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Chapter 5: The Party’s Judgement (Part 4)

“What on earth…”

It was at that moment a voice surged into my head, bringing along with it a fierce headache.

You have met the requirements to unlock Necromancy, unlocking the power of a necromancer.Rei, the one horned wolf, can now be used due to the release of its power.The Tamer’s ability: Familiar ability absorption (partial) has been upgraded by the Necromancer’s ability.

Familiar ability absorption (complete).Absorbed Rei, the one-horned wolf’s ability.

Absorbed Minotaur’s ability.Absorbed Minotaur’s ability.Absorbed Minotaur’s ability.Absorbed Minotaur’s ability.Absorbed Minotaur’s ability.Your status has risen drastically.

The Tamer’s ability: Familiar Strengthening, has been obtained due to Rei, the one-horned wolf’s status drastically increasing

“Guh… what is this”


Rei was licking me with a worried look.

“Rei You are Rei, right”


Looking at the Rei who had energetically responded to me, I saw that his body was slightly transparent compared to the one in my arms.

“This is…”

“Waan! Waan!”

However, the sight of him frolicking around me while happily wagging his tail was just like Rei while he was alive, except for the fact that, if you looked closely, his body was also floating.

“Wait… the voice also said something about the Minotaurs.”


“Uwaa!!!! That surprised me.”

Transparent bodies had risen out of the Minotaur’s corpses as if responding to my voice.

“Is it possible you are all going to be like Rei too”


But instead, the bodies of the minotaurs turned into one mass of light that started dispersing into my body.

“This is… the absorption ability”

Tamers had the special characteristic of growing in status proportionally to their familiars’ strength.

This is probably what that voice had called ‘ability absorption (partial).’


As a test, I kicked out at the wall next to me with all of my strength.

SFX: Crash.


There was a perfect hole the size of my foot in the dungeon wall.

“Was that already there No, is this because of the Minotaurs power”

‘It was called ability absorption, but it didn’t really seem as if Rei had lost his power.

It appears to be sharing rather than absorption.’ I thought to myself.


“The Minotaurs have disappeared.

Are there different conditions for this ability” I asked no one in particular.

In any case, we had defeated the Minotaur, the dungeon’s floor boss.

I’m alive.

And that’s not all.

I have the feeling I gained substantial power.

It was a shock to lose Rei, but because of it, I became a Necromancer.

Apart from the usefulness of Necromancy, it made me happy to have Rei, who was now playfully chasing after his wagging tail, even if this was his form.

“In that case… am I no longer a burden to the party”

Each one of the party members’ faces came to mind.

Verbally abused, sacrificed and left for dead…

“No, when I think about it calmly, I should definitely leave that party.”

Without the Minotaurs in the dungeon, they would have most likely gotten out with ease.

About this time, they’re probably sitting at the guild bar chatting rather than mourning my death.


As for their luggage, I’ll properly return it to them before telling them I’m leaving the party.”

Incidentally, it was necessary to tell the guild what actually happened.

I think if I leave the party and go solo my rank should be somewhere around C It may be good to not be too well-known.

“How about we just live freely”


I decided on our next course of action as I stroked Rei, who had given me his response.


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