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Not Enough Cash Use Items to Pay For It


Some of the people present didnt even have that much in their entire net worth.

The members of the Zhao family fell silent when they heard the number.

They were also shocked by the number.

Zhao Ruian couldnt take it anymore.

He grabbed the clan elders arm and said, “Clan Elder, 520,000 is not a small amount.

I really dont think theres a need to pay such a huge price for that ring!”

The clan elder was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Its all thanks to those maxims that our clan has been able to get to where we are today.

If we still have the ability to fight, then we must fight on!”

“Hmm, the third brother is right.” The Grand Clan Elder nodded, then raised his hand again.


The auctioneer on the stage was already trembling slightly.

It was not that he had not seen more than 500,000, but he had never seen an item that could be sold for more than 500,000.

Moreover, the commission for more than 500,000 dollars was close to 20000 dollars, which was more than what he would get for a few months of hard work.

Below the stage, the Zhao familys grand clan elder said indifferently, “Xiao An, youre still young.

Let me tell you something today.

Man proposes, but God disposes.

If this ring really wasnt meant for us, it wouldnt have ended up like this and wouldnt have fallen into our hands.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Yuying made another bid, “630,000.”

At this time, one of the clan elders suddenly took out a vibrating phone from his arms.

After picking up the call and listening carefully for a while, his expression became slightly excited.

After he hung up, he whispered a few words into the Grand Clan Elders ear, and the Grand Clan Elder smiled.

Then, he raised his hand and said, “700,000.”

Everyone was shocked by his words.

Even Qin Yuying didnt bid immediately, and the crowd fell into silence.

“My friend told me that 700,000 should be enough.

She felt that with the Zhao familys strength, 700,000 was already the limit.

If they continued, there was a high probability that the Zhao family would give up.”

At this moment, Yan Wuyue, who was in the stands, looked at the text message on her phone and said to Zhou Mingrui, who was beside her.

Zhou Mingrui looked at the expressions of the Zhao family members below the stage.

With his strong physical fitness, he could vaguely hear some things despite the argument.

[Clan leader, inventory, sell-off, complete, win this]

Putting these words together, Zhou Mingrui could roughly deduce the current situation of the Zhao family.

After some thought, Zhou Mingrui suddenly said, “Tell your friend to continue raising the price.

The Zhao family will definitely continue to follow.

This time, tell her to raise the price to 750,000!”

Yan Wuyue was stunned and said, “Where do you get your confidence from You should know that if you miscalculate, well have to take 10% of the responsibility, which means around 100,000.

Where are you going to get money”

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows and said, “Im 100% sure that the Zhao family will follow.

It wont be a failed bid.

Besides, whats the rush After deducting the cost and commission, as well as the rings original value, well only lose a few hundred thousand at most.

I still have the 100,000 that the Zhao familys chick gave us for free yesterday.

Calm down, calm down.

Since we want to take a gamble, we shall take a big gamble.”

“By the way, tell the manager that we can accept using items to make up for the price difference.

Give them your phone number and tell him to contact me.”

After Yan Wuyue blinked, she suddenly understood the twists and turns of this.

Zhou Mingrui hadnt forgotten about the medicine that she had wanted to bid for.

He wanted to help her get it back in the form of trading in.

This made Yan Wuyue feel a sense of warmth in her heart.

“Alright, Ive sent the message.” It only took Yan Wuyue a few seconds to edit the message and send it out.

Then, Qin Yuying raised her hand and said, “750,000!”

The crowd was in an uproar again, and the Zhao family members faces turned gloomy.

But not long after, the Zhao family clan elder continued to bid, “800,000!”

Then, Zhou Mingrui saw an auction staff member go to the Zhao familys side.

He said a few words to them before leaving.

Soon, Yan Wuyues phone vibrated.

Zhou Mingrui took the phone and pressed the answer button before placing it to his ear.

“Youre the owner of the ring, right” An old but energetic voice came from the phone.

“Thats right.” Zhou Mingrui replied.

“Lets cut the crap.


We didnt prepare that much cash this time,” the clan elder tried to maintain his tone.

“But it doesnt mean we cant offer something of equal value.

I just want to ask what youre interested in.

The Zhao family has enough stock to guarantee that youre interested.”

“Alright, then lets cut to the chase.

How much cash do you have” Zhou Mingrui said.

“About 600,000 in cash, and the rest can be paid by physical items.” The Clan Elder said.

“Im interested in a lot of precious items.

As long as its good, you can just bid for it.” Zhou Mingrui said with a smirk.

“Alright, Mr.


Ill try my best to sell those things at the market price, then send a list of information to your phone number.

I hope you dont mind.” The Clan Elder said.

“No problem, just do as you see fit.

I believe that the Zhao familys reputation is not fake.” Zhou Mingrui flattered the other party.

“Oh, by the way, I saw someone from your Zhao family bid for a special box at the auction today.

Im quite interested in it.

You can top up with that for the price of 20000 dollars.” Zhou Mingrui suddenly said.

“Haha, little friend, you must be joking.

Since I could bid for it, Ill make the decision and give it to you.” The Clan Elder of the Zhao family was very magnanimous.

“Haha, then it will be impolite of me to refuse.

Zhou Mingrui did not stand on ceremony and immediately agreed.

Then, after a few boring greetings, both parties hung up the phone.

Soon, his phone vibrated, and the next message came.

When he opened it, Zhou Mingrui saw the list sent by the Zhao family.

“Theres quite a lot of good stuff!”

Looking at the long list of items, Zhou Mingrui nearly drooled.

Yan Wuyue came over to take a look and was also shocked by what was on it.

“Come, pick something too, in case you say I didnt take care of you.” Zhou Mingrui returned the phone to Yan Wuyue.

“Youre done picking so quickly” Yan Wuyue asked curiously.

“I picked” Zhou Mingrui rolled his eyes at Yan Wuyue.

“Of course, you have to choose these things.

I dont know what these things are for.”

Yan Wuyue immediately understood.

After saying sorry, she began to read the list.

At this time, at the Zhao familys location.

“The list that had been sent over is worth at least 300,000.

In other words, the total funds we can use for this auction are estimated to be around one million.

Since this is the case, we have to obtain it as soon as possible without hesitation.” The Grand Clan Elder said very calmly.

The other clan elder immediately nodded, then opened his mouth to bid, “840,000!”

The people in the hall were already numb from the shock and didnt know what to say.

Qin Yuyings interest was piqued.

Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue had also calculated the limits of the Zhao familys tolerance and sent her a message.

Thus, she continued to raise her hand and said, “841,000!”

“Enough, havent you caused enough trouble”

At this moment, a calm male voice sounded.

Qin Yuyings body trembled.

She stood up and was about to leave, but a big hand pressed on her shoulder.

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