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“……You are better than me.”

After a while, Tristan broke the heavy silence with incomprehensible self-talk, then raised his head and looked at Renato.

“You are right.

It’s dangerous to trust you completely in the current situation.

Even more so now that the Empress and Marquis Medus have a different intention.”

Is it a failure Renato pursed his lips when hearing Tristan’s words and lowered his gaze.

However, he raised his head because of the following words.

“I know that, but I trust you.”

“……Excuse me”

“Why are you so surprised You were the one that asked me to trust you.”

Tristan softly smiled at Renato when he widened his eyes in surprise.

“Just like how you cannot stand alone against the Empress or Marquis Medus, neither can I.

It’s a shameful thing to say, but I don’t have the power to turn the situation around right now.

If this continues, perhaps I won’t be able to protect Trudy to the end.”

The glory of the past was long gone.

His brilliant power was also shattered and crumbled.

Tristan admitted that his situation was not what it used to be.

For the sake of the future, it was time for him to face reality.

“So I will trust you.

I know that you truly loved Ludmilla and deeply care for Trudy, so…… I want to trust you.

So tell me.

What can I do to help”

Hearing Tristan’s words, Renato’s eyes shook like petals fluttering in the wind.

Although their relationship had improved thanks to Ludmilla, Renato basically had no faith in Tristan.

Because it was enough for him to have vain expectations and then be disappointed afterward during his childhood.

Because of that, in his previous life, he never dared to ask for help from Tristan.

Rather, at that time, he assumed that Tristan would have been disappointed and angry with him, so he avoided him.

In fact, Tristan left Renato alone after Ludmilla’s death.

He probably thought that Renato was completely on Blanche and Marquis Medus’ side.

And even if it wasn’t the case, taking care of Trudy with his condition would have been difficult enough, so he couldn’t have paid attention to Renato.

There was no way to know the truth now, but in the past, Renato did not visit Tristan, and Tristan did not find Renato either.

Because of that, the relationship between the two fell apart.

If I had had the courage in my previous life just like how I do now, would things have changed

Renato was confused by that thought for a moment, but then let out a small sigh.

Regretting the past didn’t help in the current situation.

He soon regained his composure and said what he wanted with a determined voice.

“I heard that the young lord of Florence Duchy is being mentioned as the special protocol officer to welcome the newly appointed diplomatic ambassador of the Khan Kingdom.

I hope you can give me that role.”

“Special protocol officer It’s not that difficult, but…… Can I ask what you are thinking”

“I heard that the new diplomatic ambassador is Khalid Nur Hakan, the grand prince of the Khan Kingdom.

I intend to get close to him.”

Khalid Nur Hakan.

As he said the man’s name aloud, his heart momentarily fluttered.

Khalid was the benefactor who helped Renato in his previous life.

Two days ago, when he heard about him from Maximo, Renato realized that the memories of his previous life could be used as a weapon.

Information about the future.

It was the information that he had ahead of both Marquis Medus and Maximo at this point.

Renato immediately summarized the important events and figures in the future that he remembered in as much detail as possible.

And he made plans to use it.

Becoming a special protocol officer and meeting with Khalid were the first steps in his plan to change the destined tragedy.

“Are you planning to get close to the grand prince”


The Khan Kingdom is a long-time ally and military cooperator of the Empire.

If I can become close to him, we can get help in times of danger.”


Tristan sighed.

He felt reluctant to invite external forces into the affairs of the Empire.

“The reason Marquis Medus wants to make lord Florence a special protocol officer is to make a good impression on the grand prince.

They hope that they will be able to fill in what they lack.”

“What the Marquis lacks…… you mean military force Do you mean they are trying to fill it through the grand prince”

“That is what I understand.”

The Emperor had something that Marquis Medus didn’t.

That was military power.

Even if the Marquis had the upper hand in political power, the Emperor was still the supreme commander-in-chief of the imperial army.

The loyalty of the military was still the same.

Therefore, Marquis Medus turned to the outside.

He wanted an army free from the Emperor’s influence.

For the Marquis, Khalid was a coveted prey.

“I think it’s good to stay close to the grand prince to prevent any unexpected situation.”

Renato insisted in a rare strong tone.

In his previous life, just like what Marquis Medus wished, Maximo became the special protocol officer.

However, he failed to form a bond with Khalid.

Due to Maximo’s personality, it was highly likely that this would happen again even if he became the special protocol officer.

However, Renato had another reason to want to become the special protocol officer.

Khalid was an indispensable part of his plan.

“His Majesty the Empress and Marquis Medus will not object to me becoming the special protocol officer.

To them, I am a good chess piece.

