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With tears in his eyes, Bai Lang witnessed this shocking kiss.

It could be said to be very tragic.

However, Gong Jue and Gu Qiqi acted as if no one else was around.

After kissing, they even turned around and glared at him.

“What are you doing here”

Bai Lang went crazy.

Please, please understand the world of single dogs!

How could they bully him like this

Gu Qiqi suddenly remembered that Bai Lang had repeatedly hinted that Gong Jue had died in the line of duty just now.

It was already a foregone conclusion, but he still looked like he was gloating, causing her to be sad and filled with new hatred.

She was furious.

Her tone turned cold.

“Bai Lang, I wont pursue the other bad things youve done.

Youve gone overboard by lying to me today! The next time Gong Jue sends you to Africa, I wont stop him!”

Bai Lang scratched his head in confusion.

“How did I lie Hey, hey, hey, tell me clearly! Could it be that youve even helped to stop him from chasing me to Africa in the past Why dont I believe that you have such a kind heart”

Gu Qiqi couldnt be bothered to explain to him that she had helped him before.

She said angrily, “Didnt you come over early in the morning to tell me that Gong Jue had sacrificed himself in the explosion to make a fool of me”

Bai Lang didnt wait to say anything.

Gong Jue raised his eyebrows.

“When did I sacrifice myself”

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

“That explosion…”

Gong Jue felt relieved.

He stroked her long hair and whispered into her ear, “Little fool, thats just a smokescreen.

When the people from S Nation find out that weve obtained the laboratory information, theyll definitely make changes to the information map.

However, if we take the initiative to create an explosion and make them think that weve all died in the sea of fire, that the information and people have all disappeared and were annihilated, theyll let down their guard.

After all, modifying the map is a very cumbersome matter.

Unless its absolutely necessary, no one wants to act rashly.

Next, while theyre relaxed, Ill take the opportunity to destroy the forces theyve set up at the border in one go…”

Gong Jue explained to Gu Qiqi patiently.

At the same time, she felt a strong sense of guilt and frustration.

“The explosion was arranged late at night.

I rushed back early this morning.

I thought that the news wouldnt spread so quickly, but I didnt expect you to have already known in advance.

Im sorry, I didnt arrange it well.

In order to act more realistically, I also destroyed my phone and didnt tell anyone.

Ive made you worry…” Gong Jue kissed Gu Qiqis eyes with heartache.

He could clearly see Gu Qiqis slightly swollen and red eyelids and the worry and fatigue in her eyes.

She probably hadnt slept all night!

His stupid woman was actually so concerned about him!

His heart ached and he was tempted!

He really wanted to hold her body tightly and dote on her!

As Gu Qiqi listened, she finally felt relieved.

It turned out that this was a strategy.

Gong Jue trusted her a lot and was willing to tell her everything.

But then, she couldnt help but worry.

“You mean theres another confrontation coming”

Gong Jue nodded.

“Country S has been restless these days and has become arrogant again.

Teuton has been sending spies into the empire to cause trouble every few days.

Previously, it was a car accident, and later, it was a kidnapping on campus.

Now that Kun Bu dares to change his appearance and sneak into the World Medical Tournament, I definitely cant tolerate it! If I dont give them a heavy blow, that old man Teuton wont be taught a lesson!”

There was something else he hadnt said.

The people of S Nation had probably already taken a fancy to Gu Qiqis blood.

If he didnt eliminate the forces that Teuton had set up in the empire as soon as possible, Qiqi would be in great danger!

In order to protect his countrys citizens and his woman, he had to personally chase the people of S Nation out of the Hanbei Ridge!

If you love someone, fight for her!


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