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Counting the Gains

“Take a look for yourself.

Do you believe that the original owner of the ring didnt take anything inside”

He didnt dare to lay a hand on the boss of the auction house.

The big bosses of the auction house werent easy to deal with.

Starry Sky Auction House was backed by the most powerful family in Qinghua City, the kind that the Zhao family couldnt afford to offend.

“I didnt need to explain it to you, but Im a very polite person.”

The auction house manager snapped his fingers, and a staff member ran over with a laptop.

Turning on the laptop, the manager skillfully operated the computer and quickly pulled up the surveillance footage of the outdoor selling area.

When the Zhao family watched all the surveillance footage, they knew that they could only grit their teeth and swallow the matter.

“How is it What else do you want to say”

After the manager had his men put away the laptop, he looked at Zhao Ruian and mocked, “Are you going to say that our people swapped the rings when they were in our hands”

“You!” Zhao Ruian was instantly enraged.

He raised his hand and pointed at the manager, ready to say something ruthless.

“Lets go, dont make a fool of yourself here.”

At this moment, the Zhao familys grand clan elder said as he tapped his walking stick.

Hearing the grand clan elders words, all the members of the Zhao family suppressed their anger and left with the ring.

“A bunch of upstarts, and they have the nerve to come to our auction house to make a scene.”

The manager snorted coldly and turned around to return to the auction hall.

Seeing that the matter had come to an end, Yan Wuyue, whose depression had dissipated, went home with Zhou Mingrui.

In the villa, Yan Wuyue was counting the gains.

“The gains this time is not bad.

The money is enough for us to improve our strength to the maximum before the start of the tournament.

There are also many things on the list that will be very helpful to our cultivation.”

Zhou Mingrui revealed a speechless expression when he heard that.

“What did you say Theyre all things that assist in cultivation”

Yan Wuyue turned her head and asked, “Isnt it”

Zhou Mingrui helplessly raised his hand to cover his face and said, “Arent there any other types”

Yan Wuyue said with a serious face, “What do you mean by other things Shouldnt our first goal be improving our strength and preparing for the tournament”

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Mingrui said helplessly, “But we need to balance work and rest.

I worked so hard to get this.

Why cant I enjoy it”

Yan Wuyue was speechless.

She had thought that this guy was a little self-motivated, but who knew that he would show his true colors as soon as he got home.

“Alright, Ive given you access to all the entertainment facilities.

Youre indeed the hero this time, but we have to set our sights on the future.” Yan Wuyue said earnestly.

What she didnt realize was that her persuasion this time was completely different from the previous one.

“Thats more like it.” Zhou Mingrui picked his ears.

“Here, this is the medicine.

Take it now.” Yan Wuyue said as she took out the medicine from the box and handed it to Zhou Mingrui.

“You can drink it.

I dont need it.” Zhou Mingrui pushed Yan Wuyues hand away.

He had the talent of Contract Coherence, so it was better to give it to Yan Wuyue than to drink it himself.

That way, the effect would be maximized, and he could get several times the benefit.

“Thank you.

I wont stand on ceremony then.”

Yan Wuyue did not know that, so she thought that Zhou Mingrui deliberately let her win.

She suddenly felt warm in her heart.

“Its not a big deal.

You just need to work hard and become stronger.

Im waiting for you to become stronger so that I can have some free time.”

Zhou Mingrui gulped down the entire glass of soda and burped in satisfaction.

“Zhou Mingrui!”

Yan Wuyues tone suddenly turned serious.

She looked at Zhou Mingrui and said, “You cant go on like this.

Do you still remember what you said not long ago You want to let Qin Shijun, who looked down on you, know how powerful you are”

“Yeah, but thats a matter for the future.

I cant go and beat him up now, right” Zhou Mingrui pouted.

“His younger brother Qin Podi will also participate in this tournament, and hes one of the seeded contestants for the tournament.” Yan Wuyue suddenly said.

“What” Zhou Mingrui immediately straightened his body.

“Qin Podi was admitted to Heavenly Saint Academy with full marks in theoretical knowledge.

His summoned spirits talent has reached the top of B rank, and I heard that hes only a step away from A-rank talent.”

“And I heard that he has recently raised his summoned spirit to almost level 30, and he himself has also raised his Summoner grade to Silver grade.

He is the fastest among all the freshmen.” Yan Wuyues face was very serious.

“So powerful” Zhou Mingrui was shocked.

He had just reached level 20, and it was due to the several-fold increase booster from the Contract Coherence.

Yan Wuyue had been training hard every day, but she had only just gotten the Bronze grade certification.

“In this years freshmen tournament, hes the only one that I feel is extremely difficult to deal with.

I dont have much confidence in defeating him.” There was no smile on Yan Wuyues face, and her eyes were full of worry.

“If hes so powerful, why didnt you mention him before” Zhou Mingrui asked as he took a sip of his drink.

Yan Wuyue cleared her throat and said, “First of all, he wasnt interested in participating in the freshmen tournament in his previous life.

Instead, he put all his effort into cultivating in preparation for the entrance exam, and he entered one of the four top schools.”

“After that, he stood out during the great calamity and became one of the strongest forces among the human race.

But it was a pity.”

Zhou Mingrui was puzzled, “Whats pity”

Yan Wuyue sighed and said, “It was because he was too confident in his own strength.

He was ambushed and killed by an intelligent mutant among the monsters.”

“Tsk!” Zhou Mingrui scoffed.

“So hes just a simple-minded fellow.

I thought he was very powerful.”

“Before he died, he killed 37 monsters of the same grade as him.

Then, he risked his life to kill two monsters that were one grade higher than him.

In the end, he died with heavy injuries and even severely injured a Lord grade monster.” Yan Wuyue continued.

“Hiss, this is a ruthless person.” Zhou Mingrui started to admire him.

Then, he asked in confusion, “Then why did he suddenly participate in this life”

Yan Wuyue shook her head and said, “I dont know either.

But Im sure he can defeat us as easily as drinking water.”

“So if you dont hurry up and cultivate now, Im afraid that well be trampled to death like ants when we face him.”

Zhou Mingrui frowned before he slammed the table and stood up.

“Whats this I dont believe that he can be so arrogant!”

“Then what do you mean by this” Yan Wuyue asked.

Zhou Mingrui slammed the table once again and said in an energetic voice, “What do I mean Of course, Im going to cultivate as soon as possible, then teach Qin Podi a lesson at the tournament.

Im going to let the Qin family know that one must learn to keep a low profile!”

“Then do you think I exchanged for the right things” Yan Wuyue asked again.

“Yes, you did the right thing.

I have to thank you for not exchanging for those things of enjoyment!” Zhou Mingrui laughed.

“Then, well start cultivating together tomorrow morning” Yan Wuyue struck while the iron was hot.

“No problem!” Zhou Mingruis heroic spirit reached the clouds as he thought to himself, “The meaning of cultivating together is that you cultivate while I watch you.”

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