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Chapter 29: Encountering Assassins Again

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After returning from the Du familys estate, Lin Mo felt like he had gained some valuable information.

He immediately entered a secret room within the auction house. Originally, it was used to store items that were to be auctioned off. However, it was transformed into a place for cultivation.

“Unless its an important matter, dont disturb me. The auction house will be under your care.”

After saying that, Lin Mo went into seclusion to cultivate the “Dust Rising Steps”. It was just the right time to test its power.

A misty scene appeared before his eyes after he flipped open the light blue cover. There was a lithe figure shuttling between heaven and earth, chasing the wind and the moon. It was difficult to see her face clearly. Lin Mo could only see numerous afterimages circling the place.

This truly was a cultivation technique that had the potential to become tier five. Lin Mo had entered a profound realm.

The figure had used countless moves. Each move was extremely light. It moved in all directions, making it difficult to be caught.

Additionally, it seemed to be able to transform into all living things, become some form of water, wind, electricity, and much more. It combined everything together to form the fastest movement technique.

Lin Mo felt that his body had become much lighter. His eyes were slightly closed and he took long breaths. It felt like his entire body had soared into the air, chasing after the lithe figure.

At first, the lithe figure was moving extremely quickly, leaving Lin Mo far behind. He could only vaguely see a small black dot. However, as time passed, he slowly caught up.

Anyone else would be taken aback by the lithe figures speed. Yet, Lin Mo somehow managed to be on par with it after a short time. The lithe figure sped up even more. Even thunder and lightning could not catch up with it.

Fortunately, Lin Mo had the god-slaying body. Once he broke through a critical point, no matter what cultivation technique he was cultivating, it would be twice the result with half the effort.

With Lin Mos current talent and ability, it was not difficult for him to grasp the movement technique. It was just a matter of time.

This was enough for Lin Mo to become one of the youngest prodigies in Qingyang City!

Half a month ago, he was treated as a trash level one. However, in a short period of time, he had become so much stronger.

In the entire continent, no one could catch up with him. Even geniuses would admire him.

Lin Mos cultivation had stabilized.

Suddenly, Wu Jins shout could be heard coming from the communication talisman.

“Young master, theres an enemy attack!”

The communication talisman was given to Wu Jin by Lin Mo before he went into seclusion. If there was something urgent that he could not handle, he could contact the latter.

An afterimage floated through the air.

In a blink of an eye, Lin Mo appeared in front of Wu Jin.

At that moment, Wu Jin was still holding the communication talisman in his hand. Seeing Lin Mo shocked him. He could not help but rub his eyes. Was he hallucinating

“What happened”

Wu Jins face was extremely pale. He said with lingering fear, “I was just about to check the inventory when I realized that something was wrong. It was as if someone had broken in. Before I could investigate any further, a palm wind attacked and almost killed me.”

Fortunately, Lin Mo was prepared. He had a hunch that his aggressors would not give up so easily. Wu Jins cultivation level was low, so he did not have the ability to protect himself. Since Lin Mo did not want Wu Jin to get caught in the crossfire, the former gave him a few defensive magic items.

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Thus, the worst-case scenario was successfully avoided.

“Just in time.”

Lin Mo smiled coldly. He wanted to try the combination of the Rising Dust Step and the Frost Sword technique. Perhaps it could unleash an unexpected power.

Before that, Lin Mo summoned the lookout fish and gestured for it to protect Wu Jie.

“Go back to your room and recuperate. Leave it to me.”

Wu Jin believed in Lin Mos ability. He knew that it would only hinder the latter if he stayed.

Before Wu Jin could return to his room, Lin Mo had already disappeared like a gust of wind. Wu Jin could not help but sigh.

“Looks like your cultivation has gone up another level.”

Lin Mo arrived at the auction hall. The lights were not turned on, so the place was extremely dim. In the northeast corner, there was a pair of black eyes that were filled with a bloodthirsty glow.

There did not seem to be anyone here, so Lin Mo was about to leave. The instant he turned around, the corners of the assassins lips curled into a strange arc.

A sharp palm wind was suddenly launched. It was so strong that even the air became distorted. Anyone that was hit by this attack would definitely be crippled or worse, die.

The assassin then instantly disappeared from his original spot and reappeared at the stone door.

He struck the heavy door with his palm and it turned into dust. Obviously, his palm carried immense power.

“Strange, where could he have gone”

Just as the assassin was looking around, a ghostly voice sounded from behind.

“Are you looking for me”

The assassin was surprised. There was someone or something dangerous behind him. He could tell by his instincts. Subconsciously, he tilted his body slightly and narrowly avoided the Frost Sword that was trusting in his direction.

If his reaction had been slower by half a beat, the sword would have already pierced through his heart!

“Oh, you actually managed to dodge it. Youre more powerful than the previous guy.”

The assassin felt like he was being targeted by a ferocious beast. It was as though their roles had completely switched. Lin Mo was the hunter and he was the hunted.



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