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Adelia acquired the divine power following Vishna’s power.

This made her a complete representative of God.

Adelia intended to create an unprecedented torch with this power.

People will go crazy the more colorful the flame burns.

“Guardian, the time has come.”

She heard the voice of Bishop Leia.

Adelia calmly gathered her power and left the room.



When the door opened, Bishop Leia’s eyes widened.

This air gave a sense of stability.

Although it was faint, it was a sign of divine power.

“……what happened”

At Bishop Leia’s question, Adelia tilted her head, bending her eyes.


Except Hestine came and left earlier.”

When Hestine’s name came out, Bishop Leia thought that the traces of this divine power belonged to Hestine.

It was perhaps natural for Bishop Leia to be so mistaken.

No one would imagine that the divine power came from Adelia.

Bishop Leia spoke in a more relaxed voice.

“You must have been blessed.”

“Hmm, blessing…….”

It was rather the opposite.

Although it was not intentional, Hestine gave her a curse as a gift.

Bishop Leia, who quickly noticed Adelia’s expression becoming slightly rigid, asked in a worried voice.

“I hope nobody else visited you.”

“No way.

If someone else did, the paladin here would have noticed.”

Bishop Leia glanced at the paladin.

He nodded slightly at her gaze.

It meant that there were no visitors other than Hestine.

“……is that so”

Leia felt an unknown discomfort, but she decided to move on for now.

They don’t have enough time for more questions. 

Adelia smiled kindly.

“We’re going to be late at this rate.

Shall we go”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Bishop Leia led Adelia in a hurry.

Adelia rode a carriage prepared by the holy land; they soon arrived at the square where a large crowd gathered.

“How big will it be this time”

“I think I’ll be satisfied if it burns as much as last year.”


My family is about to have a third child.

I hope Vishna will bless us…….”

“But why did someone else become the guardian of the torch when there is a saint No one is better suited than a saint.”


You don’t know It’s so obvious.

It’s because of the proud pride of the nobles.

As you all know, the saint is a commoner and from the slums!”

Those who were listening to the words in a tone of anger also began to get angry as if they had been waiting.

“What That’s why she can’t hold the torch”


“But I heard that the chosen guardian of the torch is also a little special.”

“I heard that she’s a prophet.

She foretold the disaster more accurately than the temple…….”

“I heard something about that in my neighborhood.

But isn’t the rumor too exaggerated”

“I don’t know.

I didn’t see it for myself.”

Those who gathered in the square to watch the torch burn had an expression mixed with anticipation and anxiety.

They wondered why Hestine was not the guardian of the torch, and doubted the qualities of Adelia, who was chosen as the guardian.

Bishop Leia quietly turned her head and examined Adelia.

Adelia’s face was so calm even though she knew her name was on people’s lips.

That’s expected.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing how great the torch will be.

At the same time, they are concerned.

If the flame did not exceed their expectations, the repercussions will be enormous.

People’s expectations will be considerable since she drove out the saint Hestine and took the position of guardian.

If those expectations are not met, people’s disappointment will be entirely the responsibility of Adelia.

It’s not good.

Even if we’re already prepared

The first condition for the torch to burn is divine power.

Since it is fueled with divine power.

However, if you look at the previous guardians of the torch, some of them do not have divine power.

But still Selcred ended successfully because the temple took action. 

But right now that’s not enough.

The temple only prepared the right arrangements.

That alone won’t satisfy people’s expectations.

Adelia followed Bishop Leia with a calm face, measuring her own potential.

Was five meters the maximum ever recorded If so, wouldn’t it be appropriate to burn twice as much

While Adelia was lost in thought,they arrived in the center of the Great Square.

Bishop Leia cleared her throat and looked at Adelia.

She spoke calmly.

“Guardian, as I said before, we have prepared everything perfectly, so you can just stand comfortably in front of the torch like you did at the rehearsal.”

Bishop Leia was considerate of Adelia in her own way.

If it were someone else, she wouldn’t care this much.

But strangely, Leia felt an unknown affinity for Adelia.

Leia, an orphan, had no one she could call her family.

Throughout her life she thought that her only family was the God, Vishna.

But when she faced Adelia, she felt like she was her daughter.

It’s strange.

She has this charm that leads people.

Recently, that feeling has become stronger.

“May Vishna’s blessing be with you.”

Adelia responded with a slight nod to Bishop Leia’s short blessing.

Then she slowly walked to the front of the torch.

“I guess it’s finally starting!”

“I’m looking forward to how huge it will be.”

As if to prove that selcred is a religious event and a festival at the same time, the square was filled with enthusiasm and shouts.

Adelia took the torch in the torch stand.

Then a white flame began to burn.

Adelia slowly raised the torch to the altar and began to instill divine power.

Warmth spreads through her fingertips.

“It’s the sacred fire!”


Is it really the sacred fire”

“It’s a great success!”

The audience could not help but be amazed by the flame burning with the momentum to devour the altar.

It was not only the audience who were surprised.

Officials who were watching from afar looked at the burning flame with astonished eyes.

“Ohmy, Bishop.

How long has it been since we saw such a great success” cried Bishop Leia’s assistant priest, in a voice devoured with excitement.

Leia, who would normally scold such behavior, was quiet. 

They couldn’t hide their excitement, leaving their mouths wide open. 

After looking at the burning torch for a long time, Leia managed to calm her down.

“This is an unprecedented success.”

Is there anyone who can surpass this record Perhaps this level of divine power exceeds the saint…….

Leia was now well aware that her conjecture was disrespectful.

She knew it but couldn’t stop thinking.

The sacred fire that Adelia burned was so beautiful and intense.

But why have you been hiding your divine power 


There was a time when the two saint candidates had a confrontation.

Hestine Valkyr and Adelia Sorne.

The two were put to a test and eventually Adelia showed no divine power.

Did your divine power just bloomed

Leah was now well aware that my conjecture was disrespectful.

I knew it but couldn’t stop thinking.

The sacred fire that Adelia burned was so beautiful and intense. 

Those who are favored by God because of their constant persecution and self-discipline.

They overcome their limitations and gain a powerful divine power.

That was the case with the pope.

Of course, it was not a common case.

She predicted the disasters ahead of the temple, La…….

Bishop Leia’s eyes narrowed.

She stared at Adelia with suspicious eyes.

What is it

Bishop Leia had a faint crease in her brow.

The one thing she doesn’t understand the most is herself. 

She doesn’t dislike Adelia, who kept making her doubt.

Her incomprehensible fondness for her showed no sign of stopping.

For now, I should let them enjoy the festival.

Digging information was something that could be done step by step.

The more you rush, the more you make mistakes. 

Bishop Leia quickly regained her composure.

And as always, she spoke to her assistant priest in a calm voice.

“Gamel, tell them that we will have a big dinner today.”

At the sudden order, Gamel opened his eyes wide and asked back vaguely. 

“……what Today Are you going to serve the bishops”

Bishop Leia corrected Gamel’s words with a short click on the tongue.

“Do you think I care about their meals They are great people who will eat even if they fall into the demon realm.

The dinner is for Viscount Yurpheon.”

“Ah…! I see! She did so well, it’s only right to treat her!”

Gamel rushed to the restaurant.

After the assistant priest disappeared, Leia turned her head again and looked at the Square.

Before she knew it, Adelia had come down from the altar, and Hestine had gone up for her speech.

Come to think of it, there were many strange things about her being a candidate.


Leia felt truly sorry for the chaotic situation of the temple.

“The pope must return to this place as soon as possible…….”

It was a moment when she missed the Pope’s warm smile. 


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