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Chapter 2139: Tax ReductionTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After the tide wave.

billions of kilometers away from Mountain City, Han Fei bid farewell to the Sword God and the others again.

Han Fei gave each of them ten million crystals and said, “Seniors, I dont know when we will meet again.

However, I believe that as long as we dont die, we will always have a chance to rise.

Whether it is the human race, the giant beast race, or the undersea human race, they will all rise in the Seal Realm.”

The Sword God said, “You have to accumulate strength in the Chaotic Wasteland, not become enemies with the Ten Thousand Scale Clan.

Anyway, you need to wait until you become stronger before considering these things.”

Han Fei nodded.

“Of course.

Although Im confident in my strength, Im not strong enough to challenge a Monarch.”

Tai Yuan said, “Although youre on the path of corpse puppets, you cant focus on this path.

Corpse puppets are far inferior to your other Great Daos.

You have to be careful.”

Han Fei cupped his hands.

“Thank you for your guidance, Senior Tai Yuan.”

Wang Yijian said, “If we meet again, lets have a fight.”

Han Fei smiled.


Luo Xiaobai, Zhang Xuanyu, and Le Renkuang bid farewell to Han Fei in person.

Luo Xiaobai said, “I dont know if we can meet again.

If theres a chance, Ill leave some clues with the Thug as the symbol.

If theres a chance in the future, we can meet again.”

Zhang Xuanyus eyes lit up.

“This is a good idea.

Ill do the same.

Feifei! If you really cant beat the Monarchs in the Chaotic Wasteland, you can leave the Chaotic Wasteland temporarily and seek some opportunities.

This should be the most suitable for you.”

Le Renkuang said, “Then pay attention.

Wherever there is delicious food, there may be clues about me.

Also, we will definitely meet again.”

Han Fei smiled.

“Of course.

By the way, I have something for you.”

With that, Han Fei gave each of them a jade slip and a Star Shell and said, “My three attacks are sealed in here.

There are also some energy crystals, only a million of them.

Its unnecessary to give you too many.

Otherwise, it may affect your growth.”

Luo Xiaobai and the other two nodded.

That was indeed the case.

The more help Han Fei gave them now, the more unfavorable it would be for their growth.

However, this jade slip was only used to protect their lives, which was very good.

Luo Xiaobai said, “We wont use it unless we have to.”

Han Fei said, “We must part now.

Senior Tai Yuan and the others are waiting.

The Chaotic Wasteland is not a place to stay for long.

After the tide wave, the City of Scavengers and the small cities under their jurisdiction will definitely attack and hunt ominous creatures.

Therefore, you have to leave quickly while the major cities are collecting resources… I have to go back too.”

Zhang Xuanyu took a deep breath and patted Han Fei on the shoulder.

“See you next time.

Guess if I can catch up with you.”

Han Fei smiled.

“I guess you cant.”


After Han Fei said goodbye to Zhang Xuanyu and the others, the Sword God and the others quickly left.

They were all in the Sky Opening realm and were very decisive.

They were not lovers, so they were not that reluctant to part.

One day later, in Mountain City.

In the Lords Mansion, Han Fei was reading the statistics.

In Mountain Citys battle against the tide wave this time, the total losses were about 750 million Clean Stones.

If the Clean Stones collected by the people in the city at usual times were added, the total number might reach about 900 million.

However, what Han Fei actually spent was only 600 million Clean Stones.

He should collect 240 million energy crystals.

However, not all the money was his.

In it, at least 100 million energy crystals would flow to the City of Scavengers.

Among them, the amount of tribute was about 100 million.

This was based on the ranking of the cities.

Xue Feis Mountain City was ranked 80th, and the amount of tribute was more than 80 million.

If he spent more in the City of Scavengers, it would be equivalent to losing 100 million.

Compared to previous years, the benefit this time was that Han Fei didnt have to reward the Ten Thousand Scale Clan powerhouses.

As for the other Sea Establishers, because they were mainly outsiders, Han Fei would only reward them with more than ten thousand energy crystals.

Outsiders were here to take refuge in the first place.

Mountain City had protected them, so giving them some resources as compensation for defending the city was already very generous.

At least, that was what the Ten Thousand Scale Clan had always thought.

And this time, after excluding all the factors, Han Fei had collected about 236 million energy crystals in total.

