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2103 Leaving the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom

He had doubts about whether there was anything wrong with the teleportation talisman as well.

However, given Astral Rains cultivation realm, there was truly no need for him to go through so much trouble to deal with Su Zimo.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo tore the teleportation talisman apart.

The shards of the talisman spun continuously and a dark spatial tunnel appeared in midair.

Su Zimo walked in.

When traveling through the spatial tunnel, one could not sense the passage of space and time or the weight of their bodies.

All their senses would be greatly weakened.

An unknown period of time passed.

After a few breaths, Su Zimos eyes lit up and he felt his body lighten as he fell rapidly from midair.

He controlled his body hurriedly and released his spirit consciousness, on guard.

There was no danger in the surroundings and it was empty.

He had already left the spatial tunnel.

In the distant horizon, a gigantic ancient city could be vaguely seen.

Speeding in the direction of the ancient city, Su Zimo recognized before long that there were three words written on the ancient city—Seven Feather City!

Seven Feather City was an ancient city at the southern border of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

This teleportation talisman had indeed teleported Su Zimo to the borders of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom!

As long as he passed through this ancient city, he would leave the territory of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

At that time, with the help of the Trinity Auspicious Jade, he would be able to roam freely!

Su Zimo disguised himself as a sickly young cultivator.

His face was yellow and his lips were pale without any color.

He did not encounter any obstacles when he entered Seven Feather City.

When he left Seven Feather City, many city guards checked on him many times and asked him some questions.

Unlike other cities, the ancient cities at the borders were heavily guarded.

Su Zimo had long prepared for answers and managed to leave the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom safely!

After speeding for a while, Su Zimo stopped and turned around.

He looked deeply in the direction of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom with a cold gaze.

Thereafter, he followed the map and sprinted in the direction of Coiling Dragon Mountain Range.

13 Execution Guards died in Solar Luna County, incurring the wrath of the County Governor.

At the same time, Prince Yuan Zuo who was in Solar Luna County received the news as well.

He brought a commander of the Execution Guards, Lone Star, and a group of Earth Execution Guards to the location of the incident.

Back then, Prince Yuan Zuo was shocked by the heir of King Jin and was scared out of his wits.

When the heir of King Jin wanted him to get rid of all the Remnant Night forces in the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, there was no way he could disobey.

Because of Feng Cantians escape, King Jin was enraged and removed his authority in Green Cloud County as well as Perfected Immortal Jing Yues Green Cloud County Governor position.

Over the years, apart from chasing after Su Zimo, Prince Yuan Zuo spent most of his time traveling around the territory of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom to search for and exterminate the survivors of Remnant Night.

He did not dare to relax at all with the warning of the heir of King Jin!

The days of peace and comfort were long gone.

Right now, Prince Yuan Zuo was exhausted from the workload.

Among the many princes and princesses, his status was already ranked below average.

More importantly, the true body that he had tirelessly and painstakingly condensed was crippled and the Prime Body was implicated at the critical juncture of breaking through to the Perfected One realm.

Without a huge opportunity, he might never be able to become a Perfected Immortal!

With a single mistake, he fell from the clouds to the bottom of the valley!

Everything that happened after that, the jade talisman was snatched away and he was injured by the heir of King Jin—everything was because of a single person!

Su Zimo!

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