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Right and Wrong

“I thought you two would be able to surprise me, but it turns out thats all there is to it.”

Zhang Mian slowly walked to Xiao Shengyun and said, “You two are really too weak.

You cant even make me excited.

Youre so disappointing.”

That contemptuous look, that mocking tone, and that disdainful look made Xiao Shengyuns pupils widen, but he quickly calmed down.

“Do you think youve already won” Xiao Shengyun suddenly said.

“Oh, you guys still have a backup plan” Zhang Mian made an exaggerated shocked expression.

“Im so scared.

Im really scared if you dont use it.

I beg you, please use it quickly.


“Anqi, Ill leave them to you.” Xiao Shengyun said.

“Alright!” Zhao Anqi, who was pinned in the air, responded.


Zhang Mian was a little surprised.

The next moment, he felt the space around him distort.

[Samsara Territory]

“I lost this time.”

In the domain, Xiao Shengyun, who had recovered his mobility, felt a little gloomy.

“What skill is this How could my skill be broken” Zhang Mian looked around in bewilderment at the distorted space with terrifying illusions.

“Theres no light here, so there wont be any shadows.

The skill youre so proud of is no longer useful here.” Xiao Shengyun raised his head and looked at the flustered Zhang Mian.

“So this is your trump card” Zhang Mian suddenly calmed down and stopped looking around.

“Come, Ill let you experience true despair!” Xiao Shengyun walked towards Zhang Mian.

In the outside world, Zhou Mingrui raised his brows slightly when he saw Xiao Shengyun activate his spatial domain.

“Although I had expected this, I didnt expect Zhang Mian to be able to force Xiao Shengyun to use this skill so quickly.”

“This Zhang Mian is too scheming.

He uses tactics and tricks as if hes born with the ability to do so.

This kind of person is a little tricky to deal with.” Yan Wuyue furrowed her brows.

“And he reminds me of someone.”

Zhou Mingrui turned his head and asked with voice transmission, [Is he someone from your future army]

Yan Wuyue nodded slightly.

[Hes also very smart, just like Zhang Mian.

He was known as the armys master strategist and has accomplished countless impossible tasks.

Unfortunately, he has a fatal flaw.]

Zhou Mingruis eyes flickered before he thought of something.

[He didnt treat his subordinates humanely, right ]

Yan Wuyue sighed and replied, [Thats right.

Although his mission completion rate topped the entire army, his men is also had the highest mortality rate.

He would do literally anything to complete missions, so people were terrified of joining his team.]

Zhou Mingrui pressed on.

[If thats the case, doesnt that mean that he wasnt well liked How could he remain in the army ]

[Of course, but theres a big shot among our top combat forces who really admired his methods and protected him.

Also, although this sounds really cruel, some missions had to be completed in his way, so he still stayed in the army.] Yan Wuyue answered.

[According to your description of the future, it appears this guy didnt live to the end] Zhou Mingrui asked after some thought.

[Yeah.] Yan Wuyue slightly raised her eyes.

[In one of the battles, he suddenly went mad and commanded his team and the other teams around him, a total of 7000 people, to take a detour and invade the main nest of those monsters.

In the end, we received no news of any of them, including him.]

[Later, I found out that he had a plan that had a high chance of killing a main nest controller.

The success rate was 73%.

Unfortunately, it was rejected by the higher-ups because too many people would be sacrificed if this plan were to go forward.]

Zhou Mingrui could imagine the situation back then.

He could also understand that persons perspective.

[Actually, the Thirteen Pillars almost agreed to this plan at that time, but in the end, because I was reluctant to sacrifice so many lives, the plan was eventually rejected.] Yan Wuyue continued.

[But he still did it, and he did it without hesitation.

He didnt care about his life at all.] Zhou Mingrui said.


Although he went mad in the end, he did manage to force that monster tide to retreat, and they didnt appear again for another three years.

We speculate that he must have killed at least one main nest controller.] Yan Wuyues eyes were full of complicated emotions.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mingrui fell silent.

You could say that this kind of person was repulsive.

He brought so many of his own people to die, of course he would definitely be hated.

However, youd think he was definitely pitiful too.

His starting point was for the reproduction and survival of his race, not for himself.

From the perspective of the entire race, he was right, but from the perspective of all those people he sacrificed, he was wrong.

He was so firm of his beliefs.

You cant hate this kind of person at all.

Just as the two of them were deep in thought, the space in front of them suddenly distorted.

Then, the entire domain began to crack like glass.

Zhou Mingruis eyes narrowed.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

More and more cracks appeared in the air.

Finally, it broke into countless pieces and dissipated silently into thin air.

After the domain shattered, the scene within was revealed.

Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue were both surprised because the scene in front of them were totally unexpected.

The winner was not Xiao Shengyun, but Zhang Mian, who was grabbing onto the formers collar.

Xiao Shengyun had completely lost any ability to battle.

His face was swollen and there was blood on the corner of his mouth.

It was obvious that he had been beaten up.

On the other hand, Zhang Mians clothes were only a little torn.

Everything else was clean and tidy.

He didnt even look like he had been in a battle.

“You were so smug just now, but youre so useless when you actually have to fight.

Im so disappointed.” Then, he threw Xiao Shengyun away like a sack of potatoes.

Xiao Shengyun fell in front of Zhou Mingrui, who got up and helped him up.

At this time, Zhao Anqi returned to Zhou Mingruis side.

“This b*stard, hes playing with us!” Zhao Anqi cursed angrily.

She was enraged because Zhang Mians other two teammates could have defeated her very quickly, but they didnt do so and instead just forced her to fly around and dodge their attacks.

Now that she had stopped, she was exhausted.

When she saw Xiao Shengyuns state, she was furious.

“Zhou Mingrui, give that fellow a good beating.

The more miserable, the better.

Ill give you money when youre done with him.

A lot of money!” Zhao Anqi said angrily.

Zhou Mingrui did not say anything.

Instead, he carried Xiao Shengyun to the side of the arena.

He stood up and was ready to join the battle.

“His, his ability is…”

Xiao Shengyun suddenly opened his mouth and spoke hoarsely.

He wanted to warn Zhou Mingrui about Zhang Mian.

“No need.

Rest well.

I dont need to know these.” Zhou Mingrui interrupted Xiao Shengyun.

He then turned around and left, his face expressionless.

“Alright, now its finally your turn with me.

Are you ready to be ruthlessly beaten up” Zhang Mian sneered at Yan Wuyue.

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