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Chapter 4803: Refinement

Spectators had a hard time expressing their emotions after seeing the two drastically-different cultivators.

Some feared for their own creature due to a newly-surfacing distrust of their own ancient ancestors.

However, they carefully thought about it and realized that their ancient ancestors didnt have this ability.

Only progenitors with complete control over the lineages grand dao could duplicate Dao Sanqians maelstrom.

Regular sects lacked the same depth, but perhaps this was a blessing.

Prior to this, sect members took pride in having mighty ancient ancestors as backers.

Dao Sanqian subverted this expectation and revealed the con in having a potential disaster.

On the other hand, Enveloping Monarchs death had the opposite effect.

Men could still be virtuous and were ready to die for the right cause.

Both despair and hope became the themes of the event just now.

Furthermore, Dao Sanqian seemed to be a rare case.

More often than not, ancient ancestors lingered in this world due to having attachments for the sect and their descendants.

They kept themselves buried underground and lived a sunless life, hoping to be useful as protectors one more time.

“A sect cant ask for more than having Enveloping Monarch as a member.” One ancestor wiped his tears and said.

“We shall honor him as our ancestor once more.” Bones Monarch was also present for this battle and mourned his death.

In the past, his goal was to kill Enveloping Monarch for betraying Bones.

The guy was the successor and learned the Golden Cycle of Death yet left them for Three Thousand Dao.

No lineage would accept this without a fight.

It was a matter of deterrence to prevent top secrets from getting out unpunished.

Bones never recognized Enveloping Monarchs status in the sect due to the betrayal.

However, his righteous selflessness today made Bones Monarch change his mind.

He hurriedly went to pick up Envelopings corpse in order to give it a proper burial back in Bones.

“Ahh!” Meanwhile, screams continued to echo across Three Thousand Dao.

The lineage turned into hell in no time at all.

Those watching this with their heavenly gaze became traumatized.

Once all the dao essences left through the victims eyes, next came their longevity blood.

Now the pain intensified at this point.

They felt as if their soul and skull were being flayed.

Three Thousand Dao was massive in size yet the screams could be heard everywhere.

Many ancestors have seen horrifying events before but this was an entirely new scale.

“How can you do this…” A peerless cultivator trembled in astonishment.

Dao Sanqian had made up his mind and abandoned his morality for the sake of his goal.

Eventually, the last thing to break the body was the grand dao itself.

What they have cultivated obliterated their body with an explosion.

Blood and particles splashed everywhere.

“Fuck!” An ancient ancestor saw the mass explosions and became nauseous.

Dao Sanqian has successfully taken everything from the members of Three Thousand Dao.

The refinement process culminated within the maelstrom.

The temporal strings turned red afterward.

A terrible power surged in the air, capable of destroying Eight Desolaces.

At the same time, Dao Sanqians large figure turned into a seal to contain all the powers absorbed by the maelstrom.

Everyone looked up and couldnt describe its size with mere words.

It looked like the sky had a gaping wound that would never close.

On the other side of this seal was the deepest level of hell.

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