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“What’s going on”

Sera asked Helios as she rushed out of the inner room, closing the door behind her.

He was also staring at the office door with a curious face.

“I’m not sure either.”

Puzzled, Helios looked back at Sera.

As he shrugged, someone pounded on the door again.


The only person in the world who could call Helios ‘oppa’ was Rosé, and that voice was definitely hers.

How urgent was the situation that she knocked so frantically on the door while yelling.

Making eye contact, Helios and Sera’s eyes grew wide.

Helios was quick to react.

He rose from his seat and strode straight to the door.

There, he opened it wide without any hesitation.

Sera also took that moment to set down her dress and shoes on the desk.

So that she could find out what was going on, she followed after Helios and stood next to him.

“What’s going on What do you mean Ferre is hurt” Helios asked.

His expression turned grave as he glanced down at Rosé, who was stomping her feet.

Sera saw that Rosé was still wearing her white nightgown.

She ran in such a hurry that her hair was disheveled, proving that she came here without being able to comb or even wash her face first.

“Oppa! Ferre’s hurt a lot! What should we do!”

“I express my deepest apologies for not sending a notice beforehand, Your Majesty, especially when it’s so early in the morning.

His Highness Ferre has a terrible stomachache, and we had no choice but to bring him here.

I called the court doctor as well, but I made the decision to bring him here first because it would be better to treat His Highness first with Your Majesty’s divine power.”

As she explained the situation, the head maid slightly glanced towards Sera, whose hair was loose.

Even so, she stood her ground.

“Hyuung… Heli Hyuuung…”

At Ferre’s cries, Helios turned to him.

Ferre’s voice sounded so lifeless.

Curled up into himself as he was being carried by a knight, Ferre was soaked in cold sweat.


“Heli Hyung”

Though he was in so much pain, Ferre smiled the moment he heard Helios’ voice, as if this was enough to make him feel a little better.

Even so, his uneasy smile was still distorted by pain.

“Give him to me.”

Helios quickly reached out to carry Ferre.

And as Ferre caught a whiff of Helios’ familiar scent, he quickly wrapped his arms around his older brother’s neck.

When Helios received Ferre from the knight, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

He thought that Ferre’s body would be like a ball of fire, but fortunately, it didn’t seem like he was suffering a serious fever.

“Ferre, let me see your face for a second.

Can you tell me what’s wrong”

Helios looked at his younger brother with a clear expression of concern.

However, Ferre was breathing heavily as he had his arms around Helios’ neck.

He looked up with great difficulty.

Streaked with tears, Ferre’s face was somewhat the same shade of yellow as his blond hair.

“Oppa, hurry and heal him.


Rosé clung to Helios’ leg as she urged him.

‘What’s going on I’m sure there was nothing wrong when I tucked you in bed earlier this morning.’

Sera also watched Ferre worriedly.

She had no idea why he was in so much pain right now.

Anxiously, she thought over and over whether there was anything unusual that happened that she might recall.

“Hyung, my tummy… it hurts so, so much.

Like it’s boiling.”

Ferre groaned with a very tearful voice.

As if to endure the pain, Ferre clutched Helios’ shirt tightly, his knuckles turning as white as his lips.

His face turned flushed red, then yellow, then as white as a sheet again.

Seeing this, Helios became extremely worried because this was obviously not normal.

Then, at that moment.

Ferre had been biting his lower lip, but he suddenly shouted.

“Hyung! HYUNG!”

His voice became so filled with pain as he called Helios urgently.

With the way he thrashed, he looked like he might fall backwards.

But what exactly was wrong The people gathered there had faces that also turned deathly pale.

Helios adjusted his hold on Ferre so that he wouldn’t fall.

With one arm around Ferre’s back, Helios was about to reach towards Ferre’s stomach with his other hand, but.

“No! You can’t! Don’t touch my tummy!”

Ferre cried out in a hurry.

“Not there! Not there!”

Ferre weakly hit Helios’ shoulder over and over.

Helios couldn’t believe that just touching it was already so painful for Ferre.

Seeing this, Helios decided that he should imbue divine power right this instant.

Without any hesitation, he gently touched Ferre’s stomach.

“D… Don’t! No! Please no!”

Ferre hadn’t been healed just once or twice by divine power before.

However, he was rejecting it intensely today.

Divine power wasn’t as painful as other general treatment methods, that’s why Rosé and Ferre preferred being treated with divine power more.

But Ferre gritted his teeth as he was soaked in cold sweat.

He pushed Helios’ arm away, trying hurriedly to get him off.

In any case, this serious matter seemed unusual.

Whether Ferre refused treatment or not, Helios pushed ahead and healed his younger brother with divine power.

Because Ferre tried to push Helios’ hand away, Helios inevitably had to put more force into it and unintentionally pressed down on Ferre’s stomach.

“Wait! Wait! Toilet!”

Ferre cried out sharply.

Everyone was flabbergasted at that very moment.


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