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The teacher was surprised.

It was the first time he had come across a student who was unhappy despite getting a bye.

Still, he took the effort to respond, “Im sorry, student.

I dont have the authority to do what you just asked.”

“May I know who has the authority” Zhou Mingrui asked at once.

He was willing to speak to the dean, or even the principal.

His request was not unreasonable after all.

“The vice dean,” the teacher was forthcoming with the information.

“Do you know where the vice dean is” Zhou Mingrui asked hurriedly.

He was truly afraid now.

He was afraid that if that b*stard was beaten before they met, he would not be able to get his money.

No, he would not be able to vent his anger.

“The vice dean has gone on a business trip due to an emergency,” the teacher continued.

“…so no one can approve this” Zhou Mingrui continued asking.

“When the vice dean left, he did not give us the authority to change the rules.

So we dont have the right to do so,” the teacher shrugged as he explained.


Helpless, Zhou Mingrui could only return to his seat.

Yan Wuyue, who had been watching from the side, covered her mouth and laughed covertly.

It was the first time she had seen Zhou Mingrui so bent on something.

Very soon, the matches ended.

To Zhou Mingruis delight, Zheng Haolong had also won that round, although it had been a difficult win.

“Why does Yan Wuyues summoned spirit keep staring at me” Zheng Haolong, who had just won a difficult victory, was puzzled.

However, he continued walking towards the resting area.

There were only eight Summoners left in the arena, Yan Wuyue included.

There were supposed to be 13.

However, five had been seriously injured after their wins, and could not continue to participate in the battles.

So they had forfeited.

“Finally, we wont get a bye this time,” Zhou Mingrui was pleased.

After the break, the big screen drew the opponents for the next battle.

“Draw him, draw him!”

Zhou Mingrui whispered in a low voice, causing Yan Wuyue to cover her face.


When he saw Yan Wuyues and Zheng Haolongs profile pictures beside each other on the big screen, Zhou Mingrui clenched his fists in celebration.

After half an hour of rest, the match continued.

“Just watch me.

Dont stop me no matter what I do.

I know what Im doing.”

Once in the fighting ring, Zhou Mingrui made things clear to Yan Wuyue in advance.

“Its good if you know what youre doing.

In that case, Ill just watch from here,” Yan Wuyue could only observe the battle from the edges of the fighting ring.

When he saw that, Zheng Haolong looked puzzled.

But he had already summoned his summoned spirit.

It was a giant gorilla, at least 1.9 meters tall.

It had rippling muscles all over its body, and was covered in long brown hair.

Zhou Mingrui turned his neck and scanned the spectator seats.

As expected, he found the woman who had cheated him.

Zhou Mingrui smirked.

He raised his arm and with an outstretched finger, made a throat-slitting gesture towards the woman.

At first, the woman had not noticed that the man she deceived had made it that far in the competition.

And judging from his behavior, he looked prepared to vent his anger on her brother.


Hes definitely not my brothers match,” the woman tried to reassure herself.

Zheng Haolong followed Zhou Mingruis gaze, and frowned.

He realized that it fell on where his sister was seated.

“What do you mean by that Whats your relationship with my sister” After witnessing Zhou Mingruis gesture, Zheng Haolong immediately questioned him.

“Youre asking too many questions.

Just worry about yourself,” Zhou Mingrui could not help but scoff at Zheng Haolong as he looked at him.

“What on earth are you trying to do Even if I am to die, you should let me know whats going on before I go, right” Zheng Haolong said angrily.

“Your sister cheated me.

She wouldnt admit it even after I looked for her, so I can seek compensation from you,” after thinking about it, Zhou Mingrui decided it was better to tell him.


My sister does not cheat people.

Dont talk nonsense!” When he heard what Zhou Mingrui had said, Zheng Haolong denied it without hesitation.

“Its not for you to decide whether its possible or not.

I hate people who lie to me the most, so youll have to bear with it later.

I hope you dont beg for mercy too soon,” Zhou Mingrui chuckled.


Zheng Haolong refused to believe him.

So he immediately ordered the muscular gorilla to attack Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui had watched the previous battle.

Zheng Haolongs gorilla summoned spirit had very strong defense, but was lacking in agility.

However, in terms of physical resistance, magic resistance and even mental resistance, it was one of the most outstanding among the summoned spirits of that batch of students.

Simply put, it was strong in attack and defense, but had no group attack ability.

Its attacking style was too simple.

When he saw the giant gorilla charging at him, the phantom energy within Zhou Mingrui shook.

He stretched out one arm.


The giant gorillas fist was caught within Zhou Mingruis palm.

But it was unable to take another step forward.

“Thats your full strength” Zhou Mingrui narrowed his eyes and teased.

Even without understanding human language, the giant gorilla understood that look of contempt.

Huff, puff.

The giant gorilla was breathing heavily.

It was clearly upset with Zhou Mingruis actions earlier.

The next moment, its muscles bulged on both arms, and an even stronger force burst forth.

“Oh, so you still have some strength hidden.

A pity its not going to be of much use.” Even with the sudden increase in power, Zhou Mingrui did not move an inch.

His look of contempt deepened.

“D*mn it, Trao.

Theres no need to hide anymore!” Zheng Haolong was now furious, and decided not to hide his true ability anymore.

He had planned to explode with his full powers only in the semi-finals or finals.

However, if he did not use them now, he might not even make it to the next round.

After hearing its Summoner, the giant gorilla immediately took a step back and pulled back its fist.

Thump, thump, thump!

The giant gorillas fists hammered its chest, making sounds like a drum.

The next moment, its eyes turned red.

Thick blood vessels popped out from the strong muscles all over its body.

Then with a roar, its body grew from 1.9 meters to about 2.1 meters tall.

Its muscles, which were already ridiculously huge, became even larger with the roar, making it appear like it was wearing an armor.

It was frightening.

Its two fangs also became longer, exuding a fierce aura.

Zhou Mingrui did not grab the opportunity to launch an attack.

Instead, he stayed where he was, waiting quietly.

He only spoke once his opponent was done transforming.

“Are you done Im about to doze off from waiting,” Zhou Mingrui yawned, then asked impatiently.

“Go, give him a vicious beating!” Zheng Haolong pointed to Zhou Mingrui and said.

After receiving the command, the giant gorilla roared and charged wildly towards Zhou Mingrui.

This time, Zhou Mingrui did not remain in his spot.

Instead, he charged towards the giant gorilla at the same time.

Both sides were blindingly fast.

In the blink of an eye, they were about to collide.

Zhou Mingrui clenched his fists decisively and gathered his energy.

Then, the fists of the two summoned spirits collided violently in mid-air.

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