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Why Has This Person Turned Green

“Youre also participating in the competition!”

Bai Tao and Xu Jun said this in unison.

Especially Bai Tao.

She looked at Su Qingqing with worry.

“Qingqing, are you really going to participate But you dont have any abilities!”

Su Qingqing patted Bai Taos shoulder comfortingly.

“I have Little Flame ~”

Bai Tao was stunned.

“Can… can you participate with Little Flame”

Su Qingqing nodded, a rare smugness appearing on her delicate face.

“Why not My father said that beast tamers are also considered as a type of mutant!”

“Thats why Im participating ~”

When Lin Ye heard this, he could not help but give Su Hongcheng a thumbs up.

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This directly consolidated the status of beast tamers.

Since the academy was “semi-official” and allowed “beasts” to be included in the system of this world as a mutation ability, basically no one would find any problems with it.

After all, this was what they were currently researching.

Bai Tao did not expect such a thing to happen.

However, she immediately threw this matter to the back of her mind.

Being able to participate in the competition with her best friend was enough to make her excited for a while.

“Thats great! Lets beat them all up together!”

As soon as Bai Tao finished speaking, the referees voice suddenly sounded from the side of the arena.

“Next group.

“Water-type mutant, Bai Tao.

“Beast-type mutant, King Kong.

After hearing her name, Bai Tao waved her fist at Su Qingqing.

“Qingqing, look forward to my fight!”

“Yes, all the best. Be careful!”

Bai Tao blinked and whispered, “Dont worry, I still have the secret weapon I bought from Shop Owner Lin!”

Su Qingqing thought of that beetle with a very low presence and silently cheered her on.

“I have yet to see Taozis beetle in action ~

“I wonder if itll be fine.”

Hearing Su Qingqing muttering worriedly, Lin Ye asked, “What is the level of the students that participate in such competitions”

Su Qingqing was stunned for a moment before looking at Lin Ye.

“Theres students from level one to level three. However, level three students do not have to go through this selection process.”

Lin Ye nodded in understanding. Then, he looked at Su Qingqing, who was still somewhat worried, and said, “Then theres no problem.”

“By the way, are there any school doctors prepared in the venue”

Why did Shop Owner Lin seem even more confident than Bai Tao

With such doubts, Su Qingqing nodded.

“Yes, there is.”

The two of them communicated very harmoniously, making the “steady” and “steady as Mount Tai” Xu Jun a little stunned.

“Hmph, King Kong is an intermediate level two beast-type mutant.

“He mainly cultivates defense. That girl probably cant even break his skin.”

When Su Qingqing heard this, she immediately looked at the arena worriedly.

At this moment, both sides had already made preparations under the referees signal.

Lin Ye smiled indifferently.

Some things could only be known through first-hand experience.

In the arena, the two-meter-tall King Kong smiled at Bai Tao.

“Little girl, youve just entered the school, right

“If you admit defeat now, I promise Ill only punch you once.”

Looking at King Kong, who was smiling sinisterly at her with clenched fists, Bai Tao wrinkled her beautiful nose and said coquettishly, “Hmph, come and hit me!”

The referee looked at this somewhat arrogant girl in surprise. Then, he waved his hands, indicating for the two of them to move back.


King Kong clenched his fists, his knuckles emitting a crackling sound as he slowly walked towards Bai Tao.

Seeing this, Bai Tao gently shook the Beast Taming Illustration on her arm.


Buzz ~

After the Poison Beetle came out, it danced happily around Bai Tao.

Because the venue was very big and was estimated to be larger than a basketball court, King Kong did not notice the appearance of Bai Taos bug.

However, even if he saw it, he would not care.

Looking at King Kong walking towards her as if it was taking a casual walk, a ball of water slowly rose from Bai Taos palm.

“Attach the poison!”

The Poison Beetle that received the order flew to the side of the water ball and dripped a transparent liquid from the spike on its butt.

Then, Bai Tao stood still.

Many spectating academy students were puzzled when they saw this.

“Is that girl scared silly”

“It can only be said that shes unlucky. King Kong is famous for not going easy on women.”


“Indeed. I remember him saying that hitting women will only make him excited and he wont feel any guilt.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, I hope he doesnt damage her face. Such a beautiful girl.”

Beside the arena, Su Qingqing clenched her small hands tightly.

Then, she saw Bai Tao throw the water ball in her hand at King Kong, splashing some water droplets.

King Kong felt the moisture on his body and was directly stunned.


“Little girl, do you want to bathe me Do you want to come and rub my back!”

Sensing this harmless attack, King Kong simply could not be bothered to use his ability.

He strode towards Bai Tao in a daze.

Bai Tao did not speak. Instead, she continued to let the Poison Beetle attach the poison.

Then, he threw water balls at King Kong one after another.

“Im dying of laughter. Shes really helping him shower!”

“Which class is this Bai Tao from I have to get to know her!”

“A girl with a water-type ability… I think she can only throw water balls at level one~”

“Of course. After all, what else could you do”

“Isnt she courting death by participating!”

King Kong also could not figure it out.

However, he could not be bothered to think about it.

Looking at the approaching Bai Tao, he had already raised his fist.

Should he use a left hook or a right hook

Wasnt it bad to slap her face

It was better to break two ribs.


After taking a deep breath, King Kong, who rushed forward and was less than two meters from Bai Tao, began to accumulate his strength.


As soon as he raised his fist, King Kong sensed that something was wrong.

Why couldnt he use his strength

Plop ~

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, King Kong, whose mind was filled with doubts, fell in front of Bai Tao.

Bai Tao, who was already so nervous that the tip of her nose was sweating, looked at King Kong and heaved a sigh of relief before immediately jumping up.

As for the students watching this arena, they were directly dumbfounded.

“Damn! What just happened”

“I dont know!”

“Why did King Kong collapse”

“Moreover, his entire body is turning green!”

At the side of the arena, Lin Ye looked at King Kong, whose face had begun to glow green. He patted Su Qingqing, who was still surprised by her best friends inexplicable victory.

“Sigh, quickly call the school doctor over. Dont let him die from the poison.”

“Ah Will the poison of that beetle kill you!”

Lin Ye shrugged.

“Who knows Just in case ~”

As soon as Lin Ye finished speaking, he heard footsteps from behind.

“Excuse me, excuse me…”

As soon as he turned around, he saw a woman in a white coat rush towards him.

Seeing this, Lin Ye took a step to the left.


Dong ~

“Aiyo, damn!”



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