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Chapter 2138: Take CareTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Fei wanted to enter the ominous mist in person just to confirm his situation in the ominous mist.

He needed to prove that the Great Dao of Heaven Enlightenment was completely suitable for the Chaotic Wasteland.

In the ominous mist, peoples perception couldnt penetrate, because once their perception touched the mist, it would melt and even affect them.

Therefore, even the emperors could only see a faint light in the dark mist.

When Han Fei stepped into the ominous mist, he found that the visibility was at most ten meters, and it was full of black mist here.

Xue Fei used the Clean Stones to illuminate the surroundings.

Han Feis body glowed like a bright moon in the darkness.

At this moment, Han Fei saw the dragon snake that was thousands of meters long.

At that moment, information popped up in Han Feis eyes.

< Name > Ultimate Dark Yin Snake (Filthy)

< Introduction > A marine creature contaminated by the ominous tide.

Because it has swallowed endless ominous creatures, it has already developed consciousness and has an extremely strong desire to grow.

It can swallow other peoples negative emotions and influence other peoples emotions, stimulating the darkness in their hearts.

< Level > 100

< Quality > Primordial Mutant

< Realm > Sky Opening

< Battle Technique > Supreme Yin Turbid Water, Indestructible Demon Body, Dark Tide, Roar of Losing Control

< Collectible > Pure energy crystal

< Absorbable > Non-absorbable

< Remarks > Dont touch ominous creatures.


As soon as Han Fei saw the information, he felt that his eardrums were shaking.

This Ultimate Dark Yin Snake had launched the Roar of Losing Control at him.

Han Fei felt his heart sink and suddenly had an urge to wipe out the Ten Thousand Scale Race, he even wanted to swallow all the gains from this battle in Mountain City.

However, Han Fei was new here.

His purpose for the Chaotic Wasteland was very simple, which was to solve the Ten Thousand Scale Clan and save the suffering humans from fire and water.

Also, he wanted to destroy the An family and protect the Raging Sea.

Therefore, there was really nothing dark in Han Feis heart now.

He just snorted and activated the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique.

Boom ~

The Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique was like an indelible dazzling light in the boundless black fog.

The pillar of light descended in an instant.

When the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique blasted onto the Ultimate Dark Yin Snake, it actually turned into a mass of black water, with a black water pillar blocking the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique.

This should be the Supreme Yin Turbid Water Body of the Ultimate Dark Yin Snake, which seemed to be erupting with evil power.

Of course, the Supreme Yin Turbid Water was constantly being purified.

Obviously, the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique had an absolute suppressing effect on even ominous creatures in the Sky Opening realm.

However, Han Fei also discovered another thing, which was that the Ultimate Dark Yin Snake could absorb a large amount of ominous energy from this massive amount of ominous energy to replenish itself.

Of course, this replenishment speed was not as fast as it was purified by him.

However, Han Fei discovered that if he wanted to completely purify this thing in the tide wave, he would probably have to consume at least ten thousand years of his lifespan.

After all, the snake was also a Sky Opener and could absorb ominous aura from the tide waves.

Han Fei didnt fight it head-on, but asked Xue Fei to form a barrier with the Clean Stone Array, trying to wrap this place up.

Clatter ~

When one black water ripple after another, one stronger than the previous one, erupted in the void, a large number of Clean Stones lost their luster and instantly shattered.


Han Fei saw that as each layer of ripples overlapped, the speed at which the Clean Stones shattered became faster and faster.

Ten thousand Clean Stones couldnt even withstand a single ripple.

Besides, when the second wave of ripples stacked up, ten thousand Clean Stones were not enough to resist it at all.

Seeing that the barrier of the Clean Stone was almost broken, Han Fei added millions of Clean Stones with a flip of his hand, forming a super barrier in the tide wave.

A massive amount of Clean Stones, plus Han Feis Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, finally suppressed this Ultimate Dark Yin Snake in the Sky Opening realm.

Millions of Clean Stones were almost exhausted.

After Han Fei used five Heaven Enlightenment Divine Techniques in a row, this Ultimate Dark Yin Snake was finally purified.

After killing this Ultimate Dark Yin Snake, Han Fei was shocked.

A million Clean Stones and a few Heaven Enlightenment Divine Techniques were actually not much at all.

Mountain City could easily resist hundreds of thousands or even millions of ominous creatures.

With the same consumption, how great an achievement would it be to kill an ominous creature in the Sky Opening realm This was much easier than killing a normal Sky Opening realm powerhouse.

So as long as he had enough Clean Stones, he could kill many ominous creatures in the Sky Opening realm alone like this Ultimate Dark Yin Snake.

