctioneer was about to strike the gavel for the third time, a clear sound suddenly stopped the gavel from falling.

The clan elders of the Zhao family immediately looked toward the source of the voice.

A beautiful woman in a white suit with gold edges and a pair of gold-rimmed yellow glasses walked in.

“The Qin family!”

When the Grand Clan Elder opened his eyes again and saw the young person, his droopy face twitched a few times.

“Qin Fenghua of the Qin family!” Zhao Ruian was shocked too.

This was the Qin family that could compete with the mayors family.

“I dont care.

Ill fight with all my strength!” The Grand Clan Elder ordered without hesitation.

“285,000 dollars!” The other clan elder did not hesitate and immediately made a bid.

“259,000 dollars.” Qin Yuying came to the front row, and two people immediately made way for her.

After taking her seat, Qin Yuying took a sip of the fruit juice handed to her by the waiter, completely ignoring the gloomy eyes of the Zhao family elder behind her.

“Not bad, appearing at a critical moment.

You were the one who find them” Zhou Mingrui turned to look at Yan Wuyue.

“Im just asking her for a favor.

Its nothing.” Yan Wuyue said calmly.

“Looking at the behavior of the people around her, she seems to have a powerful background.” Zhou Mingrui said with interest.

“Yes, the Qin family is one of the top three families in the city.

Yan Wuyue looked at Qin Yuying, who was winking at her and replied.

“Qin family They are ranked top three in the city.

No wonder theyre so confident!” Zhou Mingrui could not help but praise.

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