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Goblin King seemed to understand Zhou Mingruis words.

Goblin King almost squeezed itself out of the hole.

Then, it roared angrily to express its anger.

Using his finger to pick his ear, Zhou Mingrui said indifferently, “Alright, dont bark like a dog.

If you want to fight, come out quickly.”

This time, the Goblin King was truly enraged.

Veins suddenly popped up on its forehead, and its muscles bulged.

The moment the Goblin King broke free, it roared at Zhou Mingrui as if to say, “Im out! Youre dead!”

Zhou Mingrui smiled and said to Yan Wuyue, “Hold on tight, be careful not to fall during the battle.”

Yan Wuyue subconsciously hugged Zhou Mingruis waist tightly when she heard that.

She couldnt help but feel a little intoxicated by his powerful aura.

Ignoring the beauty behind him, Zhou Mingrui looked up at the Goblin King.

The Goblin King was nine meters tall and had a body full of muscles.

Goblin King was like a giant muscular man while Zhou Mingrui was just like a two years old child.

Goblin King twisted its neck and made a gurgling sound.

Then, it opened its mouth, revealing its jagged teeth and a foul stench.

After Goblin King appeared, the surrounding dark aura seemed to have found a gathering point.

They quickly gathered towards Goblin Kings body.

The extremely dense dark aura quickly condensed on the Goblin Kings body, forming strange pitch-black patterns all over its body.

At that moment, Goblin Kings eyes lit up with a blood-red light.

It looked up at Zhou Mingrui and grinned hideously.

Zhou Mingruis expression was calm as he raised the Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand.

His body also emitted waves of surging Undead Spirit Energy.


Goblin King let out an angry roar as it grabbed a withered tree beside it and threw it at Zhou Mingrui.

Following that, it charged at Zhou Mingrui with large strides.

As the dark aura gathered, a spiked mace with many bone spikes appeared in Goblin Kings hand.

Zhou Mingrui raised his hand gently and jerked it.

The withered tree that was flying toward him was instantly blasted into pieces by his Undead Soul Energy.

Seeing Goblin King charging at him, Zhou Mingrui raised the Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand.

At the same time, he began charging with Spectral Hell Warhorse beneath him.

The phantom energy quickly revolved around his body, and he welcomed the Goblin King with a powerful aura.

Both of their weapons collided in mid-air, and under the huge impact, a powerful shock wave suddenly exploded, turning the grass on the ground upside down.

“Not bad.

Youre quite strong.” Zhou Mingrui said with a mocking smile on his face after he felt the power of the Goblin King.


Even though Goblin King did not understand what Zhou Mingrui meant, it could understand the smile on Zhou Mingruis face.

It was mockery!


In his extreme anger, Goblin Kings arm muscles bulged.

A dark aura quickly gathered, and the mace in its hand ignited with black flames.

Goblin King stomped its foot forward, and the powerful force immediately caused the ground to collapse.

At the same time, cracks quickly spread out.

Zhou Mingrui leaped down from Spectral Hell Warhorse and raised his front hooves.

Spectral Hell Warhorses powerful hooves kicked Goblin King ruthlessly.

Before the Goblin Kings attack could reach Zhou Mingrui, its upper body was kicked by the horses hooves, causing it to fall back.

Seizing this opportunity, Zhou Mingrui had already gathered enough power.

He slashed at Goblin Kings body.

Goblin Kings shoulder armor was instantly shattered.

At the same time, the initially tough skin was also cut open.

The blade penetrated deep into Goblin Kings flesh.

Dark green blood flowed out of the wound and dripped onto the ground, corroding a deeper hole in the ground.

However, Zhou Mingrui wasnt afraid.

As he retracted his hand, he slashed viciously at Goblin King again.

However, this time, Goblin King reacted by placing its arms in front of it.


The deafening sound of metal clashing immediately resounded in the surroundings.

Even Zhou Mingrui felt his hand turn slightly sore.

It was clear how strong Goblin Kings defense was.

However, Zhou Mingrui raised the Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand again.

As the phantom energy around him trembled, Nether Flame Bone Blade transformed into a stream of light and slashed down.

This attack did not only contain Zhou Mingruis strength, but also the power of Spectral Hell Warhorse.

Spectral Hell Warhorse instantly activated its skill when it was synchronized with Zhou Mingrui.

[Hell Howl]!

The invisible infrasonic wave came out of Spectral Hell Warhorses mouth and charged towards Goblin Kings head.

A wave of dizziness struck the Goblin Kings mind, causing its movements to slow down.

At this moment, the Nether Flame Bone Blade struck its body.

The blade left a meter-long gash on Goblin Kings abdomen, and large amounts of blood gushed out.

[War Stomp]!

Before Goblin King could wake up from the pain, Spectral Hell Warhorse activated its skill again.

Its forelimbs glowed with light as it raised them, stomping on the ground once more.

A huge shockwave was produced once again.

The ground beneath both parties feet exploded into a large amount of dust, completely blocking their vision.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he seized the opportunity to slash at the wound with his Nether Flame Bone Blade, which was imbued with Undead Soul Energy.


A large amount of blood spurted out from the Goblin King, but Zhou Mingrui ignored it.

Instead, he adjusted the direction of his blade.

Then, he quickly slashed at the Goblin Kings abdomen.

Zhou Mingrui was aware of Goblin Kings fearsome defense from the previous exchange.

Hence, he decided to first break through its defense.


But at this moment, Goblin King suddenly opened its mouth and roared.

The black patterns on its body suddenly lit up.

Soon after, the wound was covered by a layer of black energy.

It quickly formed a protective layer.

Its wound began to recover rapidly.

Goblin Kings face revealed a sinister smile.

However, just as Goblin King thought that victory was in its grasp, sharp energy directly hit its body.

Goblin King wanted to move, but it found its body was stiff and unable to move.

[Flame Charge]!

Under Zhou Mingruis command, Spectral Hell Warhorse immediately activated its charge skill at a short distance.

The skills additional effect also appeared.

After stunning Goblin King, Nether Flame Bone Blade in Zhou Mingruis hand was completely enveloped by Undead Soul Energy.

“It can end now!”

Following Zhou Mingruis mumble, the Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand quickly transformed into an extremely sharp spiral energy form under the convergence of energy.

In the next moment, under the charge of Spectral Hell Warhorse, Zhou Mingrui raised the energy spear in his hand and stabbed it at Goblin King.

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