The death of the Ultimate Dark Yin Snake didnt cause any astronomical phenomenon.

There was no telling if it was because of the tide waves, so the astronomical phenomenon couldnt be shown.

However, the energy crystals Han Fei got were not ordinary.

They contained 180,000 wisps of Chaotic Qi, more than 100,000 ownerless souls, more than 30,000 wisps of Fiendish Qi, and ten million levels of spiritual energy.

If such an energy crystal was given to ordinary people, they could use it until he became a Venerable or even a king.

This was the horror of a Sky Opening Realm energy crystal.

When Xue Fei and Han Fei returned to Mountain City, the first layer of the city-protecting array had been riddled with holes and was shattered.

When the ominous creatures and the tide wave almost reached the city wall, the guard captains roared, “Open the second layer of the city protection array.”

It was the same as the first layer of the city protection array.

Just like just now, they trapped a group of ominous creatures and then began to kill them freely.

Compared to the first-level city-protecting array that only lasted for four hours, the second-level city-protecting array lasted for a full sixteen hours, and the number of Clean Stones burnt was also an astronomical figure.

A thousand kilometers outside the city was covered with energy crystals.

The third-level array was the main city array.

Unlike the first two arrays, the main city array was invested with the most stones, but it still applied the same trapping trick as the first two arrays.

This battle lasted for two days and two hours before the tide wave slowly disappeared.

During this period, Han Fei attacked six times and killed six ominous creatures in the Sky Opening Realm.

However, after the tide wave, the battle didnt end.

Although the tide wave disappeared for some reason, there were still a few ominous auras left and some ominous creatures fighting tens of thousands of miles away or further.

This was a time of free hunting for the entire city.

People were free to hunt ominous creatures.

Anyway, no matter how they hunted, the number of resources they needed to hand over wouldnt change.

During this period, the layer of energy crystals on the ground were left behind by the ominous creatures purified by the city-protecting array when it resisted the tide.

Ordinary people couldnt collect them.

In the Lords Mansion.

Han Fei said, “This is the tide wave of the Chaotic Wasteland erupting once every hundred years.

When it comes, the ominous creatures would attack the city.

The tide wave this time is over, so its time for you to leave.”

Han Fei said solemnly, “The Chaotic Wasteland is only a part of the East Sea Divine Realm, and the East Sea Divine Realm is only a part of the Sea Realm.

To put it bluntly, in the Sea Realm, the Sea Establishers are as many as the ominous creatures in the tide wave.

In the Sea Realm, the Sea Establishment is just the beginning.

Its up to you how you walk your way.

But you have an advantage, because you have lived for a long time and have a deep heritage, which is not something ordinary Sea Establishers in the Sea Realm can compare to…”

Hong Yue said, “Im willing to follow you, Master Human Emperor.

I, Hong Yue, dont want to leave you.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at him.

“Dont cause trouble.

The Chaotic Wasteland may be suitable for a small number of people, but its definitely not suitable for most people.”

Then, Han Fei said, “Those who want to leave, enter Senior Tai Yuans Origin Sea later.

As long as you leave the Chaotic Wasteland, you will be free.”

At this moment, Tai Yuan also said leisurely, “There are very few people here who can adapt to the Chaotic Wasteland.

Besides, the City of Scavengers has been suppressing the human race.

If you stay here, not only will you have no chance to make a name for yourself, but you will also be in a very difficult situation every day.

Han Fei is right.

You have to consider it carefully.”

The Snow Lady said, “Ill go with Senior Tai Yuan.

In the Sea Realm, our strength can only be said to be ordinary.

We have to be careful, become stronger, and revive the human race.

Thats our goal.”

Liuli: “I agree.

Ill go with Senior Tai Yuan too.”

Lei Qing said, “This is not a place for the human race to stay for long.

We shouldnt delay the Human Emperors plan here.

We have to leave.”

Huang Jie said, “Heh, it would be a great loss if we dont go out to experience such a wonderful world.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “We…”

Han Fei said, “You have to leave too.

The City of Scavengers is not suitable for human kings to stay.

I stay because I have a solution.

If you stay, you will hinder me.”

Le Renkuang said, “Its time for us to seek a stronger path.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Thats right.

Sea Establishment is just the beginning.

We have to embark on our own path anyway.”

For a moment, everyone expressed their opinions.

This was exactly what Han Fei wanted.

If they didnt leave, they would be in his way.

In the end, Han Fei said, “In this world of countless races, you and I are all human beings, so we should strive for the rise of the human race in this world.

I dont care what means you have or use, you are human beings, which is your root.

If this root is destroyed and you and I die, there will be no human beings in this world.

Therefore, take care on this trip…”

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