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We wont Interfere

“Monsters wont bother using all these schemes.

They can easily crush humans with their strength.”

Yan Wuyues face turned serious.

“Our seemingly peaceful lives now are thanks to the sacrifice of many professional summoners lives.

Sometimes these schemes are just not effective against everything.”

Xiao Shengyuns smug expression changed slightly.

It was the first time he had heard Yan Wuyue talk about this.

“Alright, lets get out.”

Without waiting for the others to react, Yan Wuyue got off the arena under the referees instructions.

Just like that, the elimination round that was no different from a drama performance came to an end.

“The following battle will be much simpler, but we cant let our guard down, understand” Yan Wuyue warned them again.

“Sometimes, I feel that youre like my dad.

Although I know that both of you do this for my own good, I just find it annoying and naggy.” Zhao Anqi pouted as she complained.

Yan Wuyue was speechless.

If she continued to reprimand Zhao Anqi for being disobedient, shed be elevated to the same generation as her father.

But if she didnt say anything, she would feel so bothered by her lack of appreciation.

Seeing Yan Wuyue suffer a loss for the first time, Zhou Mingrui snickered at the side.

“What are you laughing at How can you laugh at this” Yan Wuyue, who had nothing to vent her anger on, could only find trouble with Zhou Mingrui.

“Im sorry, there was something in my teeth just now and it came out.” Zhou Mingrui said with a solemn expression on his face, as though he wasnt the one who was just snickering.

While the chaos was going on, the big screen had begun to select teams for the bout list.

Yan Wuyues team was up for the first match.

As he walked onto the stage, Zhou Mingrui looked at the opponent team.

The expressions of the three people there were as black as the bottom of a pot.

Seeing Yan Wuyues team on the other side of the arena, they had the urge to tear down the computer that created the bout list.

Why did they have to face Yan Wuyues reaper team in the first round They didnt even have the chance to perform before this.

“Pull yourself together.

I know what youre afraid of.

How about this Well all be classmates in the future and well see each other often.

Well just send two people from our side, okay”

As soon as she got on the stage, Yan Wuyue saw the expression on her opponents faces, so she suggested.

“Youre not kidding” The leader of the group was a short-haired girl.

she looked at Yan Wuyue in surprise.

“Do you think we still need to show off our strength in this round” Yan Wuyue said indifferently.

“Thank you,” the short-haired girl thanked her from the bottom of her heart.

She knew that Yan Wuyue wouldnt lie to her, because there was no need to for their group to show anything more with their previous perfomance.

“Anqi and Xiao Shengyun, you two will fight later.

I wont fight under normal circumstances.” Yan Wuyue turned to Zhao Anqi and Xiao Shengyun.

“Sure, I have no objections as long as you guys cover for us,” Zhao Anqi giggled.

“Okay, its a good opportunity for me to practice.

I didnt have many opportunities to do so before.” Xiao Shengyun also nodded in agreement.

After his battle with Zhou Mingrui, he basically did not have a chance to make any moves and was unable to familiarize himself with his skills.

“Hopefully you guys wont need me to interfere so quickly.” Zhou Mingrui said indifferently.

“Dont worry.” Xiao Shengyun showed a confident expression.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you.

I suggest you dont use my skills to fight.

Otherwise, it wont be beneficial for your growth,” Zhou Mingrui added.

“Alright.” Xiao Shengyuns expression changed, but he still nodded.

If he were to use Zhou Mingruis skills, he would have an absolute advantage no matter what.

It would not be of any help to him if he wanted to hone his battle experience.

Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui walked to a corner and sat down, making it clear that they would not interfere in the battle.

The people in the audience started to discuss.

“Yan Wuyue and her summoned spirit arent going to do anything”

“Shes planning to fight two against three.

Is she looking down on her opponents”

“Use your brain, if Yan Wuyue really joined the battle, can those three people even stop her”

“Oh, right.

I thought she was being too arrogant.

Now that I think about it, she probably just wanted to give the other side a chance to perform.”

“Sigh, shes so pretty and capable.

She even treats her classmates so kindly.

I really dont know how to describe her.

Ive decided that shell be my idol from now on!”

“Get lost, you nasty bootlicker!”

….In the observer seats.

“Seems like she still knows what shes doing.”

“Yeah, if she continues to make a move, shell be labeled as something else here.”

“Her character score has already passed, and now her overall score has also reached the highest level.

This years champion has been decided.”

“Haha, next, itll be up to our own methods to win her over.”

“Wait, what if, and Im saying what if, that person makes a move”


“We didnt have to worry at first since that person is very picky.

She basically chose all her students personally.

I dont think shell suddenly take a liking to Yan Wuyue, right”


I remember that another student from the previous three batches was also very outstanding, but she didnt fight with us over it either.”

“Its better to be safe than sorry!”

“Alright, well make our move once the competition is over to prevent that fellow from making a move.”

“What if that person is one step ahead of us”

“Then I suggest that the four of us join forces.

At most, we can train Yan Wuyue together.

Its better to join forces than to let that person snatch her away!”

“But, that persons background…”

“We also have one behind us, and with the four of our Institutes working together, what are you afraid of”

“Thats right, then its decided!”

In the arena, in the absence of Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui, Xiao Shengyun and Zhao Anqis cooperation was quite effective.

Xiao Shengyun kept his promise and did not use Zhou Mingruis skill.

Instead, he used the skill that he had just copied from the air-type student in the previous round.

In Xiao Shengyuns hands, the skill was used to its fullest.

Although he was not be familiar with it because he had just gotten it, but with Xiao Shengyuns talent and combat skills, it immediately played a huge role in the battle.

Zhao Anqis summoned spirit was not weak either, and Xiao Shengyuns was even stronger.

Naturally, the three-man teams defense was quickly broken and they were defeated one by one.

“The match is over.

The winners are Yan Wuyues team.”

As soon as the referee finished speaking, the two teams shook hands before walking out of the arena.

“Not bad,” Yan Wuyue praised.

“Thank you,” Zhao Anqi laughed.

“Ive made a lot of mistakes, but I can do better next round,” Xiao Shengyun frowned.

“Then just work harder for the next round,” Yan Wuyue assured him.

“Of course.

I would never make the same mistake,” Xiao Shengyun said with confidence.

Zhao Anqi couldnt help but ask, “Arent you tired of living like this”

“Tired” Xiao Shengyun narrowed his eyes.”Ive never known what comfort was since young.

Fatigue is more like an encouragement to me.

It lets me know that I still have room for improvement.”

“Awesome!” Impressed, Zhao Anqi gave him a thumbs up.

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