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Five minutes ago.

A three-man team fumbled their way to the southeast corner of the arena, where the terrain was relatively high and undulating.

After the three-man team killed a group of goblins, they went deep into the mountains.

Soon, they found a black stone tablet with red patterns on it.

It stood between the two hills.

The three-man team walked over curiously, and one of them reached out and touched the stone tablet.

The moment the palm touched the stone tablet, a huge suction force immediately trapped the owner of the palm.

Then, an even more terrifying suction force appeared.

The other two and their three summoned spirits quickly reached out to grab their partners shoulder and arm.

However, they regretted it when they grabbed him because the terrifying suction force had also trapped them.

In the end, all of them, including the summoning spirit, were trapped beside the stone tablet.

The surveillance ball in the sky immediately noticed this scene, but just as it was about to send out a distress signal, it was knocked down by the sudden shock wave from the stone tablet.

The three students could only feel the energy in their bodies rapidly disappearing, and their summoned spirits were struggling in pain.

In less than three seconds, the energy of the three students and the summoned spirit had been sucked dry.

But what made them even more frightened was that the suction force didnt stop.

Ten seconds later, the next surveillance ball rushed over, but what it saw was six shriveled corpses.

Just as the surveillance ball sounded the alarm, the stone tablet once again burst out with a strong light, and a pillar of light instantly soared into the sky.

“This is impossible!” Yan Wuyue looked panicked when she saw the light beam.

The strong willpower she had trained from the great calamity allowed her to make the most accurate choice.

First, she took out the alarm from her ring and pressed the button to sound the alarm.

Then, following the mental connection, she rushed to Zhou Mingruis location at the fastest speed possible.

As the pillar of light soared into the sky, the competition ground immediately began to shake violently.

Soon after, pillars of light erupted from three other directions at the same time.

When the four pillars of light lit up, a strange circular pattern lit up in the center of the competition ground with a thick blood-red light.

The headmaster was in charge of guarding the arena.

He was the first to take action.

The stone beast guarding the entrance had already stood up and was facing the entrance of the arena.

The door was already sealed, and light red energy enveloped the entire door.

It was obvious that the door had been locked.

At this time, the 10-meter high wall had already been raised to nearly 20 meters.

At the same time, strange blood-red lines appeared on the pale yellow wall.

“What are you hesitating Slammed it!” The headmaster roared, and the rock beast received the order.

It raised its big foot and charged out.

It slammed hard against the door of the competition ground.


After a loud explosion, the rock monster retreated, but the wall and gate did not move.

“Whats going on” The headmaster was shocked and suspicious.

He quickly took out his phone and began to contact other people.

After the intense shaking, many of the terrains immediately changed.

The blood-red light pattern in the center had already distorted space, and an oval-shaped door immediately appeared.

A faint red mist poured out from behind the door and quickly spread in all directions.

In a few minutes, it had already spread over a kilometer.

Most of the students in the arena were frightened by this scene.

Some even panicked and hurriedly looked for a safe place to hide.

When the strange phenomenon happened, Zhou Mingrui also sensed the alarm in his pocket going off.

He put down everything he was doing and ran toward Yan Wuyue.

The two sides quickly met up.

“Whats the situation” Zhou Mingrui immediately asked.

“Theres an outbreak.” Yan Wuyue replied with a solemn face.

“An outbreak Thats impossible.

Its not time for the great calamity yet.

How can it happen” Zhou Mingrui said in surprise.

“I know the timing doesnt match, but it happened.”

“This d*mn red mist has the effect of blocking electronic and magic signals.

We cant contact the outside world now, and the outside world cant contact us.

We dont know the situation in other places at all.” Yan Wuyues face was extremely grave.

Yan Wuyue was not worried about the outbreak point, but she was afraid that the great calamity happened earlier.

If it were the case, it would be a disaster.

“Since we cant know whats going on in the outside world, we should first solve the problem at hand!” Zhou Mingrui immediately suggested.

“Youre right.

Im too worried about the outside world.

We should indeed solve the problem here first.”

“What we need to do now is to gather all the students in this competition ground.

Otherwise, we wont be able to put up much of a resistance against the new monsters.” Yan Wuyue said seriously.

“Ya, although I dont like them, I still have to save them if I can.” Zhou Mingrui agreed.

“Thats why I need you to tell me what I need to know about this outbreak point.

Otherwise, Im still at a loss.”

Yan Wuyue nodded.

After thinking for two seconds, he said, “The outbreak point can also be called a special secret realm.

We rank it according to energy and monster strength.

Its divided into six levels: danger, challenge, fatal, horror, hell, epic, and mythical.”

“This goblin secret realm was originally on the lower side of the danger level, but after the outbreak, it was directly raised to the fatal level.”

“After the outbreak of the monsters in the secret realm, their strength will be improved, and then more powerful monsters will come out from the core of the secret realm!”

Zhou Mingrui immediately pressed, “Hows the strength of the monster Do we have any chance of winning with our strength”

Yan Wuyue thought for a moment and said, “I didnt solve the outbreak point at the beginning.

Besides, the level of this secret realm wasnt high for me at that time.

So I didnt pay attention to more detailed information.”

“I only know how those people sealed the secret realm in the end.

Ive forgotten the rest.”

“In the end, they relied on destroying the teleportation array in the center of the secret realm.

After cutting off the energy supply of this secret realm, they would clean up the monsters that came out and make this secret realm useless.” Yan Wuyue roughly explained the situation at that time.

The whole situation was in trouble.

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