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Chapter 125: Li Li (Part 2)

November 25, 2022Ai Hrist

Jiang Wei swallowed half of his saliva in fright and half of it ran into his trachea, he couldn’t help but cough violently.

Lin Qingyin silently patted Jiang Wei’s back: “Little apprentice, why are you so distracted Why are you scared like this Look how red your face is from coughing.”

Jiang Wei took out a handkerchief from his pocket, covered his mouth, and coughed.

He couldn’t say anything.

Even if he could say it, he wouldn’t dare to say it.

If he said that he wanted to kiss the little master, his face blushed, and his heart beats.

He estimates that his fate will be no different from this stone wall.


Lin Qingyin made a lot of shots, and all that collapsed were large stones, about half a meter wide, which widened the road without putting the cave in danger of collapsing.

This road was about ten meters away, and there was a fork.

Jiang Wei walked down the steep and slippery road without hesitation.

There were a lot of stalactites and stalagmites.

These stalactites and stalagmites contain a lot of spiritual energy, but Lin Qingyin now also knows that this natural landscape was very rare, and was unwilling to destroy the beauty here.

Anyway, the spiritual energy in this cave was enough for her to cultivate.

The cave has been winding down, with countless forks in it, but Jiang Wei doesn’t have to distinguish it at all.

He felt like something was hooking him in front, he just had to follow this feeling.

But after walking for more than two hours, the feeling suddenly disappeared, and he finally reached the end.

At the end of the cave, he don’t know how deep the ground was.

The air was very thin, so people like Lin Qingyin and Jiang Wei who were cultivators were not bothered.

Jiang Wei turned around in confusion.

It was quite spacious, about fifty or sixty square meters in size, but the ground was flat and surrounded by rocks, so there was nothing special about it.

But letting him go back the same way, he felt reluctant and wanted to stay here.

“Little Master, it seems that there are no treasures here.” Jiang Wei glanced at Lin Qingyin with some guilt, always feeling that he had led the way in the wrong way.

“What more do you want with such a strong spiritual energy here!” Lin Qingyin took out the jade box she brought from her bag and started to set up the formation.

She was not exaggerating, but the spiritual energy here was enough to flow throughout her spiritual vein.

It was her This place has the most aura that she had encountered since she came to this world.

After setting up the formation, Lin Qingyue sat down happily: “I’m going to retreat for a few days to hit the realm, there is something to eat in the bag, if you’re hungry, you can solve it by yourself.

If you’re bored, go out for a walk, with your luck you will be able to catch a silly roe deer or a hare or something.”

Cultivation was a very familiar thing for Lin Qingyin, and she settled down as soon as she crossed her knees.

Jiang Wei doesn’t need to cultivate, the dragon energy in his body can naturally increase his cultivation level, and even the need for spiritual energy was not too big, no wonder Lin Qingyin feels angry every time he sees his cultivation level increase.

After turning around the stone cave, Jiang Wei returned to the outside of the spirit gathering array, holding his chin and watching Lin Qingyin quietly.

he remembered when he first met Lin Qingyin, she was still a freshman in high school.

She was dressed in ordinary clothes and had a childish look on her face, so she dared to sit in the park and set up a fortune-telling.

He still remembered that when the little master stopped him, it was the most desperate time in his life, and he even felt world-weary.

It was the little master who pulled him back to the bottom of the abyss, helped him break the curse on his body, and retrieved his luck.


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