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Chapter 1352: An Extraordinary Chemical Reaction (3)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They examined the situation carefully.

The purchaser had bought all the tickets almost at the same time, and they paid through the same software.

“Someones locking up our venues!” The manager was quick to spot the fact.

“I wonder if its Lu Tianqing herself or her fans.”

“But no matter who it is, its so unethical! If no one had bought the tickets, we could have naturally switched to another movie that would sell well.

Now, we have to screen this movie while making a loss.”


I noticed too.

Even though there were people who bought the tickets, no one showed up to watch the movie.

The whole theater was empty.”


“Previously, we were worried that we would let Boss Jin down by replacing Lu Tianqing, but since theyre so heartless, we can only do the same.

Return all these tickets to the buyer immediately and change Lu Tianqings movie to Su Beis movie!”

“Yes, change it to Su Beis movie!”

Everyone had long wanted to change it.

After all, it was really too uncomfortable to see a lot of money not being earned.

Now that they had found such a good reason, they would act immediately.

With this change, the box office results of Su Beis movie completely soared.

Lu Tianqing could only occupy a fraction of Su Beis results.

Lu Tianqing said to her manager, “Lets announce it to the public directly.

Lets say that Su Bei maliciously snatched our showtimes and made the movie theater managers deliberately refund the tickets to our movie.

She doesnt want people to watch my movie, so shes forcing everyone to only watch her movie.”

Soon, many people posted photos of the refund notice for their tickets.

They claimed: [We originally wanted to support Lu Tianqing, but after we bought the tickets, the movie theaters refused to let us watch the movie and forcibly refunded our tickets.

We later discovered that the tickets they gave us were all for Su Beis movie.]

[Is it so difficult to watch a movie we want We like Lu Tianqing.

Is that wrong]

[The movie theaters should give us an explanation.

Why did they do that]

[Must Su Bei treat us like this just because she has the support of a famous director]

The matter caused a huge commotion.

After all, a Best Actor and other popular actors were also in Lu Tianqings movie.

The fans of these people were not to be underestimated.

They followed suit and said: [No wonder the box office results of the movie were surpassed by Su Beis movie.

Later on, we couldnt even catch up.

So theres such an inside story.

If you dont give us an explanation, you cant blame us for not letting it go.]

[Su Bei, youre really too much.

Did He Xuyan give you the courage You contracted all these movie theaters Why are you still making movies when youre so rich, then]

[Thats right.

It was all hype before, but now, youre promoting your movie in such a vicious way.

Dont tell me we can only watch your movie with our heads down What about our dignity as movie-goers]

Jin Mingchang also flared up at the movie theater managers.

“Everyone, weve been working together for many years.

Your actions this time are too disrespectful to me.

What benefits did Su Bei give you”

The managers had no choice but to give the evidence of the venue lock to Jin Mingchang.

Jin Mingchang was also an expert in this area.

When he saw this, he understood what Lu Tianqing had done.

Although these managers had indeed been paid, they just did what they had to do.

No one watched Lu Tianqings movie, so it was their freedom to replace Lu Tianqings movie with Su Beis.

Lu Tianqing had maliciously locked their venues first.

Jin Mingchang was indeed in the wrong.

“This mustve been done by fans.

I hope that you wont ruin our many years of friendship because of the actions of some brainless fans!” Jin Mingchang said and turned to leave.

The managers breathed a sigh of relief.

At least they knew they wouldnt have to take full responsibility for this.

The reprimands online were too fierce, but the managers couldnt be bothered to clarify things for Su Bei.

Wouldnt it be a slap to Lu Tianqings face

They would give Jin Mingchang face, but not Su Bei.

This was especially so for Manager Liang, who was leading the group.

He said to everyone, “Theres no need to respond to the matters of the outside world.

When something like this happens, the blame will all be on the celebrities.

Everyone, lets just guard our own cinemas well.

We wont get involved.”

When he got home, he counted the money he earned from Su Beis movie and used her popularity as a stepping stone.

However, he was not the slightest bit swayed despite seeing how badly Su Bei was being scolded online.

“What are you so happy about, Dad” his son and daughter asked.

“Why shouldnt I be happy Ive made money.”

Manager Liang went to sleep after drinking.

His son and daughter were both Su Beis fans.

They planned to check his computer to see if there was any news about Su Bei.

As high school students, they had a lot of lessons and a very packed schedule.

Manager Liang usually didnt allow them to use the computer.

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