They would think that it would bring no harm if I became close to the grand prince in lord Florence’s stead.

I’ll try to take advantage of that loophole.”

Once embedded in people’s minds, a person’s image would not change easily.

Especially when he was a Beta Prince who was despised by everyone, and a child who had been ignored his entire life.

Perhaps it might change later, but neither Marquis Medus nor Blanche would notice his betrayal right now.

Renato was convinced of his thoughts.

It was a decision he could make because he had been watching the two of them for over 20 years, including his previous life.

“I intend to take advantage of His Majesty the Empress and Marquis Medus’ carelessness to get information and interfere with it.

Until I gain some strength, I’m going to stay with them like before…… Please understand this in advance.”

“Are you okay with that It could be dangerous if they notice it now.”

“They won’t notice that.

Because to both of them, I don’t know anything, and am no different from an idiot that cannot do anything.”

“If you think so…… I understand.

I’ll call the prime minister the day after tomorrow and make you the special protocol officer.”

I did it.

Renato inadvertently clenched his fists when Tristan granted his permission.

His palms were wet, probably because he was nervous the whole time.

“Thank you very much.

I will do my best not to disappoint you.”

“Don’t overdo it…… I’m sorry that I’m putting a heavy burden on you.”

Tristan looked at Renato with eyes filled with worry and guilt, and let out a sigh-like apology.

“Not at all.

It’s what I want to do.

I will attract attention for the time being, so please just focus on your recovery, Your Majesty.”

“I got it.”

Tristan nodded his head with a highly motivated expression.

He was eager to recover as quickly as possible.

“If you need anything, feel free to tell me.

Just contact the chamberlain.”

“Yes, Imperial Father.

I’ll be back today.

Please have a comfortable rest.”

The talk was longer than expected.

Renato, who had accomplished the purpose of meeting Tristan, hurriedly finished the conversation and got up.

It was to give Tristan a rest.


Having left the place, Renato let out the breath he had been holding back.

Even though he only talked, his heart was racing as if he had been running with all his might.

“I can do it.

It’ll be alright.

I can do it……”

Now it’s just one step away. Renato looked down at his trembling hand and tightly clenched it.

Then he mumbled to himself just like chanting a spell and walked towards the carriage.

The pale purple eyes that had become more powerful than before shone resolutely.

* * *

“Wow, the weather is really nice.

Isn’t this just like spring”

Khalid glanced to the side when he heard the exclamation.

When their gazes met, Vice Commander Amavand grumbled while fanning with his hands.

“It’s also winter, but it’s so different…… If I had known it would be like this, I would have just worn thin clothes.”

“In our country, this would be early spring weather.”

Khalid briefly commented about the cold winds brushing his cheeks and earlobes.

The Khan Kingdom, located in the highlands, had the longest winter on the continent and boasted the most severe cold weather.

The Empire’s winter was only a little chilly for the kingdom’s people, who were trained in the weather cold enough to freeze even the monsters.

“Can I take off my coat I’m going to have a heat rash at this rate.”


We will be arriving at the capital soon.

Everyone, dress properly.”

Khalid firmly stopped Amavand and ordered the knights to adjust their clothes.

Then he turned his head to Nasir.

“The special protocol officer that will meet us today is the 1st Prince”

“Yes, that’s right.

That Beta……”

“Hmm, it’s not what we expected.

Didn’t you say that there is a high possibility that lord Florence, who is supported by the Empress’ side, will appear”

“According to our informants, it was originally almost confirmed, but the Emperor suddenly appointed the 1st Prince.”

“Aren’t both the 1st Prince and lord Florence the Empress’ people anyway The Emperor would not have chosen the 1st Prince as the special protocol officer for no reason.”

“Not much is known about the 1st Prince…… We’ll never know what kind of person he is until we meet him in person.”

Nasir shamelessly rubbed the nape of his neck.

Before he left the kingdom, he investigated in detail the internal affairs of the Empire and the power structure, but there was little information about the 1st Prince.

Because he was a Beta without the right to the throne, he did not show up much in public.

Becoming a special protocol officer this time could be said to be the first government affair that he had been entrusted with as a Prince.

“As soon as we arrive in the capital, we will re-investigate the 1st Prince.”

“Do that.

It looks like we are ready.

Let’s go inside.”

Finishing their conversation, Khalid signaled the departure to Amavand.

When Khalid and his party approached the gate, the Captain of the Capital Guard shouted at the gatekeeper to open the door.

Creak, ooong!

With a loud noise, the huge gate opened, revealing a road that had numerous buildings on both sides and was wide enough for a few carriages to come and go.


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