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The Organizers

After retracting his blade, Zhou Mingrui dispelled his bone armor, revealing the tight combat suit underneath.

The tight suit showed off his muscles, which were so toned that they seemed to be carved out of marble.

They were not exaggerated, but clearly contained explosive power within them.

As his manly aura showed, the hearts of any females around suffered a critical blow, while the self-esteem of the men around suffered an even heavier critical blow.

“There are so many of us.

Why should we be afraid of him No matter how strong he is, can he resist the collective attacks of so many people”

“Previously, we were broken through by him because the situation was too chaotic and there were too many of us.”

“As long as everyone listens to my command, we can definitely take care of this guy.”

A boy who was shorter than 1.6 meters shouted angrily at the crowd, his words resonating with many people.

The students were afraid of Zhou Mingrui because of an inexplicable fear of his abilities.

But with the boys outburst, he pointed out the fact that everyone present was a freshman, including Zhou Mingrui.

No matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to be stronger than everyone else combined.

The students werent stupid.

They were all elites from their respective areas.

After the boys reminder, they instantly understood what they had to do.

Their initial chaos was only because many of them did not cooperate with one another, causing them to be unable to organize an effective defense, restraint, and attack strategy against Yan Wuyues team.

In a situation where each persons individual strength was inferior to Zhou Mingruis, it was normal for them to be easily defeated.

“Go ahead, well listen to you.”

“Yes, well listen to you.

We must get rid of this guy.”

“Right, I dont like him too!”

The crowd immediately agreed.

This made Zhou Mingrui reveal an excited smile.

Outside of the arena, the group of scouts who had left temporarily had also returned.

When they saw the scene on the stage, they immediately showed expressions of interest.

“That boys name is Zhao Mian, right”


This boys combat sense is quite high, and his mental strength is also very outstanding.

We have to thank Yan Wuyues summoned spirit for letting us spot so many outstanding candidates.”


“I feel like we should help him.

I think hes angered the crowd,” Zhao Anqi said weakly.

“He asked for it.

I dont think we need to go,” Xiao Shengyun scowled.

Yan Wuyue remained silent for a few seconds before she said, “Dont worry.

With his ability, he should be able to handle this situation.

Well make our move if he really cant handle it.”

In the arena, phantom energy emanated from Zhou Mingrui and quickly, a layer of bone that resembled gloves formed on his hands.

As he leaned forward slightly, the muscles on his legs tensed up.

the immense pressure caused his muscles to be compressed like springs.

With an almost inaudible sound of his muscles and bones cracking, Zhou Mingrui instantly disappeared from his original spot.

“Hes coming.

Use your control skills now, and use your defense skills after a delay.

All those with defense skills, step forward and attack with all your strength!”

“Charge!” Zhao Mian roared.

Dozens of students immediately stepped forward and used their bodies or summoned spirits to launch their skills at Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui, who was charging forward, was the first to feel the air in front of him begin to congeal.

The resistance to his advancement suddenly began to increase.

Immediately after, a white mist began to appear around him, and soon, a layer of frost covered his body.

At the same time, distorted waves appeared on the surface of the ground under him, as if it had become an ocean.

Following that, a black beam of light struck Zhou Mingrui.

He immediately felt a wave of dizziness.

Zhou Mingrui also felt his body gradually become heavier, as though it was constantly being weighed down.

All sorts of skills were used on Zhou Mingrui, causing his speed to drop.


With a low grunt, the phantom energy on Zhou Mingruis body began to surge violently, like a flame that had been aggravated with gasoline.

His dizziness was immediately expelled.

Following that, the frost on his body shattered and melted.

The distorted waves on the ground were also crushed by one powerful stomp.

At the same time, the energy in his body burst out, and the heavy feeling in his body was dispelled.

“Oh no, his bodys resistance is too strong.

Our control skills cant do much!”

“My gravity wave was also easily destroyed by him within two seconds.”

“How can he directly crush my spatial disorder skill Whats going on”

The students were shocked by Zhou Mingruis actions.

He simply smiled as he picked up speed again and charged forward.

“Dont stop using control skills, keep throwing them out! Start charging up your powerful attack skills.

Also, use some of your fast attack skills!”

“As long as it affects him somehow, we can restrain him! No matter how strong he is, theres no way hes not injured at all!” Zhang Mian shouted.

“This persons combat tactics and commanding abilities are also very strong,” Xiao Shengyun complimented.

“Yeah, even in this situation, he can come up with effective tactics and strategies.” Zhao Anqi nodded in agreement.

“It doesnt matter,” Yan Wuyue said with a faint smile, “no matter how good the strategy and tactics are, they wont be of much use in the face of absolute strength.”

In the arena, Zhou Mingrui, who was charging forward, was once again entangled by all sorts of control skills.

This time, there were even more complicated techniques.

Although he could directly break all of these attacks, the crowd managed to delay his speed.

It was also at this moment that several powerful energies rose into the air.

The students powerful energy attacks had taken form and were headed straight for Zhou Mingrui.

An extremely thick beam of fire flashed past and struck the restrained Zhou Mingrui.

At the same time, a gigantic dark cloud appeared above him.

Following that, a thick bolt of lightning struck Zhou Mingrui amidst the rumbling of thunder.

Zhou Mingruis feet were also restrained by the sudden appearance of a thick layer of frost.

He was instantly rooted to the spot.

A massive black shadow then appeared behind Zhou Mingrui and its illusory, translucent tentacles began to wrap around him.

The tentacles formed a seal, shaped like an asterisk, that locked Zhou Mingrui in place.

Zhou Mingrui also felt the energy in his body begin to loosen.

He looked down and found that the tentacles were not only restraining his body.

They also began to absorb the phantom energy from him, and as they absorbed his energy, the tentacles began to grow stronger.

Zhou Mingrui did not show any signs of impatience as he sensed the various control skills on him.

On the contrary, he was extremely calm.

“Come, let me see how far you can go!”

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