After giving some to the Sword God and the others, there were less than 190 million left.

And the combat power loss in Mountain City was not much.

40,292 Venerables died, 85,698 explorers died, and a total of 125,990 people died.

Less than half of the total population of Mountain City died.

In a hundred years, with the accumulation of a large number of cultivation resources, the lost population would be quickly replenished.

In this tide wave, the average number of energy crystals obtained by the people participating in the battle was 198 pieces.

Deducting the portion that was handed over, it meant that each person obtained 78 energy crystals on average.

This number was very good.

In the Lords Mansion, Han Fei was not in a hurry to use these resources.

At this moment, all the people were immersed in the joy of harvest.

Suddenly, Xue Feis voice sounded throughout Mountain City.

“Everyone, listen up.

In the next three hundred years, the tax on the sea area of Mountain City will be reduced from 50% to 30%.

In these three hundred years, I will choose some Heavenly Talents with potential to enter the city from the sea area of Mountain City… Therefore, in these three hundred years, you have to work harder.”

“Hiss ~”

“What A full 20% tax deduction”

“A tax of 30% for three hundred years The lord is so bold.

In order to select some elites, he actually sacrificed so much”

Someone was shocked and couldnt help but feel excited.

“Its been tens of thousands of years! This is the first time.

Who remembers the last tax deduction”

Someone exclaimed, “That was more than ten thousand years ago.

It seems to be to select talents.”

Many people secretly guessed, “Could it be that something big is going to happen in the City of Scavengers, so there is this tax deduction”

And this was exactly what Han Fei wanted.

The reason why he wanted to reduce the tax was really not to choose any talents, but he could use this as a reason.

This was because every hundred years, the cities under the rule of the City of Scavengers needed to send some talented powerhouses to the City of Scavengers.

Mountain City didnt send many elites over every year.

However, this time, Han Fei had his own plan.

Of course, the plan was only one of Han Feis purposes.

He couldnt control the ten thousand domains in the Scavenger Sea Area now, so he could only ease some pressure from the humans in Mountain City.

While Han Fei was deducting taxes, there were still some people in the city who were not very excited.

Instead, they looked puzzled.

“Nothing big is going to happen recently! Why the tax reduction”

Someone narrowed his eyes and thought to himself, This is big news.

I have to report it to the higher-ups.

When Han Fei announced the tax reduction, he already knew that the news would quickly spread throughout the Scavenger Sea Area.

This was because such a low tax rate was rare.

Only a few cities had done this.

When Xue Fei went to the City of Scavengers to report, he would definitely be questioned.

At that time, it would be the time for his plan to be launched.

A few days passed.

Little Sea Village.

When Han Feis puppet came to report, Zhao Jing was dumbfounded.

“What The tax has been reduced to 30% Master Tax Envoy, is this true”

“How can it be fake The Lord is going to select some Heavenly Talents.

For the next three hundred years, your village should work hard!”

“Yes, uh… Yes, thank you, my lord.”

Zhao Jing felt as if she were in a dream.

Her intuition told her that something was wrong.

Was the lord still alive If he was alive, how could he not know that the tax envoys had died Not only did he not send anyone down to investigate, but he had also reduced so many taxes.

But in any case, this was a big event, a great joy.

Just as Zhao Jing was about to tell the good news to the entire village, a voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

“Come and see me.”

“Who is it”

Zhao Jings face changed drastically.

When she scanned around with her perception, she found that a person she could never forget had appeared in her house.

This person was none other than Han Fei.

A moment later.

Zhao Jing asked, “Master Emperor, you havent left yet”

Han Fei asked, “What do you think of the 30% tax rate”

Zhao Jing couldnt help taking a breath.

“Did you… do this, my lord”

Han Fei didnt deny or admit.

He just said, “Only you know what Im going to say.

Do you dare to listen”


Zhao Jing couldnt help swallowing and said firmly, “Please go on, my lord.”

Han Fei said, “Mountain City is already in my hands, but this is far from enough.

I can decide the tax in the sea area of Mountain City, but I cant affect the tax rate in other cities.

Now, I need an identity, an identity of a Heavenly Talent, and the origin of this identity is in your Little Sea Village…”

Zhao Jing didnt quite understand.

She just asked blankly, “Little Sea Village”

Han Fei said, “Find me an identity, an identity that the entire village can accept.

Only you know this…”

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