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Chapter 15: Magic Ore

TN: Yuuma “Stark” Mitaka


Yuuma, who had returned from the blue dungeon, was currently sitting in his chair while crossing his arms.

「Uhm, what should I do now…」

Yuuma was staring at the “Magic Ore” on his table.

「I want to try this but, my mana index is zero.」

The “Magic Ore” before him couldnt be measured with a mana measuring tool in the dungeon.

If there was mana in it, Yuuma wouldnt be able to use it.

「Even that weak normal slime left behind aquamarine of 0.2 carat.」

When he tried to search on the internet, it seems that an aquamarine of 0.2 carat precisely had the mana index of 0.2.

Since that was the case, logically speaking, the magic ores mana index should be higher than that.

And yet, when he examined the mana index of magic ore, it turned out to be zero.

「Could it be that I can use it even if my mana index is zero too」

It was something that he got after 121 days of long work.

It was only natural for him to want to use it.

In fact, all he needed to do was swallow it if he wanted to use its power, but there was a chance that it wouldnt be digested and excreted out of his body.

Thus Yuuma conducted various research about toilets matter with the internet.

In the end, he found there was no problem even if he failed.

「Since that was the case, its safe to swallow this magic ore.」

Yuuma put on his determination before he swallowed the magic ore.

He sterilized the ore with alcohol before putting it into his mouth.

After he swallowed it, he gulped it down with tea from the PET bottle.

「Uhm… thats it」

He felt nothing after he swallowed the magic ore.

And just when he felt dejected, he felt a heat running in his abdomen.

「This is――」

The heat was coursing through his entire body.

It was something that he never felt before.

And yet, he felt neither discomfort or fear.

He felt something clicking in his head instead.

Thirty seconds later, the strange feeling subsided on its own.

「Was that… Because I swallowed the magic ore」

Yuuma clasped his hands, trying to move his body to detect any abnormalities.

According to his research, magic ore was supposed to enhance his physical abilities.Yuuma descended to the first floor, put on his sandals, and ran out to the garden.

The outside was cold, his breath created white air.

Just when he thought it was too cold to go outside with just his sweatshirt, Mamezo ran toward him.


「Okay calm down now, I want to conduct a little test.」

Though he wore sandals, Yuuma tried to jog lightly around the garden.

A while later, he realized that nothing had changed.

The result when he tried shadow boxing with footwork was the same as before.

「Could it be that the change in physical abilities is too insignificant」

Yuuma whose hope got crushed again could only slump down in dejection.

And just when he was about to return to the house, Mamezos attitude suddenly changed.


「Uhm Is something the matter, Mamezo」


Mamezo suddenly barked loudly.

When Yuuma tried to approach Mamezo, the latter retreated.

But, Yuumas bewilderment didnt stay for too long when he saw his outstretched arm.

The colour of his arm was pitch black.


He then noticed that both his arms were pitch black.

Seeing that, Yuuma turned around to see his entire body in a panic.

「Geez, is something the matter, Mamezo」

Yuumas mother who heard Mamezos barks in the garden came out and called Mamezo.

――OH CRAP! I cant let her see this strange form.

Yuuma ran into his house in a hurry, almost bumping on his mother below the stairs.

「Haahhaah… That was so close…」

Yuuma entered his room and locked the door, then sat down right there.

He walked up, and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

And just as he expected, his face was also pitch black.

Though he was truly speechless by the sudden transformation, upon a closer look, his colour was closer to metallic grey rather than black.

「This colour… Is similar with metal slime huh」

His hair, literally every single strand of them turned into ultra-fine metal thread, even his eyeballs turned into metal.

When he tried to strike his arm, he could only hear the sound of metal colliding against metal, and yet he didnt feel pain at all.

「 Does that mean the ability of this “Magic Ore” is… Turning my entire body into metal Wait, how am I to cancel it then Will I stay in this state forever」

Yuuma anxiously poked his own cheeks.

Even though he chanted “Return! Return to normal!” repeatedly in his mind, he stayed in that way.

”Will my state return to normal as time passes” This was what he positively decided to think but, he decided to take the gas burner, cold spray, and hammer that he always used.

「Lets do a little experiment.」

First, he held his hammer and swung it down toward his arm.

The collision only resulted in a clear metallic sound, Yuuma himself didnt feel anything.

It stayed the same no matter how hard he struck his arm with a hammer.

Thus, he moved to the next one, he pulled the trigger to ignite the gas burner.

When he brought the blue flame to his metallic arm,

「OUCH! Yup, it is weak against heat… Just like metal slime.」

He then tried the cold spray but it just felt cold.

Thus he concluded that his body was only impervious to physical attack.

Right after that experiment, Yuumas body returned to a normal state.

「Around five minutes, eh… Well, Im glad that it returned to normal though.」

Magic ore that transformed his body into metal belonged to the strengthening type.

「Is this even useful」


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