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Woo-hyun’s gaze, as he looked at the whole situation, didn’t contain any emotion.

“The road up to this day was difficult, but in the end, we did it.

If you followed the Chairman here, that’s enough.

Of course, some people thought it was absurd.

They’re not here anymore.

I don’t even know where they are.”

It meant that they were either dead or had been sold.

The faces of those who were encouraged slightly hardened at those words.

“But those of you who are here won’t end up like that.

Are you jealous of my position now Are you jealous of the things I enjoy Do you want to be like me Then be loyal to the Chairman!”

Executive Director Kim, standing on the stage, looked at the people below and shouted.

“For the Chairman, I would get stabbed if I was told to, I would die if I was told to.

That kind of loyalty was the secret to getting here.

So be loyal to your superiors.

If you fall for someone’s swaying words or temptation, your life will be **ed from then on, everyone.

There’s no need for that, right”

Executive Director Kim repeatedly emphasized the sweetness of loyalty and the misery of betrayal.

Young members of the organization were already being brainwashed, and older executives were being half-convinced by Executive Director Kim’s sly words.

By the end of the process, Kim had called the chairman.

Thunderous applause poured out, followed by a chant for the chairman.

It was an excitement close to irrational madness.

This was the result of the emotional encouragement from Executive Director Kim.

It looked rather childish.

And this kind of childishness sometimes made people give in.

“Everyone has worked hard until now, and I hope you’ll do the same going forward.

I’ll pay you well, so I trust you.”

The chairman’s greeting was short and bold.

After saying that they would receive as much as they did, he returned to his seat.

At those words, the members of the organization cheered.

Like people on the verge of getting fame and wealth.

Presents from the executives followed one after the other.

The members of the organization opened their mouths wide at the expensive gifts they gave, which were difficult to convert into currency, as if they were competing.

The most overwhelming gift was Executive Director Kim’s porcelain, which he won for 100 million won.

“I thought you might be interested in ceramics these days, so I prepared this.”

“Thank you.”

Unlike how he put away the other gifts, the chairman’s gaze lingered for a long time along the smooth curves of the porcelain.

Even in the darkness, the subtle glow of the brightly lit porcelain seemed to please him, and a satisfied smile blossomed around Executive Director Kim’s mouth.

“Is it to your liking”

“It’s nice.”

“That’s a relief.

But… Why is Director Sin standing like that Don’t tell me you came empty-handed on a day like today.”

Executive Director Kim’s smiling gaze flew to Woo-hyun like a knife.

“My gift is going to take a long time, so I was waiting for the end.”

“Is that so Shall we take a look”

“I’ll show you slowly.”

“Hey, there’s no use avoiding it.

Are you going to make the Chairman wait I’m also very curious about what my little brother has prepared for the Chairman.”

Executive Director Kim, who had the upper hand by calling him little brother, smiled.

It was a smile that showed he was convinced that no matter what gift he had brought, it couldn’t be better than his own.

The people’s gazes were drawn to Woo-hyun.

They looked curious about how Woo-hyun would come out.

The relationship between Woo-hyun and Executive Director Kim was quite famous within the organization.

Even though Executive Director Kim took care of Woo-hyun while in front of others, there was no one that didn’t know how he was keeping him in check behind the scenes.

In comparison, there were a lot of opinions that Woo-hyun was self-conscious because he didn’t give much of a response, but those close to him knew.

Woo-hyun didn’t deal with Executive Director Kim deliberately.

It was simply a fight between a spear that kept poking and a shield that didn’t react.

The people waited for Woo-hyun’s reaction, breathing heavily.

“I see.”

Finally, Woo-hyun opened his mouth that had been firmly closed in a straight line.

“I can’t keep you two waiting, so I’ll bring it.”

Woo-hyun’s head tilted.

At that light signal, Jun-kyung stepped back and gestured.

Members of the organization dragged ten men with arms tied behind their backs and made them kneel.

In an instant, the mood dropped violently.

The chairman’s eyes, who had been staring at the porcelain ever since, turned to the ten people who sat on their knees.

The buzz that had spread for a while quieted down as Executive Director Kim stood in front of Woo-hyun.

“What the hell is this”

Kim’s eyes turned cold as he looked at Woo-hyun.

The twisted corners of his mouth testified to his firmly twisted temper.

“Even if you don’t think about it, where do you think you are to drag those small fries here What the ** are you doing on a day to celebrate like today Director Sin.”

Executive Director Kim looked at Woo-hyun intimidatingly with his eyes glistening with madness.

“How could I I respect the will of Executive Director Kim, who normally values discipline.”

Woo-hyun stood with his hands behind his back and politely replied to Executive Director Kim.

“But you’re doing this **”

Executive Director Kim asked quietly, clenching his teeth tightly.

“The ones who tried to mess with my people, the ones who poked my business, the ones who were spying around my area.

Investigating them revealed Executive Director Kim’s name.”


Executive Director Kim’s expression suddenly crumpled.

His gaze turned back.

Executive Director Kim, who walked closer to them in big strides, grabbed them by the hair and checked their faces one by one.


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