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His Rampage

Zhou Mingrui raised his arm to block the flaming beam.

The searing flames immediately slammed into him, causing the surrounding air to crackle from the powerful heat wave.

However, despite having sent him stumbling a couple steps back, under the protection of his phantom energy, the flames were unable to harm him at all.

With a low grunt, the phantom energy on Zhou Mingruis body began to solidify.

As he punched out, the phantom energy left his fist and collided with the flaming pillar of light.

After a loud explosion, the flaming light pillar dissipated, turning into sparks that scattered in all directions.

It was like a meteor shower of fire.

Everyone was astonished.

Following that, Zhou Mingrui raised his leg.

His immense physical strength, coupled with his phantom energy, caused the frost that sealed his legs to explode, turning into frosty mist in the air.

At this moment, the tentacles that were binding him began to exert more control, pulling Zhou Mingrui, who had taken two steps forward, back in.

As he turned his head, Zhou Mingruis eyes suddenly widened.

The phantom energy around his body immediately went berserk, burning like a raging fire.

The next moment, the tentacles that were wrapped around Zhou Mingruis body immediately released him, as if they were fearful of being burned by his phantom flames.

“Alright, what other moves do you have Use them all, or you wont have a chance after this.”

Zhou Mingrui, who had been freed of all his restraints, began to walk towards the crowd.

“Why do I feel like he has turned into an evil villain Hes so cool!” Zhao Anqi said excitedly as she watched him.

“Bad taste.”

Xiao Shengyun scowled again.

This familiar vibe reminded him of the time when he was tortured by this guy.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“Let him be.

In any case, we dont need to do anything right now.” Yan Wuyue still chose to continue watching.

The students subconsciously retreated again when they saw Zhou Mingrui approach them after breaking through all sorts of restraint skills like they were nothing.

It was as though they had seen a terrifying monster.

“Hes just bluffing.

Dont be afraid of him!”

Seeing the situation around him, Zhang Mian immediately spoke up to dispel the doubts of those around him.

Otherwise, everyones morale would collapse even without a fight.

“Our control skills cant stop! Those with powerful attacks that can be charged, charge up now!”

“Continue attacking and dont stop.

Buy time for your teammates to charge up.

Hold on with your control skills!”

“Those who need to change positions, quickly do so.

We must be prepared when he breaks through the retraints!”

Zhang Mian continued to give orders, and without any other better choice, the people around him followed his orders quickly.

All sorts of coordinated skills were unleashed once again, and this time, there were even attack skills that had been charging up for a while.

Zhou Mingrui, who had just taken a step forward, was immediately bombarded by all sorts of control skills – frost, earth spikes, air condensation, and many more.

However, he did not stop.

Every time he took a step forward, the skills that bound him would be shattered by his overwhelming phantom energy.

The highest level of these poor students summoned spirits was not even level 30.

They had almost no powerful skills.

However, they were all elite students after all, and not ordinary summoners.

With the power of their families or organizations behind them, there were still a few who had powerful attack skills.

The flaming pillar of light from before was one of these skills.

Unfortunately, it wasnt powerful enough to break through Zhou Mingruis defense.

This time, Zhou Mingrui felt a change in the air around him.

He stopped in his tracks.

The feeling on his skin told him that this skill used air to restrict him.

“Im having difficulty breathing”

The air around him seemed to have suddenly frozen, and even breathing became difficult.

“Too bad, I dont need to breathe.” Zhou Mingrui smiled faintly.

Then, he felt as if his body was being suppressed by gravity, and every movement required more strength than before.

“An air-type skill with a gravity-type effect”

Zhou Mingrui turned around and said to Xiao Shengyun, “This persons skill is quite useful.

Remember to take it later.

Dont blame me for not reminding you.”

“I know.” Xiao Shengyun was still unhappy, but he nodded in agreement.

After all, Zhou Mingrui was right.

If such a skill was used well, it would definitely be extremely effective in a team battle.

Zhou Mingrui did not say anything when he saw Xiao Shengyuns attitude.

Laughing, he shook his head before he turned around and swept his gaze across the arena.

Very quickly, his extremely powerful perception helped him directly lock onto the student who used the air-type skill.

At that exact moment, the flaming beam shot towards him once again.

Simultaneously, soil began to appear on the ground beneath his feet and rapidly spread from his feet to his body.

His phantom energy surged again, and the soil on his feet instantly shattered, turning into a pile of mud.

As for the incoming beam of fire, it was immediately vanquished by a punch from him.

“The game is over!”

Zhou Mingrui dashed out of his original spot.

As he dashed forward, he constantly made unpredictable movements.

This allowed him to dodge several control skills and attack skills.

He now understood the attacking habits of these people.

Since that was the case, there was no need to continue playing with them.

After confirming the distance between him and his target, Zhou Mingrui closed the distance of less than thirty meters within merely three seconds.

“Defensive skills now!”

Zhang Mian roared, and several defensive skills immediately took form.

There was a crystal wall that looked like glass, then a thick wall made of mud, and then a wall of ice.

“If thats all you have, then lets end this.”

As soon as Zhou Mingrui finished speaking, he struck out with his fist that was imbued with phantom flames.

The defenses were completely shattered by his punch.

Zhou Mingrui, who had already locked onto his target, appeared in front of the student with a flash.

He reached out and grabbed the students shoulder, then threw him towards Xiao Shengyun and the others.

Turning his head, Zhou Mingruis gaze locked onto Zhang Mian.

Although Zhou Mingrui didnt have any personal grudges towards this guy, as a qualified warrior, he would naturally prioritize killing him.

With a whoosh, Zhou Mingrui charged at Zhang Mian.

The few people standing in front of Zhang Mian were so frightened that they quickly stepped back and left the space wide open.

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