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Fierce Bidding

“A hundred thousand is hard for people like us, but its not a lot for a person who is doted on by her parents and four brothers like a princess.”

“After all, we have to be prepared for the situation where others are suddenly afraid of bidding higher, and we end up buying it ourselves in the end.

If you dont have the strength, you wouldnt be able to handle this, right” Yan Wuyue turned to look at Zhou Mingrui.

“Well, Im not familiar with this place, so I can only rely on you to find someone like that.” Zhou Mingrui could only play dumb.

“I dont blame you.

After all, this is just a favor to me.

Its not a big problem.” Yan Wuyue turned her head and looked at the stage again, but her expression was a little strange.

Zhou Mingrui could only look at the competition helplessly upon seeing Yan Wuyue had no interest in talking.

“300,000 dollars!”

The Zhao familys Grand Clan Elder was expressionless, but his squinted eyes opened a little, inadvertently revealing a bright light.

“How did the Qin family get involved” Zhao Ruian frowned.

The Grand Clan Elder didnt know why Qin Yuying wanted to vie, but he was sure that the Qin family had an intention to get involved.

“If the girl wants it for herself, then we can have a good talk.

If she also knows the content, then things will become very troublesome.” The clan elder at the side muttered.

“Ill go and talk to her.

What do you think, Grand Clan Elder” Zhao Ruian immediately stood up and volunteered to ask.

“Go, try to negotiate as much as you can.” The Grand Clan Elder said, nodding.

Zhao Ruian quickly came behind Qin Yuying and heard her bid for 330,000 dollars.

His face twitched a few times.

“Miss Qin, can we have a talk” Zhao Ruian tried his best to use a gentle tone.

“330,000 dollars going once!” The auctioneer also saw Zhao Ruian in the audience.

He knew that the two families might have to compromise, so he spoke slowly.

“Talk about what” Qin Yuying asked without looking back.

“Theres no need for us to fight over it.

Miss Qin, if youre willing to let us have this ring, were willing to give you a generous gift afterward.” Zhao Ruian said carefully.

“Oh, but I quite like this ring.

Look at how unique it is, dont you think” Qin Yuying joked.

She raised her hand and said, “360,000 dollars!”

Sensing the questioning gaze of the Grand Clan Elder, Zhao Ruian quickly added, “Miss Qin, as long as youre willing to part with the treasure, were willing to give you 88000 dollars and a generous gift.”

“Youre so sincere!” Qin Yuying turned around and said playfully.

“Thats right, thats right.

As long as you agree, Ill give it to you with both hands once we leave the auction house.” Zhao Ruian quickly said.

“Then I really have to think about it, hmm.” Qin Yuying tilted her head and pondered.

At this moment, the clan elder from the Zhao family raised his hand and bid, “400,000!”

Zhao Ruians heart was suddenly filled with anticipation and apprehension.

He stared straight at Qin Yuying but quickly looked away in the next second, afraid of offending her.

“Ive thought about it, and I still think that ring is cuter!” Qin Yuying stuck out her tongue, then turned around and raised her hand to bid.


“This…” Zhao Ruian was stunned.

He didnt think he had done anything wrong.

His attitude was sincere enough, and the gift was sufficient.

He didnt put on any airs at all, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with his tone.

“You, go back and tell your clan elders that I have taken a fancy to this ring.

If you have the ability, come and fight for it.”

Qin Yuying turned around again and made a face at Zhao Ruian.

Zhao Ruian finally understood that the woman in front of him was toying with him.

Veins popped out on his forehead, but when he thought about the other partys background, Zhao Ruian could only grit his teeth and leave.

Zhou Mingrui, who was watching the entire scene from above, found it interesting.

“That girl called Qin Yuying is quite interesting.” Zhou Mingrui laughed.

“If she was your enemy, would you still find it interesting” Yan Wuyue said indifferently.

“Why have you been so sarcastic since just now” Zhou Mingrui is a little upset.

He didnt offend her, so why was she giving him that stinky face

“Really I think its normal.

When Yan Wuyue saw Zhou Mingruis expression, she immediately burst out laughing.

“One moment, youre pulling a long face.

The next moment, youre smiling.

I give up.” Zhou Mingrui couldnt understand this woman anymore.

Shes like the weather in summer, changing at will.

At this moment, below.

“Im sorry, clan elders, I failed.

She doesnt have any intention of negotiating.”

When he returned to his seat, Zhao Ruian did not quibble.

Instead, he admitted his defeat and described the situation in one sentence.

“Hmm, I know.

You did well this time.”

The Grand Clan Elder had no intention of blaming Zhao Ruian.

On the contrary, he was very satisfied with his performance, which made Zhao Ruian heave a sigh of relief.

“441,000 dollars!” The clan elder raised his hand again.

“450,000 dollars.” Qin Yuying didnt even wait for the auctioneer to speak and raised her hand to bid.

This time, the Zhao family was silent.

150,000 dollars was already the maximum amount of cash they had on hand.

“450,000 dollars going once!”

The auctioneer looked at the expressions of the Zhao family and knew that they needed his help, so he loudly said.

“Grand Clan Elder, why dont we just forget about it I really think that its too unreasonable for a ring to decide the fate of the clan!” Zhao Ruians heart trembled when he heard 450,000 dollars.

This was one of the familys pillar businesses, almost all of its cash flow.

The Grand Clan Elder did not look at Zhao Ruian.

After a moment of silence, he said, “500,000!”


All the onlookers were shocked by the amount of money.

500,000 dollars.

Everyone present was either rich or powerful, but not to mention 500,000, the number of people who could take out 100,000 to buy things could be counted with one hand.

“A ring for 550,000, the Qin family wouldnt let her do this.

I think theres something fishy about this!” Zhao Ruian growled.

“Shut up and watch quietly!” The clan elder beside Zhao Ruian shouted.

Zhao Ruian felt like he was about to faint from anger.

He really did not know why his clan would spend so much money on this stupid ring!

Qin Yuying didnt bid immediately.

Although she was the beloved daughter of the Qin family, she couldnt just hand over 200,000 dollars.

If it wasnt for her status as the Qin familys young miss, the Starry Sky Auction House would probably have investigated her assets.

Those who were watching the show knew that the climax was coming.

Now, it was a test of who was stronger in both strength and mentality.

“500,000 going once!” The auctioneer reminded Qin Yuying after seeing her staying silent.

“500,000 going twice!”

“500,000, going thrice-”

“520,000 dollars!” Qin Yuying suddenly spoke, and her words silenced the entire auction hall, followed by a burst of noise and whispers.

520,000 was already the amount that many families would only have after selling all their businesses.

But now, someone was using it to buy a ring

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