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Awakening of Perception

“Zhou Mingrui, can you tell me what kind of items you can use Ill know when I see them next time.”

“Ive always seen you as a human.

Speaking of which, didnt you drink and eat snacks before”

Yan Wuyue came over and said with an apologetic expression.

She had always treated Zhou Mingrui as a human.

She had completely ignored the fact that he was an undead spirit.

Also, when this guy was staying at home, he had fish, meat, snacks, and soda all day long, which was totally different from the undead.

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui opened his eyes and said, “Im now a half-energy body.

I can only taste those things.

They have no effect on me.”

“Werent you very strong in your past life How come you dont even have common sense”

Yan Wuyue blinked and said embarrassedly, “In my previous life, I met too few summoned spirits and monsters with energy bodies, so I didnt understand their habits in detail.

Sorry about that.”

Zhou Mingrui didnt wish to pursue the matter any further, so he said, “If you want to buy something useful for me in the future, just remember that Im an undead type.”

Yan Wuyue thought for a while and said again, “Then Ill go to the auction house more often and buy you something you can use.”

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows and said, “You should focus on your cultivation first.

Dont you have the managers phone number If he has anything, get him to call and inform you.

Thatll do.”

“Ah…” Yan Wuyue was speechless.

“Alright, go and cultivate.

The things in the ring last time are useful for me, so dont worry about it.”

Although Zhou Mingrui said that, he was hoping that Yan Wuyue could quickly cultivate.

That would be the best help to him.

“Are you really not angry anymore” Yan Wuyue squatted down and hugged her legs, tilting her head to look at his face.

“Why would I be angry Really.” Zhou Mingruis head is aching from being annoyed by this woman.

“Then whats with your tone Didnt I already apologize to you” Yan Wuyue pouted slightly, showing the attitude of a little woman.

“Im not angry, and my tone is normal!” Zhou Mingrui said helplessly.

“Youre obviously still angry.

How about I coax you Ive never coaxed anyone before.” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

She loved to see Zhou Mingrui in such a state of distress.

For some reason, she felt a sense of relief when she saw him like that.

“Great Aunt, Im really not angry.

I dont need you to coax me.

You should quickly go and cultivate.” Zhou Mingrui quickly reached out and nudged Yan Wuyue, urging her to hurry up and cultivate.

He was almost speechless at this woman.

Under normal circumstances, if he was teased by a beautiful woman in his past life, he, Zhou Mingrui, would at least try to take advantage of her.

However, this body was currently just a body made of bones and energy, so it did not have the brain and hormone secretion of normal people.

To put it simply, even if someone were to become naked, Zhou Mingrui would not have any physiological reaction.

Perhaps when he advanced to a more powerful form in the future, he would be able to recover these functions, but for now, he definitely had no emotions or reactions.

This really became the classic line: A skeleton with make-up, and the material form is the same as emptiness.

“Tsk, how boring.

As expected, youre just a skeleton.” Yan Wuyue snorted and stood up, ready to leave.

However, before she left, she suddenly turned around and said, “Zhou Mingrui.”

“Theres no end to this, is there” Zhou Mingrui felt his head buzzing, although he didnt know if it was true.

“Hehe, I just want to ask, do undead spirits have a gender” Yan Wuyue asked curiously.

This made Zhou Mingrui angry, but at the same time, he found it funny.

He crossed his arms and said, “If I answer you, are you going to ask if undead spirits can fall in love with each other and even have undead babies”

Yan Wuyue stuck out her tongue and said, “Of course, if youre willing to tell me, Id be happy to listen.”

It was said that women were born to gossip.

This time, Zhou Mingrui had witnessed it.


Zhou Mingrui did not stand on ceremony this time.

He directly gave Yan Wuyue a single word.

“Hehe.” Yan Wuyue didnt get angry.

Instead, she walked away with a smile.

“Whats up with this girl Shes completely changed after the auction.

She used to be like a flower on a mountain, but now shes like the fat girl next door in my past life.” Zhou Mingrui subconsciously scratched his chin.

“Forget it.

Whether this girl changes or not has nothing to do with me.

Id better deal with my own matters first.”

After emptying his mind, Zhou Mingrui began to consider his own matters.

In the space of consciousness, the swaying flame flower had turned into a white ball, which looked perfectly smooth.

Although there was nothing special about it, Zhou Mingrui could sense that his consciousness was changing at every moment.

After an unknown period of time, Zhou Mingrui, who was immersed in his consciousness, suddenly felt something strange in his space.

Shifting his gaze, Zhou Mingrui saw that the white ball had already begun to crack.

And the number of cracks was still increasing, and the area was also expanding.

In the end, without a sound, the entire ball suddenly exploded into countless small pieces, rapidly spreading throughout the entire space of consciousness.

Immediately, Zhou Mingrui sensed something that he had never felt before appearing in the air around him.

After adjusting his perception to its maximum, Zhou Mingrui “saw” those things.

They were special particles that were smaller than dust.

They were scattered in the air and could be said to be everywhere.

“These are… Magic particles” Zhou Mingrui raised his eyebrows.

He had already gained a general understanding of the principles of magic in advance.

He started to communicate with the particles according to the experience he had learned.

After trying out several methods, Zhou Mingrui finally found a way to establish a link with these magic particles.

With a thought, the particles immediately began to rapidly surge toward Zhou Mingrui as though they were attracted by a magnetic force.


Immediately, Zhou Mingrui felt brand new energy that was completely different from the original energy in his body entering his brain.

The space of consciousness, which was originally empty with only a pile of materials, suddenly appeared with countless starlight spots floating in the void.

[The system has detected a successful awakening of magic perception.

Starting to merge with the space of consciousness…]

The moment the systems voice faded, Zhou Mingrui felt an intense reaction in his space of consciousness.

Then, circles of ripples appeared in the space around him.

A black dot appeared in the center of each ripple, and items fell to the ground one after another.

These were all items stored in the space of consciousness, and at this time, they were all squeezed out by the space of consciousness.

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