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Chapter 20: Unique

“Well, you’ve been officially recognized as an S-rank adventurer”

“I can’t actually claim to be one yet, right”

“I was thinking that it should be fine.

You’ll go through an observation period where you’ll be observed by the guild.”

Nina-san continued without being perturbed.

“At any rate, I’ll go about getting information about Necromancers but…the guild has never had a single adventurer who has been registered as a Necromancer.”



I combed through some old data, but I didn’t find the title Necromancer anywhere.”

“That’s unusual isn’t it”

It wasn’t unusual for an uncommon skill or job titles to appear here and there, but I would have never thought that there wouldn’t be any other person bearing the Necromancer title.

“It’s rare, or rather, it’s to the point that the guild has acknowledged it as a Unique job.”


Unique was meant quite literally, in that; it was one-of-a-kind.

The most well-known examples were the Demon King and the Hero.

Besides that, there was the Sage, the Sword Saint and the Miraculous Saint among others.

At any rate, it was an amazing thing.

“Uniques are existences that come about through some unknown means once special conditions are met.

There are some like the Hero that are simply conferred and have been reduced to a mere formality but… kings of all sorts, some dragon species and certain spirits are all similar but different in a way.”

“I see… either way, when you look at them as a whole…”

“Yes, every single one with a Unique title has exceedingly outstanding capabilities.”

“Is it really fine to consider me the same”

The Draconic race was already in the realm of myths.

So were the Hero and the Demon King, as well as the Sage and the Saints.

If Necromancer is as well, is it really alright for me to be at that level

“Land-san may not know it since you were able to quickly become part of an S-ranked party, but normally, S-rank is considered a sort of “super-rank” which exists past human limits, you know”

“Well, I was just a luggage carrier.”

“The guild doesn’t make you an S-rank for being “just a luggage carrier” but… well, it’s fine.

Anyway, you are finally able to say you are S-rank all on your own, so it’s appropriate to say that you’re at that sort of level, alongside those other powerful beings.”

It didn’t seem real… Still though, there was no point in trying to find fault with the guild’s decision.

“Unique… I guess I have to try my best to live up to the title, right”

“The guild is looking forward to it.”

Nina-san smiled as she spoke, but it seemed like this was quite the heavy burden.

Not to mention I was moving on from being a Tamer, which was widely ridiculed as a failure of a job.

“Try my best, huh”

I looked at Nina-san’s smiling face as I muttered to myself once more.


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